The Hobbit’s House


They say that Hobbits don’t live here in these woods anymore, but I know differently. I never would have believed it, if I had not seen it for myself, with my own eyes.

One day I was deep, deep in the woods, and off the beaten path, when the forest began to change. I somehow knew instantly where I was, pressing through the sacred mist, moving to the right – passing the rocks that sing. Finally I came to the living trees, the ones that wave, moving their branches and moaning in order to scare people. They always do that.

I smelled the smoke of the Hobbit’s village, but it was not the smell of a normal fire. It did not smell of meat burning, it was more of a sweet smell, perhaps like cedar. And there it was – dozens of trees like this one. I knew right away that the Hobbit’s now lived this way, having abandoned a more conventional home in order to hide themselves better. I saw no one though, which was a bit unnerving.

Everything was strange – but I was not afraid – until I heard the whispering. I looked at their campfire, which was down to embers now, and then searched the forest with my eyes. It seemed as though hundreds of eyes stared back at me, and they started moving towards me.

I took the picture above quickly, as my proof and took off, never looking back. I ran past the living trees in a flash, the rocks that sing, and through the sacred mist. I never stopped running until I got back to the main road, grateful for civilization again.

I leave these words only as a warning. Please be careful when you are in the deep woods – you never know what you might find.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Sword of Talon – Conclusion


Under the power of the white light, each noble confessed their crimes. They were powerless not to. One said, “I murdered your father!” Another said, “I kidnapped your brother!”, and the third said, “I hired men to burn down the summer palace with your mother and two sisters inside.” They all hung their heads in shame, and suddenly the lights on each one went out, while the sword turned to blue, and just hummed.

The Queen let down the sword and held it to the ground. She quickly walked over to the noble that had kidnapped her brother, while her hand went under her cloak, fingering a dagger. Seething with anger now, through her teeth, she said quietly, “Where…..where is my bro-ther! The man whispered, “The Sultan has him Your Majesty……but I swear no harm has come to him…….. “SILENCE!” came the shout from the Queen. Still fingering the dagger, she resisted the temptation to slice him right then and there. She did though spit into the man’s face and shouted, “You dog!”

She turned quickly away and shouted to everyone, “Guards take them away!” There is no need here to describe what happened next, but the people took care of justice on this day. They executed the three men quickly…….you see the people loved the Queen, and had loved the royal family.

Once the Queen saw the three men taken away, the Bishop approached but the Queen would have none of it. She put up her hand and said, “We are not done here yet!” “Now we will see who is guilty of lesser crimes.” As the Queen lifted the sword again, the same colors appeared and the brilliant white light struck another 22 men this time, guilty of a number of offenses, but all of them were nobles. They were guilty of thievery, cruelty towards subjects of the kingdom, hiring hecklers to disrespect the royalty, and a number of other offenses. Each one confessed under the light.

When it was over the Queen was exhausted, and slumped into her modest wooden throne. “Take them away, and may they be banished from our kingdom forever”, she said.

With only 8 nobles left, it was a time of rebuilding now. The Queen’s younger brother was eventually returned from east, safely thank God. It was years before the Queen found someone to love…… see it was difficult for her to trust anyone. She would tell you it was well worth the wait though. Sometimes their two spirits still walk along the rocky shore, hand in hand.

And the sword? She named it after the white eagle……..and that is why it is called, the Sword of Talon to this day.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Sword of Talon II


She was dreaming of his wings. In her dream, she was walking along the rock covered coast, in a thick fog which she loved. There was something about breathing in the mist that inspired her, when suddenly the sun broke through a hole in the clouds, and she could hear singing, as if heaven had opened. Before she knew it a huge white eagle was slowly beating his wings just above her, holding a sword.

The eagle’s wings were so huge they created a wind that fanned her face, and moved her hair. He began speaking to her in the eagle language, but she understood every word. This must be one of the sacred white eagles, she had grown up hearing about, she thought. They were always known for helping humans, being kind, and sharing wisdom.

The eagle was easily twice her size, but managed to place the sword made of emerald, softly into her hands. He screeched some instructions on how to use the sword, assuring her, “You will win this battle….”

She sat up in bed now wide awake, realizing where she was, but the wind from the eagle’s wings was still tangible, and visibly moving her hair, as she sat in her bed. Was she still dreaming? He said, “Make sure you hold the sword high!” She could hear singing again, and then all went quiet.

When it was time for the Naming Ceremony the Bishop was outraged that he would not be blessing the sword, and was not consulted regarding the ceremony. A large crowd gathered in the great hall of the castle, including all the nobles.

When the Queen entered everyone stood and bowed, but a strange humming noise came from the sword. As the Queen explained the real reason for the assembly, many of the nobles became nervous and broke out in a sweat.

Finally the Queen yelled, “We are here to discover the identity of the traitors!” And with that the sword turned bright green. Then it changed colors as the Queen lifted the sword as high as she could. It went to blue, then purple, then red, and then orange. The earth began to shake, women screamed, some fainted, as the sword changed again to a bright white.

The Queen was still holding it high when suddenly three distinct beams of light were sent from the sword landing precisely on three different nobles, first on their foreheads, then simultaneously moving down over their hearts. They each knew for certain it would be their last day on earth.


The exciting conclusion tomorrow!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Sword of Talon


It was in the 11th century, in the age dragons and princesses, when a certain kingdom received a very special gift. No one really knew how the Queen received it, but someone first noticed it when the Queen came in, from having one of her long walks by the ocean. Since then, she always carried it in either her right hand, or on her belt, even though it was cumbersome. You see the gift was a sword, but not just any sword, it was very special indeed.

The sword itself was made of emerald. It was not a collection of emeralds but was a single piece of emerald stone, some 4 feet long, and sharpened to the point of sparkling with the light of a million stars. At the top, was the most intricately carved, solid gold handle that anyone had ever seen. But the mystery was that the Queen would not say how she came to be in possession of it. Unfortunately there was a lot of treachery in the land, and the Queen was the only one left of the royal family.

Some said the sword came from the gods, remembering a more pagan time, while others said it was from the Creator, dropped from heaven. The nobility thought the treasure should be encased for all to see, but the Queen did not trust them, and knew their intentions were to steal it.

A bigger controversy was what to name the sword, and the Queen decided to have a Naming Ceremony in order to silence the grumbling nobles. It was only the Queen who knew that the sword was never meant for killing, she had daggers for that if they were needed, but the sword would help her discover the traitors. She would use the sword to discover the truth, in order to restore the kingdom, and peace.

As she laid in bed the night before the ceremony, she tried not to think of how alone she was. She would not let the sword out of her sight so she placed it next to her in bed, while praying that the next day would go well, as she finally fell asleep.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

Desert Flowers

Oceans 717

In the mountains of New Mexico, some still tell the legend of how flowers came to the desert. It started with two lovers from two different worlds. They met by accident more than two hundred years ago, as his family passed through her village. She was from one of the Tribes, and his family were proud Spaniards. They spoke very little that first day, at the trading post, but he told her he would be back that night. He was determined to capture her heart.

He snuck away that night and many more nights, whispering at her window when he arrived. They would run into the mountains, where he taught her poetry, and she taught him to love, and respect the earth. She never told him about the special ability some of her people had, to change into something else. Madly in love now, she didn’t want him to be scared.

Her family was always open and friendly, but when his father found out, he shouted, “Stay away from those people!” But one night he snuck away and did not return. Spending days and nights in a cave, they refused to be separated from each other. It was then she had an idea.

When she told him what they could do, it was a big decision. But he shook his head yes, and they held hands as soon as the sun began to set. It was the love they had for each other, that melted them into the ground. They became part of the earth, and yet different, blending together with the soil. Both sensing their love and pain, they became flowers with thorns, never to be parted again.

And that is how flowers came to the desert. If you hike the trails there, you will find them still, living forever, with thousands of their descendants.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Guardian – Conclusion

Woods 2015 012

Still on their knees, Heather and Jason began holding each other. Somehow the Guardian, a tree shape made of leaves, was not menacing, but both Heather and Jason knew instinctively, they were not where they were supposed to be. The Guardian grew some small branches, almost like arms, and its face became more clear. Was that sympathy in her eyes?

“You have taken a wrong turn, that is for certain.” she said. Heather asked, “Where are we?” The Guardian responded with, “You are in between time, neither here nor there.” Rather than talk in riddles the Guardian explained that Heather and Jason had stepped through a time portal. “We keep the portals well hidden, deep in the earth’s forests, so that this does not happen.” She continued with a sigh, “But sometimes there are travelers that are destined to lose their way.”

Jason asked, “Destined?” The Guardian explained, “Yes you have been chosen in a way, to travel to another place and time, and you will even be given choices.” Heather panicked and asked, “Can’t we just go back home?” The Guardian looked sad now, and her branches hung low. “I’m sorry but no, that portal has closed, and will not open again for two hundred years.

The Guardian was sympathetic but made it clear that their time was short. She gave Heather and Jason the following choices for where they could live:

12th century Saxony, a time of war and death but also a time of magic, mythology, and possibilities.

North America in the 1400’s. A pristine earth with only a few of the First Nations people living there.

England in the 1860’s. A terrible time for the poor, but a reformation was taking place. And the culture was not far from their own.

Germany in the year 2155. Sickness had been made extinct, but emotions had also been suppressed. Love between two people was only read about.

They had only ten minutes to decide.


Which one should they choose? If given the choice where would you go? Would you stay here?


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Guardian

Woods 2015 005

The two of them were hiking deep in the forest. The two young lovers had only met a week ago, and it had been one adventure after another. Today though, they had veered off the Appalachian Trail, and the two hours of following a deer path, had produced nothing but apprehension.

Heather and Jason talked quietly as they hiked, about which way they should go, when the deer path ended in some heavy brush. Jason took out his large hunting knife, and began clearing a path straight ahead of them. The sun was setting, it was getting darker, and neither of them liked where they were.

Suddenly the ground gave away, Heather screamed, and both of them went sprawling, down a large ravine. And then they were not in the ravine, but they were still falling, somehow flying. There were no colors, only grey and black, still falling, they yelled and silently prayed for God’s help. They were falling, flying, and then they hit the ground with a thud.

Colors began to return, and they could see the grass, but around them was only a blur, were there trees? They were dizzy, but everything came into focus as they adjusted their eyes. They sat up on their knees, and a huge wind began to swirl around them.

There were leaves everywhere, and the leaves were first in chaos, but then began to come together. As the wind roared, the leaves came together in the form of a shape. Heather and Jason just looked at each other and reached for each other’s hand.

The shape made of leaves began to look like a tree, and yet there was a face, with a set of eyes. There was still a wind but it began to die down, as the tree looked at them. And then the tree shape made of leaves, spoke softly in a woman’s voice. “Please do not come any closer.”

Jason decided to be brave, and asked, “Who or what are you?” The tree shape made of leaves spoke softly again, “I am the Guardian.”


To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”