Would God give us a sign,

 in the form of a hawk?

Can God hear our prayers,

sent, on the wings of an eagle?

Why would He send a hawk,

to fly right by my head,

a foot or so away, at eye level?

I was not afraid,

wings slow and peaceful,

was he looking at me,

as he went by?

The strangest thing was –

I was praying,

praying and walking,

important things on my heart,

please God,

and then the hawk drifts by.

I think the Creator was saying,

I’ve heard your prayers –

receive strength today.

So there is strength in a hawk.

And there is peace,

on the wings of an eagle.

from via google
from via google

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

The Osprey

Osprey and Fish

Winged power folded, patient,

waiting, for the next hunt,

then strength launching, flying higher,

circling, surveying the water,

soaring, measuring, calculating,

estimating, distance from the target

when the time is right –

the dive!

A missile propelling downward,

one hundred miles an hour,

extending talons, piercing the water,

grasping the target, and pulling up,

all at the same time.

The majesty of the hunter,

created to be – the fish hawk.

Osprey Side View

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree