White and Brown

Two Hands

There is no such thing as a white person,

if I hold a white piece of paper in the mirror,

I am not white, I’m a lighter shade of brown,

with a few drops of pink mixed in.

some are beige or tan,

some are a medium brown,

and some are dark, but all are beautiful,

and white is only beautiful, if next to other colors,

like snowflakes against a night sky.

Adam and Eve never had any prejudice,

help us God, to feel connected to one another,

from the same source,


human beings,

infused with color.

A beautiful rainbow family with twin girls.
A beautiful rainbow family with twin girls.


Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree


Sun on the Beach

The yellow invited me to go dancing,

and I said yes!

Great joy, coming to life,

photosynthesis, energy,

this was not a woman’s dance,

instead, a man dancing with his Creator,

strong steps pounding the beach,

like ancient people celebrating.

Then calm and peace,

knowing the earth would live another day.




Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree


Fog in the Mountains

I don’t like the gray, and I never have.

Who does?

fog in our minds,

confused, frustrated,

hiding in the shadows, never being the people,

we were intended to be.

Hoping, praying,

for the sun to burn it away,

or the wind to knock it out.

When will this ever end?

Sometimes, all we need

is to take a step,

a small one,

just one,

towards the colors,

and living again.

The gray cannot hold us,

it will be broken,

if we let it happen,

beams of light.


 Light Breaking Through

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree