I Dream of Hope

In my dreams I don’t reach anymore for those ancient prophecies from desert winds. I dream of hope held gently on the wings of peace. A sky without violence.

You and I are a lot alike in that way. We each are rivers really. Yes, truth lives but does not scorn us in our stumbling.

And there is more to love than just saying it. Live it, and behold your reward.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Rocks Falling

Rocks falling shattered into pieces, suddenly a quick moving shadow flickers,

gliding through the trees, and I realized this spirit was tribal

a story of heartbreak and prior glory, never malicious

yet standing her ground, a firm foundation.

I wasn’t afraid, simply nodded

acknowledging the presence,

the smell of wood burning

lingering in the air,

and crow feathers descending

floating through the trees.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Some Who Find the Light

Some who find the light still can’t find their way,

preferring the darkness of conspiracies,

their own hearts drifting,

lost at sea.

Yet some who find the light know the way of love,

becoming a beacon, a sign of hope

for each one of us.

Not really following a doctrine,

simply being

who we were intended to be.


Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

A Stream Flowing Over

When my mind is still, my heart can listen, a silent warfare against the noise, the disturbance of a distant wind.

I will never understand the whirlwind, but in the forest there is shelter, a wholeness waiting,

saying, “Here is the way”. A softer tone, a stream flowing over,

and sending me into the far away,

and back again, at the same time,

drifting, and following the light

through the trees,

allowing my heart to listen.

When I am still, I am alive.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Save Yourselves

If you are in a church that preaches against the vaccine, or against the wearing of masks, run

or walk safely, but very quickly to the nearest exit.

Save yourselves.


there might not be a hospital bed for you

when you really need it.

Faith can be very beautiful when blended with taking precautions.

Please be safe and healthy!

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

A Trans Woman at the Bus Stop

She sat down on the bench with tears in her eyes. How much pain can a person carry and still survive? She put her cell phone back in her purse…..even her own Mama rejected her…..again. Her mind raced, she was still learning how to dress, how to walk like a woman. Rejection. She was always rejected.

Let people gawk at her with jaws dropping. She didn’t care anymore! She started sobbing, with her face in her hands. Should she trust the straight looking guy at the coffee shop? Probably not. He had the most gentle eyes though, which meant there was beauty inside him. Again pain overwhelmed her.


He watched her through the café window. There….the dam broke and she was sobbing now. How can we treat people so horribly? Her makeup was going to be a mess. Should he run out there? He wished he had more courage.

And he thought, “How much pain can a person carry and still survive?” She wiped her eyes as the bus approached and put on a pair of sunglasses. She was one of the most sincere, beautiful people he had ever…..the bus was gone now.

Tomorrow when he saw her, he would ask her, “Do you like vegan food?”

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed