Dreamwalker III – Singapore

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James Dreamwalker was sitting in the tea room, of the Palace Hotel, sipping some of the best Chinese tea he had ever had. His phone beeped again with another email. It was Linda again, her message, was “How was your day sweetheart?”. The truth was, he needed some space. He didn’t want to answer her right now. She was rushing it for sure. They had gone out 5-6 times, and had even gotten physical, but she equated that, and everything else, to getting married. He liked her, but did he love her? He was glad he was in Singapore! And besides all that she was….well she was….so religious!

He needed time to think, but being in Singapore was not exactly a vacation. He was working 10-12 hour days helping the company office set up their software. A few minutes later he was enjoying the Dim Sum, when his phone rang. It was the office, and in particular, it was Paul in a panicked voice, “James we need you to come back to the office, right away!” “The spreadsheet software is not responding!”. He told Paul to calm down, and he would be there in a few minutes. He lied. He had every intention of finishing this wonderful meal, and then he would go to the office again.

The next morning his phone woke him up, promptly at 7:00am. He was not ready to wake up, and the luxury of the 5 Star hotel bed, held him there, a sleeping captive. He did manage to reach for the phone. It was his friend Standing Bear! He hoped nobody had died. “Hello!” he said. “James, what in the world are you doing?” was the response. “Whaa?” “James, listen Linda just called me in tears because you have not answered her emails in two days!” “What is wrong with you?!” “I….I…I’m not sure I love her”. There, it was out now. “Ok, well I don’t know about all that, but at least treat her like a human being.”

He was right. His best friend, and the spiritual leader of his people, knew what he was talking about, especially this time. After he hung up with Standing Bear, he dialed Linda. He apologized before even saying hello. She had been crying, and he could tell. She loved him for sure, he heard it in her voice. Wasn’t it too soon? Did they really know each other? She told him to come home soon, he smiled, and began to soften. When he hung up with her, he knew one thing for sure.

He had been holding back. It wasn’t Linda with the problem. It was him, he was afraid of commitment, with her, with anybody. As he looked in the mirror to brush his teeth, he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt…….without question……that he was an idiot.

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To be continued!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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The Wedding

American Beauty by Craig Lamere via 500px
American Beauty by Craig Lamere via 500px

It was cold the day they were married but the sun was shining brightly. It was unheard of to get married in the middle of winter, but for this couple it was right and everyone knew it. The Creator had placed them together and that could not be denied. Still, it was difficult to know how to celebrate.

A large fire was built in the center of the village and the people gathered. There was some singing, first in Tsi, and then there were some songs in the Grie language. A few people danced, but then covered themselves again in thick buffalo robes due to the cold. At first the young couple were standing only in their clothing – she in her white and blue dress, and he in his traditional red clothing, but several friends on both sides insisted they be covered with thick buffalo robes, so they were.

Thunder Speaking was nervous, but not just because of the great love he had for Bluebird. Something important was happening in the village today. Different peoples were coming together as one. There were the Tsi people, the Grie people, and himself, the lone person from the Ite (pronounced Ee-teh) people. It was a wedding for all of them.

Bluebird was not nervous at all, in fact she was bursting with anticipation. She wanted to be married and right now! In fact as the women were helping her to get ready, and helping her with her wedding dress, Bluebird had a vision. She had a vision of a bright orange flower in the summer time that had been closed, but opened up, baring itself to the strong, bright rays of the sunshine. She decided not to say anything about it though. She would tell her husband when the time was right.

After the singing and dancing, Thunder Speaking spoke for the first time publicly in his original language. Actually he sang a wedding prayer for his wife, that went like this:

May you always live with happiness,

live with happiness,

may I always be worthy of your love,

worthy of your love,

may we always be protected,

be protected,

and may we have a very long life,

a very long life,


He sang it in the Ite language first and then the translation came as he sang in Tsi. He had been practicing this for a long time, and at the end he thought it went well. Many people thought his original language sounded like water flowing over rocks.

Cricket in the Meadow shared the blessings of smoke, which touched each person there, and they sensed the presence of the Great Spirit. Standing on the Mountain said a few words about the blessings of marriage, but due to the weather he made it short.

As he stood watching his daughter getting married, Bull Elk had mixed feelings. Where did his daughter go? She was just a girl the other day, running and playing, and now here she was, a grown woman getting married. He was sad, and yet the love these two shared was special. He looked over at the face of his wife, Holds the Fire, and saw tears streaming. Yes, love was good he thought, and right. Everything made sense with love.

Bull Elk also performed the Grie custom of tying the young couple’s arms together, one arm from each, symbolizing unity and oneness. And then came the tradition of putting one blanket over the two of them, and the ceremony was over.

A strong fire was burning in the lodge of Thunder Speaking and Bluebird that night, along with a great deal of tenderness. They both flew high many times on the wings of love, and they went far above the clouds, into the heavens, and then down again.

They both fell asleep dreaming about warmer weather and going for long walks with each other. At one point she woke up, and covered his bare chest with the blanket they had been given by the people. She placed her hand in his, and fell back to sleep.

Art by James Bama
Art by James Bama

Note: More to come in this series, in a few days! Thanks for reading! Peace.

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The Decision

photo by Kate Purdy from startupchimp.com
photo by Kate Purdy from startupchamp.com

Seven Hawks had a problem, and he did not know how to tell his wife about it. They both lay in their lodge, awake one night, not knowing what to say. How could he tell her he wanted to stay here and live with the Tsi? The plan had been from the very beginning, to stay with the Tsi over the winter, and then in the spring they would begin a new Grie village somewhere else.

He loved the people here. There was something about them that made them different. They seemed more… connected somehow. He remembered his family visiting the Tsi when he was a boy, and he noticed then their spirituality. He also played games with the Tsi boys then, such as Whirlwind, and Standing on the Mountain, and lately he was able to get to know them as men. They were becoming more of his “brothers” than the Grie men were, in his old village. He turned over again towards his wife, and looked at her. Noticing she was still awake, he lifted his head, and thought about kissing her but she turned away.

Prairie Flower also had a problem. She could not figure out how to tell her husband that she wanted to stay here, and it bothered her to no end. It was the way the Tsi people treated them more than anything else. It was the love and respect they gave the Grie, that impressed her the most.

Her husband was a huge man, with a chest and shoulders more like a horse than a man’s. His arms were like two small trees. Over the years he had saved more than one life simply because he had the strength of three men. But he was the most gentle and humble man she had ever met, and that’s why she married him. She wanted their children to have his personality. In spite of her name, she knew she was too often harsh, and he smoothed her out with his gentleness, like no one else could.

Because of his gentle ways, her husband never got the respect that he should have, in their old village. She knew deep down that was one the reasons they left. She was also tired of the jealousy from other women at the old village. Young women would often giggle as he walked by, hoping to catch his attention. Even married women whispered cruel jokes about him. It often made her angry and sick in her heart.

Everything was different here though. They had been here two months already and the people respected her and her husband for who they were – on the inside. Then too the relationship between Thunder Speaking and Bluebird was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. It was supernatural really.

Thinking about this couple inspired her to get up for a while, and work on Bluebird’s wedding dress. Holds the Fire, had given her the tremendous honor of helping to make it. It was a beautiful white buckskin, with fringes and beadwork. Prairie Flower loved doing beadwork and as she sewed carefully she heard her husband gently snore. She loved hearing that sound, and smiled because of it.

She would also be installing a beautiful and distinctive blue color at the top of the dress. The Grie were known far and wide, for this color they used so often, to decorate their clothing and horses. It reminded her people of the blue sky and deep blue lakes.

She decided that in the morning she would talk to him. She had a peace about this, and she knew deep down they would stay. She would also tell him about the new child she was carrying. She smiled again, realizing how close this would draw them together.

 Brown and White Vanner

Note: Next time – the wedding! Blessings of peace to you!

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Time Together

Leslie Deer
Leslie Deer


The more she learned about him the more she loved him. When he told Bluebird about leaving his original village near the coast, she cried. She was horrified about his people dying, and that the village was mostly abandoned. She thought out loud that maybe the Grie and Tsi should go and fight the bad people there. He pondered this for a moment and said, “Then we would be no better than they are”. She cried again and held a hand over her mouth, this time because she was so happy the Creator had given her this particular man.

Both the Grie and Tsi people made sure the young couple had time together. They talked freely for hours, only occasionally stumbling over words, smiling or laughing about it. Sometimes they were outside but mostly they were in a lodge. A lot of shifting had taken place since the Grie people arrived. The Tsi people were one of the few that had lodges for their supplies. This was especially important in the winter, and included food for their horses. Supplies and people were moved so that each of the Grie families now had their own lodge. The young couples did share their space, but only with extra supplies of food.

Thunder Speaking was living alone in his lodge again, which was good for having people visit. Bull Elk and Seven Hawks were regular visitors. At first he thought the visits were just social, but he caught on they were also teaching him about the Grie people. Their origins and customs were of a particular interest to him. They spent hours talking together, eating, and smoking the pipe.

As his love for her grew, there were times when she came to his lodge, and he loved these times! She would fuss over his arm, and they both were busy setting up the lodge for when they were married. They talked about their lives and their dreams. They often kissed, and held one another, but stopped before it went any further. “Soon” they both said, smiling.

Since they were near the forest some of the Grie and Tsi men went deer hunting, and Thunder Speaking went along for the ride, even though he could not hold a bow yet. They were stretching their supplies by going hunting in between storms. The Grie were clearly impressed with the fact that there were so many deer and elk living in the area. Bull Elk spoke in perfect Tsi, “this is a good land”.

When his mother, Cricket in the Meadow, came to visit she always spoke about her relationship with Lone Horse. He learned about men and women, how they see things differently, what makes them think a certain way, and how to resolve conflicts. She did this by telling stories, and what she and Lone Horse did in different situations. He could clearly see a light coming from her face. She would often stir the fire when she spoke, but he could also see the image of Lone Horse’s spirit sitting next to her, nodding his head in agreement, and smiling. Thunder Speaking always thanked his mother for these visits but he really had no words to express his gratitude for the gifts of wisdom that she shared.

After she left, he would always sit alone and ponder her words. She truly was a mother to him, and he knew without a doubt, that the Creator was living in this village – his village – and that he belonged here…. among the Tsi and Grie people.

Friesen in the Snow

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Two Peoples

by peace-on-earth.org
by peace-on-earth.org

It was something Bull Elk had never heard of before. Women at a council meeting? This was something he would have to get used to. His wife, Holds the Fire, thought it was a wonderful idea, when he told her about it later. The men from both groups of people had had their first big meeting and Hawk in the Sky, explained the reasons for having women involved. If there is something that affects all the people, shouldn’t all the people hear the same thing from each other, and have a chance to speak? Bull Elk said he would have to think about it, but privately he thought it did make good sense. The Tsi men did explain though that there were social gatherings of men where they would smoke the pipe, and talk about hunting.

For two groups of people that could hardly talk to one another, the good will between them was amazing. There were a lot of smiles, and people everywhere were learning each other’s language. Considering how tight the living conditions were now, it was incredible. It turned out that Grie and Tsi living with each other in the same lodge added to the good will. They were so curious about each other! It was discovered that the ground was too frozen to set up a lodge properly, and the Grie would have to wait until warmer weather. No one wanted their lodge to blow over in a storm.

Thunder Speaking was frustrated though. He was just getting the Tsi language down, and now he had to learn another one at the same time? He also had difficulty speaking to the love of his life! He tried talking to Spotted Bull about it, but Spotted Bull told him to slow down, … “she will learn Tsi and you will learn Grie”. “You will both do well, you need to relax”. He could not relax, so he went to talk to his mother, Cricket in the Meadow. She gave him a knowing smile, and said, “love speaks all languages”. Why did she have to know so much? He was thinking, why bother talking to someone that knows the answer before you ever ask the question! He went off in a huff, so much so that he apologized to her later.

Bluebird sensed his frustration, and became concerned. He changed his tone quickly one day when he saw her worried look. Besides not wanting to jeopardize their relationship, there were two things that changed his attitude. First he practiced looking into her beautiful face, which was almost completely healed. When he did, he melted and his heart sang. One time he was even so bold as to kiss a bruise on her cheek, and tell her in the Tsi language that he loved her. He thought she didn’t understand the words but she did. She blushed but did not turn away.

The other thing that happened is that Bluebird would make jokes, when they had times of language learning. When she made a mistake like, “I like your badger”, instead of, “I like your shirt”, they would both laugh! It all became fun for them. Overnight the love between them was victorious, and fear and worry were gone.

Everyone knew their feelings for each other. A wedding was being planned, and he could not wait! His dreams about her were different now. In his dreams he not only saw her stunning face, he often kissed her…..and.….well…..more. It was complicated though. Would it be a Tsi wedding or a Grie wedding? He hoped it would be soon, and he did not care what kind it was.

Lakota Pipes
Lakota Pipes

Next time the Rescue of Red Hawk!

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A New Home – Part II

Flathead Valley, Canada
Flathead Valley, Canada

The day after the search party left, the people in the Tsi village waited patiently. They kept searching the horizon, hoping to get a glimpse of their return. The young people were especially diligent with looking for them. They wanted to be the first ones to shout the good news. There was much speculation, as to what the search party might find. Were the Grie still alive? Why were they traveling in winter? How many were there? These and other questions were the talk of the day.

The snow was deep after all, but as the day wore on, the concern grew. The people became concerned now for the search party too. Nightfall came and they had no choice but to retreat to their lodges. The cold was setting in.

Thunder Speaking was alone again in his lodge. As he was building his fire, he thought about the dreams he had been having for the past several nights. He held his hands up to the flames and enjoyed the warmth, thinking about the woman. He had been dreaming about the same woman. In the dreams they were not physical with each other (not yet), but they were always about the two spending time together. They were running through summer fields, chasing each other, falling down, laughing, playing the children’s game called hoops and darts, and walking by the river. He remembered one dream where they were sitting under an oak tree, in the fall, talking for a long time.

The strange thing was he could never see her face. He saw the outline of it, but her eyes, nose and mouth he could not see at all. He remembered in the dreams that he always tried to see what her face looked like, maybe to try and kiss her, but her face was not there. It was like a fog, and gray. What was that all about? Was there something wrong with her face?

At that exact moment Bluebird touched her face, and noticed that the swelling had gone down some more. There were still bruises though, and she knew she must look awful. She was traveling now, riding comfortably with the Tsi search party and her people. The Tsi men had been very good to them, and if they were any indication, she knew they would be welcomed in the Tsi village. She began to see the fires of the village on the horizon. A happy and nervous excitement was building.

In the village, Thunder Speaking laid down still pondering the woman in his dreams. He rolled over and tried to sleep. He wasn’t sure what it all meant, and it was not something he could talk to his mother about.

Once the village was asleep the search party rode in, yelling and causing a commotion. The village erupted with jubilation. Everyone came out to greet them, and there was a lot of hugging, and greeting the Grie people. There was singing, back slapping and well wishes. Only a few of the Tsi knew the Grie language but they talked anyway. Cricket in the Meadow knew the language, and talked up a storm with both the women and the men. Some spoke about holding a dance, and celebrating all night, but the Grie needed rest more than anything.

And then she saw him. After experiencing about thirty hugs from women she did not know, and hearing nothing but a language she did not know, Bluebird saw him. She knew it was him and she stared. He was watching the crowd of people.

He was the most handsome man she had ever seen. Her heart did a flip inside of her. The voice in the vision did not say he was so handsome! Were those sea shells? Did that mean he was not Tsi? He grew more exciting by the moment. Oh no! He saw her staring at him. She looked down immediately. He looked away.

Somehow they both got the courage to look at each other. They both knew. It all made sense to Thunder Speaking now. Her with bruised and swollen face, and his broken arm, both had left their people and sought refuge with the Tsi. They were two broken people that would heal each other. The voice of the vision spoke to her again, and said, “You will be married….and soon!”.

It wasn’t until the next day that she found out his name. When she heard what his name was, she yelled, “Oh!” and began weeping in front of everyone in the lodge, and holding a hand to her face. There was joy that went very deep, and she remembered the thunder in her vision. Her mother held her close, and both her mother and father wanted to know what the matter was. She cried like a child, but managed to blurt out the words, “….his name is Thunder Speaking!”

from Etsy
from Etsy

This is not only a microfiction blog, but it is flowing so strongly from deep within, that I will keep going with it. Next time the story will continue with “Two Peoples”. Thanks for reading!

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A New Home


Mounds of snow began moving and shifting, as the people pushed upward and began rolling out of their cocoon of buffalo blankets. They were all alive and grateful for it. Bull Elk was especially grateful and he broke out in a song prayer, and everyone else joined in. It was an ancient prayer of gratitude, and of asking for help.

It went:

Great Spirit thank you that we are alive today,

we are the people of the earth,

the people of the earth,

help us and give us strength,

to live again today,

to live again today,

We want to live.

It was late in the day now, and there was not much time to do anything other than discuss what to do. Their horses were gone, which meant they had no supplies. Holds the Fire, and Prairie Flower each had a basket of food, which might last them a day, if they ate little. The snow was waist high now and it would be impossible to walk through without getting too wet and cold. No one wanted to die that way.

“We cannot give up, we must keep trying, and go forward.” Bluebird was surprised that it came out of her mouth, but it did. Her father was surprised too, but not her mother. Holds the Fire smiled because she was always proud of her daughter, but especially now. Bluebird came up with the idea of moving the snow out of the way, or least some of it so they could walk through it. She saw the baskets, picked one up and said, “…we can use these.”

They took turns in teams of twos, each person with a basket. It was a desperate attempt really, but at least they were trying, like Bluebird said. They moved the snow to the side, one to the left and the other to the right. By nightfall they had made some progress. Tomorrow they would eat the last of their food and they would keep trying.

Some distance away, the search party had had a tough time making it through the deep snow. Their progress had been much slower than they had hoped. When night fell, they had no choice but to stop. They camped near some trees and built a fire. They were convinced they were not far from the Grie, the trail of the Grie horses showed they were close.

Off in the far distance the fifteen Grie people were tired and hungry, and they bedded down again, without a fire. If they would have waited a few more minutes before bedding down, they would have seen a fire glowing on the far horizon. It was the fire of the Tsi search party.

The next morning they were found. Every single one of the Grie shouted, jumped up and down, and some prayed. They all hugged each other, and cried like children, even the men.

A New Home Part II will be posted next time! I love writing these.


Snow Bound

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The Winter Journey – Part III

American Paint Horse


It was Redwing that first saw one of their horses. She was walking to a friend’s lodge when she saw the mare plodding through the snow. She thought how odd it was, for a horse with a bridle to be walking past the village, without a rider. And what were those markings, and decorations on it? They were so different! She stopped and looked east. There she saw- four more of them- no five! Some of them had supplies loaded on their backs, and they looked tied together. Something was terribly wrong.

Horses! She began shouting. Horses! She wanted everyone to know, that something was not right. When Hawk in the Sky heard his wife yelling, he ran out of their lodge, to see what was the matter. The people gathered and began looking, pointing and asking questions. Two Wolves ran off to try and catch some of them, but there was no need. Another mare walked into the village, and stood right next to Cricket in the Meadow. Cricket in the Meadow recognized the markings and decorations on the horse right away, but said nothing. She spoke softly to her and rubbed the horse’s neck.

Hawk in the Sky looked closely at the horse. It was that beautiful blue color and that design he had seen before, along the bridle. Grie! (pronounced Gree-eh) He said loudly, “these horses belong to the Grie people!”

Within minutes a search party volunteered and the people were mobilized into action. Women started gathering supplies, horses were loaded, and packages secured. The search party got their horses ready. They were Hawk in the Sky, Bear Dancer, Wolf, Whirlwind, Spotted Bull, and Two Wolves?? Two Wolves smiled a huge smile, and said that he was almost fifteen now, and that he had his parent’s permission! Song Bird was close by smiling too. She was proud of her young man.

Thunder Speaking approached Hawk in the Sky, and said that he would like to go too, but he knew a man would need two good arms for this adventure. Hawk in the Sky mounted his dancing white stallion (his favorite horse), smiled, and said, “You will my brother, – you will be riding soon!” His horse pranced as Hawk in the Sky held him back. He shouted to the other men of the search party, and they were off in a flash, heading towards the east. Thunder Speaking watched as they headed off with twenty one extra horses, some loaded with dry clothes, food, buffalo blankets, and more importantly – the well wishes of all the people. The Grie were their friends.

Snow Waves

The developing story will continue next time, but with a different title. More to come!

Note about tribal names: When I first started writing fiction I did use actual names of Native American/First Nations tribes. That didn’t last long though, because I didn’t feel right about it. I do not want to offend anyone, but with these stories I do not want to offend the Native American/First Nations people of today. So not only is the story fiction, but I have also decided to make the tribal names fictitious.

Tsi – (pronounced Ts-ee) These are the people I have been writing about for some time. They include, Hawk in the Sky, Redwing, Cricket in the Meadow, Lone Horse, Thunder Speaking, Two Wolves, Song Bird, Spotted Bull, Running Doe, Whirlwind, and many others. The name Tsi simply means “the people”, in their language.

Grie – (pronounced Gree-eh) These are the newest people in the stories, and they include Bull Elk, his wife, Holds the Fire, their daughter Bluebird, War Chief, and his son Red Hawk, and many others. The name Grie means “the people of the earth”, in their language.

If these words mean anything in another language please let me know. I could not find anything about them in my research.



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Thunder Speaking

by bern.harrison
by bern.harrison


Two weeks after Thunder Speaking came to their village, Standing on the Mountain had a dream he would never forget. At first he saw a picture of Thunder Speaking’s horse, the black and white stallion. The horse was running, and was as wild as ever, but then he heard the horse’s voice. He did not know how the horse was talking but he was for sure.

The horse began telling him about Thunder Speaking, and why he left his home. He also saw pictures of the man. He could see him leaving his village, where almost no one lived anymore. The people of the village had been killed by a series of wars, and by poison water, given to the people by traders from the coast. He saw people sick, and dying, and others walking into the woods never to return. Thunder Speaking had left the ghost village with a sick heart and in despair. The horse explained all this to Standing on the Mountain, as he watched the pictures in the dream.

Thunder Speaking walked about three weeks until reaching the great mountains. The man decided to go into them, even though he realized he may not be able to find his way, and that he may never come out again. After wandering in the mountains for a week, and getting more lost each day, the horse was sent to Thunder Speaking, in order to help him. Standing on the Mountain could see the man lost in the great mountains vividly. He did not ask who had sent the horse to Thunder Speaking, he just watched the vision and listened.

The dream continued, and Thunder Speaking called to the horse and they spoke to one another. Thunder Speaking was very gentle, and he got on the horse as if they had been friends a long time. The horse easily led them out of the great mountains, in just a few days, and they traveled another month. They hunted together and Thunder Speaking began to heal inside. He was an excellent hunter. Everything went well until the wolves attacked, early one morning after their fire went out, and the sun was beginning to rise.

They fought hard, they both did. The horse knew that there was something wrong with these wolves. They were sick in their bodies, and in the minds. There was nothing they could do but fight to survive. Many of the attackers were killed, but then Thunder Speaking fell down a ravine and broke his arm. The few remaining attackers fled, and then the horse went down into the ravine, and helped the man to wake up. The horse got on the ground to help him get on, and they traveled two more days to this village.

In the dream the horse turned to Standing on the Mountain, and said, “I will be leaving soon”. The dream ended and Standing on the Mountain bolted straight up, in a cold sweat.

Note: Part Two of Thunder Speaking will be posted tomorrow.

Gypsy Vanner

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The Stranger

Yakima Man by Edward S. Curtis 1910


He was the strangest man they had ever seen. No one knew how he got there, or where he had come from. He was just there, sitting on his horse not moving. It was a black and white horse, a stallion filled with spirit, and that is how they noticed him at the western part of the village, in between two lodges. The horse had snorted, and stomped at the ground with his right hoof. The village came to a stop and just stared at the man.

Most of the men were away, on a buffalo hunt, but Whirlwind had been left in charge. No one saw Whirlwind though. Was he with the horses? His son Two Wolves was the only one that moved, silently, towards the man, bow and arrow pointing down. The man did not move. Was he dead?

Cricket in the Meadow looked at the man’s clothing, and she thought how strange, that his clothing was red. Was it from a different animal? Was it dyed? She could not tell. She had seen sea shells though before, once when she was a child. This man’s clothing was decorated with sea shells, which meant he had travelled very far, and he was from a people they did not know. Then she noticed his arm.

Instantly, she motioned to Two Wolves to stop, with a wave of her arm, which he saw clearly. No one moved. She whispered, “His arm is broken”. In fact, his left arm looked badly mangled. The man began to sway, and several people moved closer, expecting him to fall. He did fall to his left, into the arms of Whirlwind, who had come back unnoticed, and several women.

Several hours later he was in a lodge, and still in the capable hands of Cricket in the Meadow, Raven, and several other women. Whirlwind was there too in case the man woke up. It was clear to everyone that the man had fought a pack of wolves. He had several bites to his legs and one on his right arm. They also believed that he had fallen a great distance during the fight, which broke his arm.

Whirlwind mentioned that he thought the man’s horse had saved his life. He was convinced that the horse brought the man here, because of his injuries. Maybe the horse smelled the village fires burning, and headed this way. None of the people could capture the horse today. After the man had fallen, he ran, and was too fast for anyone, even on horseback. The horse not only had a strong spirit, he had strong medicine.

The difficult part of helping the man was his arm. They did the best they could in setting it with rawhide. Cricket in the Meadow mentioned that it may not heal. It was warm in the lodge, and after they finished, she stepped out for some fresh air.

It was night, but there was a full moon, and a light snow was beginning to fall. From looking at the sky she thought there would only be a little this time, and that the heavy snows would come later. Where was this man from and why was he here by himself? She did not know, but she would be glad when the hunting party returned.



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