Great Leadership Defined


A great leader is courageous yet filled with compassion, strong yet willing to yield, driven by wisdom and committed to the greater good. A person of the people, willing to sacrifice for others.

Thank you God, for the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Each year I post as a way of remembering Dr. King. Now more than ever, may we seek leaders with values like his. May we remember, and continue the work.


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Some try to use fear,

as a weapon,

the idea is to make you crumble,

wanting you to be weak,

so they can be strong.


They are not strong,

and they can never win,

they don’t know what a victory is.

We will win,

because we can have weapons,

they do not understand,

they cannot comprehend,


truth, and freedom,

faith (the trusting kind).

Joy and peace,

are strong defenders,


that cannot be moved.

So when the fighting is tough,

put on your armor,

don’t forget your shield,

your sword,

fight strong,

fight hard,

keep loving,

and forgiving,


You may get hurt,

but get up,

and fight again.

Be the warrior,

you were meant to be,

do what is right,

be the light,

be the love.

Hope always wins,

always. light saber

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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