Your Very Own Strength


Having spoken to your brokenness and commanding it to heal

you found your very own strength,

never assume though

you have to be all together

to be filled with love again.

You know your beauty,

who you are

and who you were meant to be,

so let it shine.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

The Strength of Our Spirit


The measure of who we are as people  cannot be seen

by the depth of our scars

but in the quality of our journey,

and the strength

of our spirit.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

May Your Courage Run Strong


May your courage run strong, even in the crumbling desolation of our world.

May your art run like rivers in your veins, overflowing to those around you.

May your every fear be defeated as you choose to love anyway!

May you be blessed living in the light, taking back the night.

You know what to do. Yes, you do.


Note: This is from my archives.

Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, 2019, ancient skies