Climbing the Sacred Mountain


Oceans 1694

The Guardians were not awake when the two of them left that morning, armed with only machetes to fight the forest. It was just before dawn, and the night before, the village elders had called them reckless, and irresponsible, but they were very much in love. Seth took her hand, and silently he prayed they would make it to the scared mountain.

Nothing could restrain them now, as they lunged into the unseen. It was the snakes and lizards that always bothered her, but Seth whispered in her ear, “Don’t let the tree frogs touch you, they’re poisonous.” Two hours later they were scratched, and bleeding almost everywhere, from the branches and thorns of the brush, but they did make it to an open field, where there was thick fog, covering the mountain in front of them.

It was terrifying. They looked at each other, and held hands more tightly. “Gem, I think we can do this, we need to talk to the Seer.” Gem knew he was right, and shook her head yes. They began the ascent, in order to ask questions of Jambres the Seer, questions everyone else was too afraid to ask. Seth couldn’t help noticing her long black hair, pulled back.

It was a brutal climb, with rocks crumbling beneath them, slipping, falling, and their fingertips bleeding from trying to hold on, but each step brought them closer, and the cave of Jambres would bring them the answers they needed.

It was Gem that made it there first, offering her battered hand to Seth, pulling her love, one last step. When they saw the cave their hearts began beating faster. And when they walked in…… he was there! They gasped when they saw hundreds of candles lit all over the cave, and the old man calmly sitting on soft pillows, meditating. Jambres (with eyes closed) said softly, “Come in, I’ve been expecting you.”

They hesitated, but gently placed their filthy bodies on two soft pillows facing the old man, and they waited. Finally Gem spoke, “Seer Jambres, why is the mountain considered sacred?” The Seer opened his eyes, and said softly, “Because courage was born here, and those who seek it, will live in it forever.”

Seth’s burning question came next, “Seer Jambres, why are we so different……. we don’t fit in, and we will never fit in with our own people?” They didn’t realize it, but this very day they would begin new lives……….and they would start a new village on the other side of the mountain, where the people live free.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Last People on Earth X – A New Home


They were in the garage, about a hundred yards from the house, with the door open, pouring over the latest data they had discovered. Farmland in Central Pennsylvania, looked very good.  They had searched far and wide for their next place. It needed to be good, rich farmland, with the right PH balance in the soil. Neither one of them wanted to be near a city, so they had been searching for weeks, taking samples, of air, soil, and water. They were tired of driving.

Lancaster County in Pennsylvania was attractive at first, but they had found the soils had been worn out by over farming, and besides, it was too close to a number of cities. That’s when they went looking, into the central part of the state. It had excellent sources of water, which most other locations did not have.

Miriam had part of her lab set up, in the garage so they could both run tests. Jeremiah looked in the microscope again, and said, “You’re right Miriam, this soil does look the best”. “Is there any chance the biological weapons damaged the environment, without us knowing it?” Miriam paused, then said, “It’s not likely, but we will just have to trust that it will all work out.” “We have run every test possible.”

“Ok, so do you still like that farm I picked out, that had been for sale for two years – the organic one?” Miriam nodded, and said, “I love the inside of the house.” “It’s gorgeous Jeremiah!” They were excited now, and Jeremiah said they should start packing as soon as possible.

As they both stood up to go to the house, Jeremiah noticed again the little bump (it was hardly noticeable) coming from Miriam’s stomach. It had been more than two months since their marriage ceremony, and Miriam was convinced she was pregnant. Was it just wishful thinking? They hoped not. He walked over to her and gently touched her stomach, and said “Can I?” She knew what he meant, and nodded yes. He raised her t-shirt, got in close, rubbing her stomach, he said, “Hello in there! Baby you are very much loved!” They both chuckled. Miriam bent down and gave Jeremiah a passionate kiss, just for being so wonderful.

Then Jeremiah stopped, and said he heard that sound again, like a humming noise. “Do you hear it?” Miriam said she did, and that it was coming from outside. “Shh.” he said, as he crept towards the door. “I don’t see anything”, he said cautiously. It sounded like a small motor, like maybe a moped, but far away. Both of them felt creepy because they had been hearing it for the last three days, off and on. Jeremiah took Miriam’s hand and they walked towards the house.

Miriam stopped dead in her tracks. Her long right arm, pointed at the sky and she yelled “Look!” They stared at the thing, then Jeremiah yelled, “Run!” “Run Miriam!” He still had hold of her hand, when she asked what it was. “Is it people?” He didn’t answer, but he practically pulled her into the house. In spite of being very tall, Miriam was not a good runner.

They got into the house, completely out of breath, and Jeremiah slammed the door. Miriam was practically hysterical and yelled, “What is it Jeremiah?!!” After he caught his breath, he managed to say, “It’s a drone!”

Her eyes widened in horror. He continued, “Miriam we need a gun!” This shocked her even more. “Jeremiah……please no guns……please… guns……”

To be continued.

Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”