The Wind River People

In the days when wolves were still the Elders, two of the forest creatures sought their advice. They were Hawk in the Sky and Songbird. Yes, they were birds but the two of them were so very different they could not understand the love they felt for each other.

Hawks you see are not friendly to other birds. Yet when the Elders met with them, their direction was very clear. An Elder female wolf spoke it best. “It is good and natural for you to be attracted to each other…..continue as you are. Be at peace and be committed to each other…..”

This mystical union produced a great number of children. Eventually and over time some of them became humans or close to it. And this is how the first humans were formed, running wild and free, some having wings and filled with the winds of heaven.

This was all along the Wind River region, the birthplace of all creatures. And by the way, most leaders in those days whether wolves, hawks, or humans were…..female.

The Elders could see very early on that females were usually smarter, and much less prone to violence.

And the hawk on my shoulder tells me this natural order will soon be restored. Men having ruined the Earth, and in their violence….destroying each other.

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Emma and the Deep Red

As Emma stared at the horizon, her long dark hair flew behind her in the wind. This particular wind was playful tonight, even adventurous. She smiled. She had known a seducing wind before.

The deep red of the sunset made her think of him. His blood running strong in his veins. How in healing the wolf she was made whole. There would be no more hiding for her.

She allowed the richness, the power of the sunset to penetrate her very being, finally bursting deep with her soul. She was made new once more. Yet she staggered and nearly fell.

Extending her wings fully and even beyond, she took one step into the air and the red filled her…. lifted her so completely she flew, mastering the gusts of air. She reached for the wildness of it.

Captured the essence of it.

She would run with the wolves to be with the one she loved, but she would always own this wind…..she was certain of it now.

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Time Traveler II

I’ve never been held prisoner in Belgium, yet the nights here are quite strange. I found there is more than one phantom flying over the castle at night. I can never see them when I’m a human though, only when I’m a bat or an owl. In other words, a creature of the night.

And the Countess is a bit of an oddball to be honest. Young and beautiful, but constantly whispering under her breath. I’ve caught her watching me several times. And once…..out of the corner of my eye……

I thought I saw her walking through a wall, her long auburn hair the last bit of her flowing through. Is she even real? To be honest, I don’t know.

Yet form changing, in your time you call it “shape shifting” is a new skill for me, and being an owl is magnificent! These wings! And at night I can see everything for miles.

So for now I avoid the Countess, and I sit in one of these very tall trees that have been here for hundreds of years. My favorite are the elms.

Besides, lately I’ve acquired a taste…….for mice.



Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed

Wings Filtering Through the Trees


Having dispelled the rain from the forest I noticed a slight wind from east and a set wings,

filtering through the trees. I never did see her, but recognized her light, with a tinge of blue.

All she said really was, “Encourage one another, that is how you win…..”

Suddenly there were only wings in my vision, and her blinding light. An angel…..

or was she an eagle after all?


Writing and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

The Colors of the Night Sky – Part V


When she awoke he was already outside braving the eternal blizzard, known as the Forbidden Winter.

She began preparing to leave again, saddling her horse, checking the pack animals……

she also connected to his mind, saying…..“I’m here!” He grumbled something inaudible and said he wondered where she was….

she smiled to herself. She knew they would survive, this and many other battles.

Fighting terrible beasts known as Slashers and their demonic blades, angry Behemoths, and ti – no…..not tigers. He had the Gift of Tigers.

They would protect him and help him, sensing the gift and his spirit.

And they would never harm her, now that they shared the strength of his purple light.

After she checked her weapons, she mounted, and rode in his direction…..

“Do you sense the tiger yet?”  she asked.

“Yes, are you sure about this?……” “Yes, just follow her.” “Her?” “Yes.”

He did so without fear, as if the tiger was a friend, which to him was amazing……the tiger led him through the blinding snow.

Several hours of high winds later, he was slowing down. The wind had drained his strength. The tiger stopped when he did, looking back.

Tana gave him some incentives, visions of herself……she actually teased him, with her eyes at first.

Then her mouth, so sensual and even the tatoo on her chest. It worked. He was able to stay awake and press forward.

He yelled, “You are in so much trouble when we finally meet!”

She chuckled, and encouraged him again with her eyes……

The End.

Writing and Image  © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

Living the Story


In the shadows of forest, of flickering light through the canopy above, so many stories are born and run their course,

run through my veins where swordkeepers dwell, speaking of wisdom and peace, with kings and queens worthy,

and still others tell of the Spirit Bow speaking, or the Sacred Javelin lost, and then found. How light is bent

or of buckskin and the tribes restored within their spirits coming back and bison running free, as the river……

A writer alone

in the forest…..


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

The Swordsman – Conclusion

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As he left the tower, he sheathed his sword and remembered one final step in making sure the young girl was free. It had stopped raining but was windy now. As he lifted up his right arm he called for a strong northern wind, which came quickly. A whirlwind began at the top of the tower, and he directed it to lift the dust of the red demon into the sky. It would be spread in a million different directions, never to come together again. He had always been thorough this way.

Then the scene changed, and he was in the young girl’s hospital room. He hovered unseen at the top of the ceiling. Actually there was a slight shadow. The one thing he didn’t like about these assignments was he had to wear all black. It was meant as a camouflage really, and it worked.

In his mind’s eye he could see a window open, which gave him a brief view of the future. He saw the young girl coming out of her coma, in fact the next morning….. and she would live for a very long time. The horrible red demon had made her spirit afraid to live…….and now freedom had come, and living for her would be a joy again. He saw moving pictures of her playing with her brothers and sisters, at a playground, laughing and smiling.

It was a tough job, fighting for the humans, but he had never been more proud of his profession. He faded through the ceiling and the building, lifting himself up finally into the sky. He smiled, and was thankful.


Writing © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Swordsman

male swordsman from wallpapersxl

Warning: Some images in this story may be disturbing to some readers.

It was raining again, as he continued to walk through the dark mist. Only an occasional flash of distant lightning brought any light at all, and he knew the sun was still several hours away.

He walked sideways mostly, but quickly, as he held his sword up, in front of him with both hands. He knew the thing was near, he could smell it, he could sense it lurking not far away. He thought of his client briefly, and how badly she needed this. Would it never stop raining?

He could see some shadows of towers in the distance, then suddenly he saw the red beast! Yes, in the lightning flash he saw it run into the doorway of one the towers, complete with tail, and a small set of wings. He smelled its stench. He gave chase, and he loved how they always ran from him. He laughed, then realizing his sin, he immediately repented.

It would be over soon, he could sense it in his spirit, and the young girl would be free. For one thing there was only one way to go in that tower – and it was up. Gaging from the smell of the red demon, it had already fled to the top of the tower. He crept into the doorway ready to strike, just in case. Slowly, he began to climb the ancient stone steps, as he clung to the wall, looking up.

A small trickle of rainwater began to cover the steps, on the right side, which meant the outside door was open at the top now. He was very quiet, waiting for the attack, as he walked up.

Near the top, on the last curve is when it came. The evil beast suddenly appeared and roared with his mouth spewing its stinking drool. ARRRRHHHHHH! Covering his face with arm he lunged forward with his sword. The beast only moved back slightly, then roared again, ARRRRRRHHHHH! A horrible sulfur smell filled the air.

With his sword he backed up the beast even further, as they reached the outside of the tower. He knew he would have to be quick. Rain began drenching them both when he made a move that his sword master had taught him. He faked a downward cut, aiming for the demon’s arm, then suddenly twirled and in midair, cut off the head of the beast so quickly, so efficiently, it sounded no more lethal, than a pair of scissors cutting a piece of paper.

But instead of the death yell, the horrible creature’s head and body turned to dust before they ever hit the ancient stone floor of the tower…….


To be continued……tonight!


Writing© Copyright 2016, ancient skies

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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

Friday Night Culture – Movies 2016

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There are a number of movies coming up this year that look just excellent! I’ll be honest though, the Captain America/Superman/Batman civil wars are not on my list! No thanks.

So here are some of the ones that I am really looking forward to. I’m not even sure if they are out yet, but if you’ve seen one of these, let me know how you liked it. But don’t tell me the ending!

The Man Who Knew Infinity – Based on a true story, a brilliant man from India goes to England, to share his work. Apparently he is light years ahead of the scientists there. He faces incredible racism and prejudice, but gradually becomes accepted for the brilliant person he is. And on top of that, he has very little formal education!

Me Before You – If you’ve been following the site for a while, you know I do have a little romance flowing through my veins. A young woman who has failed at other types of work, becomes the caretaker of a rich but paralyzed man. Yes you guessed it, they fall in love. I love how this film looks sensitive and heartwarming.

Pete’s Dragon – This looks so cool, as fantasy meets the real world. So how does a young boy survive living in the forest for 6 years by himself? The answer is, he has a very large friend! I’m looking forward to seeing how the boy, and dragon, are going to cope with modern society.

Ok so enjoy your weekend! Peace.

Writing © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Hobbit’s House


They say that Hobbits don’t live here in these woods anymore, but I know differently. I never would have believed it, if I had not seen it for myself, with my own eyes.

One day I was deep, deep in the woods, and off the beaten path, when the forest began to change. I somehow knew instantly where I was, pressing through the sacred mist, moving to the right – passing the rocks that sing. Finally I came to the living trees, the ones that wave, moving their branches and moaning in order to scare people. They always do that.

I smelled the smoke of the Hobbit’s village, but it was not the smell of a normal fire. It did not smell of meat burning, it was more of a sweet smell, perhaps like cedar. And there it was – dozens of trees like this one. I knew right away that the Hobbit’s now lived this way, having abandoned a more conventional home in order to hide themselves better. I saw no one though, which was a bit unnerving.

Everything was strange – but I was not afraid – until I heard the whispering. I looked at their campfire, which was down to embers now, and then searched the forest with my eyes. It seemed as though hundreds of eyes stared back at me, and they started moving towards me.

I took the picture above quickly, as my proof and took off, never looking back. I ran past the living trees in a flash, the rocks that sing, and through the sacred mist. I never stopped running until I got back to the main road, grateful for civilization again.

I leave these words only as a warning. Please be careful when you are in the deep woods – you never know what you might find.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”