Modern Love

As they stood in line waiting to get in, each person stood 6 feet apart, looking at their phones, or their grocery list.

He heard a noise behind him, and a young woman was bending over, picking up her keys. When she stood up, he wanted to shout from the rooftops, “You look amazing!”

but instead he went for softer touch with, “I love your mask!” It worked. Her eyes smiled as she relaxed. And it was a beautiful mask, white with swirls of green,

black, and just a hint of blue. It was like a work of art really. He didn’t know it, but she had been staring at him, and that’s why she had dropped her keys.

There was something about a guy’s shoulder muscles that always threw her for a loop. They started talking about cooking and food.

She loved the fact that he liked Thai food. They started letting other people go around them and they exchanged names and phone numbers.

As they parted he had forgotten what he needed to shop for and she headed to the nearest restroom so she could take off her mask and breathe again! She also splashed some cold water on her face.

Several days later they were zooming and started really getting to know each other. She was thinking, “Finally a guy who cares about more than just my body….”

And he was thinking, She’s so gorgeous!” And they both looked forward to that day, when they could touch……and actually hold each other.

Writing and Image, Copyright © 2020 ancient skies

Blue Skies in the Morning


Even in times when we cry out, hoping for, yearning for

searching for, those blue skies in the morning,

He will hear us, even in our darkest nights,

as our prayers are answered

with the sun

breaking through

with rays,

of light.

Introducing the new name for my fiction blog – Blue Skies in the Morning!

It’s still a work in progress, but I’m very excited about it. It still has the same web address, for now.

You can find it here:

There is always hope.


Poetry, Writing, and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

A Great Shaking Within the Mystical Forest


As many of you know I have a fiction blog, which you can find here:

Well, I’m not sure how it happened really, but there has been a noticeable change in the direction the stories have taken. I started out with some great series, including the Sacred Mountain and Sword of Talon Series.

There you will find kings and queens, swords, adventure, and romance. One of my favorite features were the Living Bows (as in bows and arrows). I was having a great time.

But you know what?? My focus as a writer has changed. Now I write a lot more about compassion, and angels helping people, and even God caring about us……h’mmm. Perhaps that was the real me in the first place.

Currently an angel is shaking up the site, his name is Henry Vu. Originally Henry was from Vietnam, and let me tell you, this dude is powerful! Powerful, as in filled with compassion.

Anyway I’m saying/writing this to let you know you will see some changes over there, including the name! I’m not sure about the new name yet, but I think it will have the word Sky or Skies in it.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. This is not my normal morning post. I’ll be sending out a love poem shortly!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

The Great Oak Tree


It was one of those mornings where the wind had no mercy on the Great Oak Tree. The huge bare branches creaked as the tree moaned in pain. The temperature was about 6 degrees, enough to weaken even the strongest oak.

But really the oak had no thought of himself, because he had a greater concern. As the poet walked by briskly, mumbling words from Rumi, or was it a prayer? The Great Oak Tree made even more moans and creaking sounds to catch his attention.

The poet stopped and listened. He heard very distinctly the wind speaking through the branches, “Please don’t forget the poor this year, especially the ones without a home.”

A tear fell from the poet’s eye, or was it just the cold? And he did go on his way, mumbling again words from Rumi, or was it from Tagore?

But he did not forget the poor, and kept thinking as he walked …… what he could give this year.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Gift in a Whisper


She lay awake, next to him listening to him breathe. It was dawn now, and she didn’t want to disturb him, but she really did want to see if it was snowing yet.

As she quietly peered through the window, and into the grey dawn, she saw the wind was up, and carrying the snow almost sideways. What should she get him for Christmas? She sighed, and lay down again, touching his shoulder.

For some reason she needed to tell him how she felt, and she whispered to his sleeping ear, “Did you know you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me……?”

He did hear the words, and he let them sink in deeply. It was the greatest thing anyone had ever said to him. He opened his eyes to her beaming smile.

She whispered again, “It’s snowing….”


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

The Discarded Muse


As she watched her human, she noticed he was in a dream world again. His feet gently walking, barely touching the fallen leaves, deep in the forest. A twig snapped, he froze not moving.

Hooves tore through the silence of the forest, as two deer bolted over the brush. The muse waited, hovering over the forest floor, drawing her long cloak around her.

But the human surprised her, by looking straight at her and saying: “No thanks, I already know what to write today…..”

She harrumphed, turning and disappearing in the trees. She thought, “If this keeps up I won’t be needed for much longer….”


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

The Rider


There was no saddle, as he gently nudged the horse forward – his favorite, the black and white, long mane so graceful. He shifted slightly, as he looked up and in one magnificent motion, they lunged – attacking the hill, the horse snorting his approval.

They aimed for the ridge, passing the pine trees and spruce. The smell overcame his leather. Higher and higher they climbed, with the muscles of the horse rippling, straining, hooves digging into the earth and rock.

And then they were at the top, where the large oak was on fire with yellow and red. And the eagle waited patiently in the oak, as he had promised. But it was the hawk that gently landed on his  shoulder, that encouraged him the most.

It was then that the poet knew, he was home again.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

At the Church in the Harbor


It was the same each week. She mainly went to church now to see him, even though he had been gone for such a long time. The fog in her aged mind was always hopeful though that somehow, in some way, she would see him there. She even sat in the same pew each week in hopes he would find her easily.

She was so tired lately, she usually feel asleep during the homily. Sometimes her head slumped over, onto her nurse’s shoulder. She tried not to snore, and she would wake herself up when she heard the noise.

Then there was one Sunday, she did wake up because she could feel his presence. She knew it was him, even before she looked. After all, when you’ve been married for 45 years you get to know a person’s spirit.

She turned to her left and there he was, at least part of him was. His spirit had a gray shape, but it was him for sure. He smiled at her.

The strange thing was, even though he didn’t quite have a body, she could see his one tooth was still missing – there on the left.

He took her hand now. And they began floating near the ceiling of the church, and suddenly they entered the most beautiful, and brilliant light she had ever seen.

And she felt great peace as they ascended, because he was still by her side.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

In the Midst of the Mystical Forest


The latest from my fiction site The Mystical Forest:

It was as if the two of them were floating, traveling within their dreams. In the bright sunlight, they felt themselves moving high above the treetops, and heading towards the Great Sea. The sea and the sky became one, clouds and water within a mist, washing them.

They were lost in this other world, but it was not unpleasant. Floating brought peace, and there was no time here, just the moving through the mist of blue and water. But as they moved through this other world, the sun pierced through, and began shining on their faces. And as they returned to their bodies, the warmth brought back their spirits, and woke them, as if from a very deep sleep….


You can find the rest of the story, It Was the Sun that Them Brought Back here:

 Thanks for reading!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies

On Their Wedding Day


It was the wind he noticed, as the wedding party arrived at her aunt’s house. It pushed his hair and he loved the way it played with her veil. Where would they be, after this beautiful fall day? He wondered.

The photographer put them through poses, especially up by the fence line. The groom was in awe, as the light of the sun, gently touched her face. He was filled, and yet struck with the awesome responsibility of loving her. Placing his arm around her proved, there was a divine. There was cake of course.

She was moving beyond living the dream. The strength of the two of them together was tangible. And yet, she was ready to so completely melt into his strength. She had never met anyone, that so wonderfully carried gentleness and strength together. They both yielded.

They were two young warrior hearts, already healed of scars. They would need that strength in the years ahead. Born of eagles, they would make it through though.

It was the light that carried them.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies