In the Wildflowers and Ferns


In the wildflowers and ferns, summer

reclaims the earth, and embraces

the sun, spreading peace

throughout the forest.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies



Red-winged-Blackbird from sites PSU

Redwing blackbird sitting on a branch, singing

our summer songs, with a little streak

of red, to add some fire

to his prayers.


Poetry © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

image from sites PSU via google

Watching You Walk in the Tall Grass


Yes I do dream about you and I, in the green, watching you walk in the tall grass,

our fingers lightly touching, a breeze gently moving your hair

as you smile at me. Do you remember filling our

buckets with strawberries?

And I love the way

the sun brushes your cheek

in the fields

of June.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies