The Rhythm of the Waves


I love how the ocean listens to our prayers,

sometimes shaping the words

in the rolling of up

and down, flowing almost

as a liturgy.

And somehow we listen too

going deeper and farther

in our hearts, 

with the rhythm

of the waves, carrying us.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

Hope Moving in Our Oceans


Hope seldom comes down vertically, as if falling down from above, usually hope moves along horizontally from one person,

to another, to another, to another…… as in waves moving through our oceans.

Have you encouraged someone today? 


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

Sunscreen and Spy Novels


Summer sun and sunscreen, yelling into the air,

“I cannot put this book down…..she escaped again!”

washing the sand off my feet, means

I’ll be back again….


Well I didn’t exactly do a good job of taking a summer break, now did I? There were several reasons, one of which is my wife and I got sick (nothing major).

So our time at the beach was cut short. We have been taking a break though, spending time together.

I’ve read two novels so far, and I’m on my third. I had forgotten how much I loved a good action, sci-fi adventure!

And the book I was yelling about in the poem? The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley, which crosses a number of genres. It’s a sci-fi, paranormal, mystery, spy adventure. I do recommend it.

P.S. I’m still taking it easy. Have a great summer!


Poetry, Additional Writing and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies