A Snow Story – Part II

Home 2014 238

The Christmas tree was demolished and strewn all over the floor. Jerry’s house was a mess now, but that wasn’t his concern, as he helped pick the people up off the floor. The man stood up first and the woman said, “Reuben, I think my ankle is sprained.” Reuben reached out his hand and with Jerry’s help, they lifted her up. Jerry noticed she had a huge bump on her forehead, and he noticed something else about her. She was pregnant. Reuben explained that they had a car accident nearby.

They got her safely to the sofa, and the children gathered round, crying and saying, “Mama!” “I’m alright children, no need to worry….” Reuben looked around the house and apologized for the mess their entrance had caused. Jerry dismissed it and said, “That’s not important, I’m just glad you are safe!”, he continued with, “Please make yourselves at home, I’ll get us some hot chocolate.”

When Jerry returned with 5 steaming cups of hot cocoa he was stunned, and nearly dropped the tray. His guests had taken their winter hats and coats off, and Jerry noticed Reuben looked different than most men. He had fringes around his waist, and a small piece of fabric on his head.

When Reuben came over to take the tray he smiled, and said, “My name is Reuben Klein, this is my wife Sarah, our son Samuel, he’s 10, and our daughter Rebecca, she’s 6 years old. Jerry put down the tray, and extended his hand, “I’m Jerry McKenzie!” The two men shook hands, and Jerry was bold enough to ask about the swede piece of fabric on Reuben’s head, held on by clips. Reuben smiled, and said “We’re Jewish, Orthodox Jews.”

A half hour later, they were sitting warmed by the fire, sharing stories of holidays and traditions. Jerry shared about his wife Margaret and how they celebrated Christmas. He raved about her gingerbread cookies. Reuben shared about Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, and about Purim. Jerry enjoyed hearing about the Jewish people surviving centuries of persecution.

Sarah was sharing about the meaning of the word “kosher”, when they all heard a noise above the roaring wind outside. They listened. Sarah yelled, “Oh my God!” “There’s somebody out there!” It was a woman’s voice outside for sure. They all heard it, “Help me!” “God, have mercy, and help me!”

Jerry and Reuben ran for the door.


The wonderful conclusion tomorrow evening!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Universal Language

Oceans 2194

When I see French and Spanish on the ornaments

I feel at home again, never wavering

this is my planet your planet our planet

sometimes I see Tagalog or Cantonese or Somali,

around the corner is Hindi, and Tibetan,

and I love to see the Lakota.

The same spirit burning brightly, hoping

for someone to see us, to discover us

a reason to discover ourselves happy,

the joy of some sparkle.

So when I turn on the lights this year,

I’m speaking universal.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Power of Love

Oceans 2195

Who ever thought there’d be such power in a tree,

such strength and knowing in a bouquet of flowers?

some lights, a festival – in this day of the big guns

and drones searching, the noise – there is yet a voice.

I can hear some carols of hope, lyrics of peace

that refuse to be quiet, it is our strength that shines

our love for each other, regardless of creed

that binds us, I can hear that same voice

through the oceans of history, the Celts,

the Japanese, the South Africans, and everywhere

in between. Let us celebrate love this year

in a special way. It will make us stronger

to sing songs of peace and joy.



Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

video from youtube, music by Lindsey Stirling

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Paradise Lost

Mountains and Rivers 052

Was the Garden of Eden meant for only two people?

there was love, oneness with nature, and plenty of food.

Now it is ruined, part of the oldest history,

but maybe it was for all of us, all the races

coming from the roots, the beginning, meant to last.

I know we can’t get the old Garden back

but maybe, just maybe, if we put our minds and hearts

together, maybe we can build a new one

or at least a better place than what we have.

Keep sharing the love, and shining the light.

Peace is not a new idea.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”


Mountains and Rivers 173

The greatest issue we are facing in the world today (and there so, so many) is the rejection of colors, rejecting the beautiful people that the Creator has made. Racial and ethnic prejudice paralyzes us, and causes wars, death, and destruction. There are many factors involved and many possible solutions.

One solution is to make sure our children are educated, at home and at school, in the value of racial and ethnic diversity. Cultures and different colors of people are cool! We need to teach that. If your school is not teaching it, then it should.

We have so much to learn from one another. Let’s teach this to our children.



Poetry and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”


Mountains and Rivers 417

In most cultures,

the temples don’t’ shake,


the clouds have lifted,

and returned to the sky,

rainbows are rare now,

but that’s ok,

even with all our technology,

tower building,

and moving upward,

the Creator still has faith,

in us.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth – The Gentle People

Woods 2015 022



It was official now, the language of the New Earth would be French. As the people of the village sat around the kitchen table, they were relieved that the 2 hour discussion was over.  Each of them felt good about it, including Jeremiah, even though the only French word he knew was “merci”. Well that wasn’t entirely true, Miriam had taught him a few words, but that cannot be discussed here.

As Jeremiah served everyone pound cake with blueberries, he privately worried about English becoming extinct. But the sounds of French, were so much more beautiful, and he knew it was the right decision to make. Jennifer had taken four years of French, and Cathy had learned some of the language from her mother. The Inuit, and Roger and Monique were fluent in it, so it was only Jeremiah that needed to start from the beginning. He was even willing to put his lessons in Amharic on hold. Could he learn two languages at once?

The crisp fall days were shorter now. The hills of Pennsylvania were alive with fall colors. After filling 6 freezers full of food, and canning more than three hundred jars of fruits and vegetables, the village and people were beginning to slow down, ready for the promise of rest. Firewood was collected though, just in case the electricity went out. Anuniaq and Jeremiah were busy loading the mangled pickup truck several times a day, with all the loose wood they could find. According to satellite images, several large cities had gone dark, as power grids began to fail. The cities included New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Something good was taking place within Cathy. She was drawn to Anhah and they would often spend hours together, walking, warming themselves by the fire, and speaking in French (Cathy was trying at least). Anhah treated her as a daughter, and loved teaching Cathy about herbs, and traditional medicine.

And Cathy was beginning to notice Anuniaq. She had never met a more gentle man. She felt safe around him, and even though he was quiet, she was beginning to know him as a source of strength and gentleness. Could a man be strong and gentle at the same time? Anuniaq was. She was not in love, but she was considering it for the first time, in a very long time.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People XXXV – Anhah

Mountains and Rivers 159

At the end of the Sabbath meal, Anhah leaned over, and spoke to Anuniaq in her Inuit dialect. The dialect was slightly different than his own, so he needed to listen carefully. She said, “She is here, she is the one, and I know it now for sure.” She was looking at Cathy at the time. Anuniaq wasn’t surprised, but he wanted to make sure he understood, so he asked in Inuit, “You mean Cathy?” The word Cathy did not translate, so at this, everyone looked up, especially Cathy, who wondered what they were saying.

Embarrassed, Anuniaq looked down at his plate, and stabbed a piece of potato, with his fork. But Anhah continued in Inuit, “Yes…..she will bring strength and light to our people.” She smiled gently at both Cathy and Cory now.

Jeremiah headed for the refrigerator, and started placing small bowls of fruit on the table, when suddenly Anhah grabbed her chest, in obvious pain. “Ohhh!” she yelled. Anuniaq began speaking very loud (because of fear) in Inuit, “She needs more medicine! I brought her here so you could help her!!” Everyone looked at him with blank faces, but as Jeremiah came over, Anuniaq repeated the same thing to Miriam in French.

Within seconds Miriam spread the word about Anhah needing heart medication, and Jennifer and Cathy sprang into action, breaking out their laptops. Jennifer searched for different medications, while Cathy looked for medical centers close by, that had cardiac departments. Miriam and Jeremiah helped Anhah to Jennifer’s room which was closest, and into bed. Miriam was busy translating to Jeremiah, all about Anhah’s heart condition, and what she had been taking. Anuniaq produced an empty pill bottle, which was in French. Miriam tossed it to Jennifer to look up, after telling her what it was in English.

Jeremiah was talking to Anhah, through Miriam interpreting, when he heard Cathy yell in the next room, “Memorial Hospital has a cardiac department!” “They are only 21 miles away – I’m printing directions now!”

As Jeremiah began taking Anhah’s blood pressure, Anhah motioned for Anuniaq to come closer. He did, and she pulled on his shirt so that his ear was next to her. In Inuit she said, “Listen, you must hear this, in case I die tonight!” “You must be very, very gentle with Cathy……take time and teach her our ways……you must be very gentle, because she has been wounded.” Anuniaq did not ask how she knew this, he just listened. She was after all, a seer. “And consider moving the people to southern Quebec, perhaps near Ottawa…..it would be better for all of us.”

Jeremiah did not like the looks of Anhah’s blood pressure, it was sky high. He heard Jennifer yell, “I have the list of medications you need, and they will not conflict with each other!” “I’m printing it out now!” In less than ten minutes, from Anhah’s first sign of pain, Jeremiah and Anuniaq were headed out the door to Memorial Hospital. They would be picking up any medical equipment they could find, including, an EKG machine, that would help monitor her heart, as well as the lifesaving drugs, Anhah so badly needed.

Miriam gave Jeremiah a kiss on the way out the door, and called him, “My Prince”, this time in English, which put a smile, on everyone’s face.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People XXXIV – Traditions

Canada and More 224

As they pulled into the lane of their farm, Jeremiah got out to open the two sets of gates, when Miriam’s phone buzzed with a message. Since everyone that she knew well was in the van, it had to be Roger in France, or…..it was…..and it was from Anuniaq, in Northern Quebec! She began reading Anuniaq’s message in French, while Jeremiah was finishing the second gate. She became so excited, she yelled out the window, “Jeremiah come quick!”

When he leaned in to the open window of the van, Miriam explained, “Anuniaq is coming to the farm, and he is bringing someone with him!” “You mean they’re coming here??”, Jeremiah was astonished. Miriam said yes and Jeremiah asked, “Won’t they get stuck in the snow?” “If they don’t get stuck in the snow coming down here – what about on the way back?” Miriam had already dismissed his question, and said, “He won’t get stuck Jeremiah, because he is driving a commercial snow plow!”

It was three days later when they heard the roar of a large diesel coming down Stevenson Lane. They had a habit of keeping a few windows open, to take in the crisp fall air, but only during the day. The diesel was sounding like the 18 wheelers they used to hear so often.

It was a Friday and they were all preparing for the Sabbath meal. Jennifer loved these times, and was hoping Miriam would teach her the prayers someday soon. She loved the language and the tradition, and was dreaming of doing the same, whenever she had her own place again. She was beginning to think of having a family, maybe even more than baby Jacob, and herself. She believed now that her boyfriend Jacob would have wanted that for her. She admired the candle holders, as she placed them on the table, and placed the candles in each one.

Miriam was hoping that Jeremiah would pull out of the slump he was in. He had been sulking ever since he heard the news about some of the Inuit coming, but he wouldn’t tell her what it was about. Privately, he was worried about being behind schedule for getting ready for winter. The Kentucky trip had taken up several days, even though it was needed, and now he was certain the visitors from Quebec would take up even more of their time. And besides all that, the house was too crowded!

His mood changed dramatically when he saw Anuniaq get out of the huge snow plow, and then help the passenger down from the cab of the truck. They all rushed out of the house to meet them. Anuniaq spoke French mostly to Miriam, after his initial shock at how tall she was. He was about 30 years old, with a strong, quiet looking face. He introduced his passenger as Anhah. She was a short, older woman with long, flowing, silver-gray hair. Her face showed the wrinkles of having survived many rough years, and yet the all joys, and cultural strength of the Inuit. Her eyes sparkled with life. Jeremiah noticed immediately that these two were filled with peace, and they were gentle spirits.

As they all sat around the Sabbath dinner table, Miriam covered her head and began chanting the prayers so familiar to the Pennsylvania survivors. She was singing as she lit the candles, and the words in Amharic were welcoming the Sabbath. Jeremiah joined in for some it and Jennifer too, when she remembered the words. Cathy and Cory were smiling ear to ear, loving the sounds of the languages.

Miriam also sang the same prayers in French, for their guests that night. Their eyes teared up with the sheer beauty of the moment. Unexpectedly Anhah began singing in her Inuit dialect. Everyone was stunned, especially when they heard the translation:

Oh Great One, Oh Great One

We thank You for this food, for this food,

Give us the strength, to hunt and fish again,

And in this place, to gather in the food,

Oh Great One, Oh Great One

No one said a word after they heard this. They just soaked in the beauty. One thing was for certain though…….. life on planet earth was becoming more beautiful all the time.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People XXVIII – Across Cultures

Maine and More 643

The weather in Inuvijik, Quebec was 28 degrees (Fahrenheit), with snow and high winds. As Anuniaq sat with his laptop typing to the group of survivors in Pennsylvania, the other six Inuit people sat watching him, glued to the glowing screen. They all wanted to hear about the other people still alive.

They were writing in French to a woman named Miriam, learning about each other and the farm that grew green, natural food. Miriam told them how many they were, and all about their cultural differences, that her husband was white, but she was from Eastern Africa. He was short and yet she was tall. This floored the Inuit, because they had never seen a couple married, that were of different colors. They had never seen a tall woman either.

Anuniaq typed slowly that the weather was bad today, but the electricity was still on, their town was almost completely solar, and it was working well. In the future, the issue may be the batteries giving out. The also had a fire going in their cabin (that’s what whites called their house), and it was warmer than usual indoors. It was almost 57 degrees inside!

In Pennsylvania, Miriam was typing as fast as she could, with everyone looking over shoulder. Jennifer was there too, but rocking the baby in her arms, trying to get him to go to sleep. They all wanted to hear about the Inuit people. Cathy and Cory sat at another laptop close by, looking up all they could, on Inuit culture. Jeremiah was getting annoying though, when each response came back. He could not read French, and he kept saying, “What did they say??” “What did they say??” “Jeremiah, please be patient!” was Miriam’s response.

Stringing the emails together, the Inuit had all lost relatives and friends in the biological wars, but they had managed to find each other, and they made an agreement not to leave each other, unless there was some terrible disagreement. There were three men, two women, and two children, but none of them were related, and several had different dialects. Two men found a drone one day that had crashed, probably due to weather, and they found a package attached underneath. In the package they found the information that the other survivors had been given.

They all lived in one house, and fished for food. They could not find green food anymore, but sometimes they could find canned beans. Their town of Inuvijik was on the northern tip of Quebec Province, and on the Hudson Bay.

Jeremiah was about to ask Miriam to type a question, when his cell phone rang. It was Roger so he thought he should answer. “My good man, I’m just calling to let you know I am in Bordeaux!” Roger said excitedly. Jeremiah asked, “So, have you met her?” “Yes I have and she’s a wonderful person.” Roger was smiling over the phone. “Right now we are in a café, having some tea.” “Roger that is wonderful!” There was a pause on Roger’s end, and then he began whispering, “Jeremiah, I have a problem though…..Monique is very, very Catholic.” Still whispering he continued, “She walks around with the rosary beads, and she seems to be praying all the time……..I’m not sure what to do about it…….”

Jeremiah responded quickly, “Don’t do anything about it Roger.” “Remember, you have a friend now, embrace her for who she is.” “We were not meant to all be the same, embrace the differences, it makes life exciting, and if you can’t embrace the differences, then look past them.”

There was another long pause, while Roger thought about this. Then he said, “You’re quite right Jeremiah.” “My good man, you are right – how boring it would be if she was like me!” They both laughed. Before hanging up Roger shared that he and Monique were conversing in French. Jeremiah was shocked and said, “French?” “Yes her English isn’t very good and I don’t know her language, and we both know French fluently.”

As he hung up the phone, Jeremiah couldn’t help but notice that everyone was communicating in French today. He wondered, “Would French be the language of the new earth?” Maybe Miriam could teach him.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”