An Older Couple in Love

When we are talking and I look at your hair,

your mystery deepens, how

can the world be in a few strands

of black and grey, with a little bit

of brown?

how can one set of eyes

hold so many answers, give so many clues

making sense of our world,

and how do you still hold the fire

with skin so soft?

you intoxicate me….

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2018, 2022 rivers renewed


Life from the earth once frozen reinforces we are loved,

yet I wonder, isn’t there redemption

in each season? a way

for us to discover who

we really are, and

who we were always

meant to be, to find

that place, that space of the heart

that speaks

of wholeness

that we’ve always dreamed about,

and have always needed.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2022 rivers renewed

Where Did It All Begin, My Love?


Where did it all begin, My Love? you embracing my spirit

drawing me into your essence, as if we had always known

each other? The smell of your hair, your eyes

holding infinity, I was lost in you

from the beginning. Perhaps

it was the depth of your dark brown skin,

I had never known such beauty

before you.

Where did it all begin, My Love?

I’m still lost.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies