The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady

In my office building they actually pretend

that she is not there.

Every day is the same,

brains switched to ignore,

or frozen

with self-importance.

I put my plastic smile away,

in the back of a filing cabinet,

broke the mold,

and said, “Hello!”

as she was empting the trash.

Her face lit up!

Smiling we talked for a while,

I asked where she was from,

(it could have been another city)

and she talked about the weather,

it was hot outside.

She had a cousin coming in from Chicago.

Those around us stared in horror,

as we treated each other with respect,

we were equals.

One of my co-workers stormed off in a huff,

mumbling to herself.

Grateful, we got back to work,

the whole exchange took about 2 minutes,

but it made my day.

For a few brief moments,

we were human beings,

melting the ice of western culture.

By the way, her name is Maria.



© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters

New Hampshire doesn’t have a city

instead blinded by the sunlight,

country dreams of paradise.

I love nature, and the peace

of a gentle breeze on the meadow,

but I heard someone screaming

on 2nd avenue, it woke me up.

A broken heart was crying again,

on 1st street, was she ok?

and The Clash were praying loudly

at the cathedral.

Next door the museum had jazz,

holding up artwork

with hooks and Bobbie-pins –

budget cuts. Almost empty.

Elvis was on Maple Street,

stuck in time looking

for the next bus out of town,

bumming a cigarette.

I heard the street preacher,

with his white pit bull discerning,

on East and Main, who needed salvation.

I started packing sandwiches,

no agenda –

I just needed to get down to the city,

to be with my brothers and sisters.


© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

The Tribesman

The Tribesman

When I was 14,

I joined a tribe in Central Asia.

I stayed briefly with the Turkmen,

traveled the area, but stayed

with the Kyrgyz.

Living together in the yurt, I loved

them, raising goats and horses, and family.

Flowing, traditional clothing,

language, and beautiful women.

I briefly considered the Berbers

in North Africa,

Bedouin, of the Middle East,

desert and tents, still raising goats.

But I loved living with the Kyrgyz,

until I was captured by Native Americans.

They took me to the Great Plains,

and great peace,

along the Rocky Mountains,

riding horses and hunting Buffalo,

I loved the lodges, painting symbols,

camp fires cooking meat.

The Cheyenne, Lakota,

Crow, Arapaho, and the Nez Perce.

Loving the people and their ways,

I studied the maps for hours,

sent to me,

from the National Geographic Society,

it was 1972.



© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree