Maple Leaves Reaching for the Sky


As I was carried in the wind, up and over the far side of the ridge

the smell of Christmas brushed my skin, in the swaying

of pine trees

with maple leaves watching

reaching for the sky.

The mountains embraced, the sun today.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies


The Mystery of You


When we are talking, and I look at your hair,

the mystery deepens.

How can the world be in

a few strands, of black and grey,

with a little bit of brown?

How can one set of eyes, hold

so many answers, give so many clues,

so that the world makes sense?

I wonder,

how can skin be so soft,

so intoxicating,

so exhilarating, when I hold you?

Listening to you breathe,

hearing your heart,

50+ years, and still holding the fire,

still climbing mountains,

still conquering galaxies,

how do you do it?

May I always be worthy,

of your love.


Note: Originally posted April 15, 2015

Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

There Will Always Be Flowers


In spite of the darkness, there will always be flowers

that bring us joy,

we will always smile, when our lover does too,

and we will always rejoice

when a cancer patient


There will always be light, there will always

be love,

and there will always be joy,

even peace

so wonderfully,

in spite of the darkness.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies



My Love, you took my iron, and turned it into gold,

a soft chisel, shaping and cutting away my roughness

and for the first time I could see the healing

the light so beautiful, and after these years

of river bending, your hand now reaching

towards my head, touching gently

and covering me, with your prayers,

I am finally, one.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

The Winter Fog


A really intense fog has overtaken our area lately. The fog and periods of rain, have forced many indoors. Fortunately we don’t have any wolves in our forests, but occasionally there are reports of black bears, especially in the mountains.

So in weather like this, I do not go very deep into the woods, but one need not travel far, to see interesting shapes, even within, and sometimes because of, the density.

Here are a few more photographs. I took these on the side of a mountain.




Writing and All Images © Copyright 2017, ancient skies