Hope is a Diamond

We often look for hope as if we can’t find it, a very special treasure

diamonds, gold and rubies, can be easier to find

yet in our digging sometimes we are too hurt

or angry to find it, maybe we don’t care

a dim light hindering,

yet if we just let that pain go

the diamond shines

in a dark place

and we can hold on,

a little longer.

So let the pain go……and pick up your diamond.

Let the pain…..go.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2022 rivers renewed, jewelry maker unknown


When who we were blends with who we are now, a beautiful synthesis

shapes our phrases, and our wordflow forms

a new creation.

Never losing

who we truly are.

Well my attempt at simply sharing archives did not work. There were no technical problems. Yet I would look at the old poem and change it just a little.

And little more, and a little bit more…..and you get the idea. A synthesis, creating something completely new.

I guess in a way people are like that too…..always new yet not losing the core

of who we are.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed