The Grizzly Bear

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The words Grizzly Bear can cause fear in most people. Grizzly Bears are dangerous, and seem more dangerous than even their cousins the Black Bear. If you search on line for them, most of the videos are about these bears hunting, or fighting with other animals such as wolves, and attacking humans.

The Grizzly Bear is in the family of North American brown bears. Their range today is western Canada and Alaska, down into Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. At one time they roamed the Great Plains, the Southwest U.S. and into northern Mexico. The Californian bear mother and cubGrizzly is unfortunately now extinct.

The term grizzly should not be confused with “grisly” which means horrible, grotesque, gruesome. The word grizzly actually comes from the word “grizzled”, which means the tips of their hair are golden or grey. This gives them a very distinctive look.

These animals are very large, with females over 400 lbs., and males can be almost 800 lbs. I was surprised to find, that even though they eat meat, they are in practice omnivores, which means they eat plants and animals. They hunt big game, such as deer, elk, and moose, but they also eat a lot of fish if they are available. Believe it or not they actually eat Black Bears, which are smaller than Grizzlies. In some regions they go high into the mountains in the summer, to eat a certain type of moth. How can such a large animal survive by eating moths? By eating 40,000 of them a day! They hibernate in colder climates for 5-7 months out of the year. In warmer climates, or in areas where there is lots of food, they do not hibernate. grizzly bear 3

I have chosen a short video that has no hunting or attacking, there is only a mother and her cubs, walking in snow, and coming down the mountain. It is beautiful.

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Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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Dreams of Nature

Have you ever dreamed about nature? This video seems like a dream to me, or a series of dreams. The filming is incredibly beautiful. I don’t know how they filmed some of this, with being so close to the wildlife. But never play with mountain lions and bears! I think my favorite portion is with the American Buffalo. The video is similar to the horses video, I posted a couple of months ago. The music sounds like First Nations music. At the end there are some First Nations people, and there is an identifying with them. If you do dream tonight – be blessed!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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The Black Bear

black bear on ridge

The American Black Bear is the most numerous species of bear in the world. There are hundreds of thousands of them in the United States, and more in Canada. At one time they ranged throughout North America, and into Central America. Their range now spans heavily forested, sparsely populated areas in North America, which includes, Canada, the East Coast Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains, and some of the Southwest, United States. They are endangered only in Mexico. Their range also includes a small portion of Central America. There are bears not far from where I live!

The American Black Bear is closely related to the Asian Black Bear. Surprisingly, it is not very closely related to the two much larger species of bears in North America, the Polar Bear, and the Brown Bear. I have seen these bears up close, and had a friend that went way too close, when the bear was hunting! Please remember these animals may look cuddly, but they are wild and can be quite dangerous. Never feed a bear!


Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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Wolves and Bears

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Wolves can’t really help themselves,

howling is part of their nature.

Bears roar, naturally,

and no one can stop them.

But why do humans growl?


never accomplishing,


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great angry words,

biting words,

chewing bitterness.

No one is healed,

only injured.

But I have seen healing,

with kind words,

a touch on the shoulder,

a prayer,

an embrace,

positive vibes,

and a smile.

Help us to be,


speaking good things,

and as gentle,

as bear cubs.

two white cubs

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The Bear

Bear in the Woods

Note: This story contains a scene of an animal attacking a human and being killed in the process. It is fiction, but please do not read it if you love animals.

In the morning, Hawk in the Sky and Red Wing worked around the village. Outside of their lodge he worked on repairing his weapons and began making a new shield. The hardest part of shield making was getting it tight enough. He made several new arrows, and replaced the badly worn string on his bow. He used a piece of sinew and worked it until the tension was just right.

Red Wing worked with some other women stripping deer hides, in order to make clothing. They had to be scraped, dried, and softened in order to make the comfortable and durable clothing the people were used to.

In the late afternoon the peace of the village was by destroyed by screams coming from the river. Everyone jumped and moved in that direction at the same time. Hawk in the Sky’s lodge was one of the closest to the river, and he found himself grabbing his bow and quiver full of arrows, as he took off in the direction of the horrible sounds. There was roaring, along with the screams, and he did not like the sound of either.

As he ran, his quiver found its way to his back, and the first arrow (a brand new one) made its way to his bow, within seconds he was there. There was no time for thinking. A grizzly bear was chasing a group of young people on the other side of the river, and then knocked down the closest one with his huge claw. Just as the menacing animal was about to bite the young girl, the arrow from Hawk in the Sky found its place, squarely in the middle of the right side of the huge bear’s neck.

A roar of pain shot through the sky, which could be heard for miles. Two more arrows found their place in the animal’s neck, including one at the base of the skull. Roaring and screaming, the great animal stood on two legs in defiance, and immediately two more arrows from the bow of Hawk in Sky found their place, this time in the center of the great animal’s chest.

The huge bear fell backward, and lost his battle. The girl that was injured now had the courage to run across the river to the waiting arms of the people. He now saw that it was twelve year old Song Bird. There was blood coming from her upper back. Hawk in the Sky made his way across the river to make sure the animal was dead. Usually he had peace when he killed an animal, this time he was just angry.

He knew there would be no counsel meeting tonight. He had wanted to talk to the elders, but Standing on the Mountain would be helping the family of Song Bird, providing medicines and prayer.

 Omate Hawk Eagle

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