Friday Night Culture – Movies 2016

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There are a number of movies coming up this year that look just excellent! I’ll be honest though, the Captain America/Superman/Batman civil wars are not on my list! No thanks.

So here are some of the ones that I am really looking forward to. I’m not even sure if they are out yet, but if you’ve seen one of these, let me know how you liked it. But don’t tell me the ending!

The Man Who Knew Infinity – Based on a true story, a brilliant man from India goes to England, to share his work. Apparently he is light years ahead of the scientists there. He faces incredible racism and prejudice, but gradually becomes accepted for the brilliant person he is. And on top of that, he has very little formal education!

Me Before You – If you’ve been following the site for a while, you know I do have a little romance flowing through my veins. A young woman who has failed at other types of work, becomes the caretaker of a rich but paralyzed man. Yes you guessed it, they fall in love. I love how this film looks sensitive and heartwarming.

Pete’s Dragon – This looks so cool, as fantasy meets the real world. So how does a young boy survive living in the forest for 6 years by himself? The answer is, he has a very large friend! I’m looking forward to seeing how the boy, and dragon, are going to cope with modern society.

Ok so enjoy your weekend! Peace.

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Peace and blessings to everyone.

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Dances with Wolves – The Wedding

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Happy Valentines Day!

I thought about this film last night and wanted to share it with you. I first posted it last year. First Nations people speak their language as a young couple is married! I love hearing Lakota!

This is a beautiful piece of film towards the end of the movie. It begins with the giving of gifts so that the main character, (formerly Lt. Dunbar) can get married. He keeps checking to see if his gifts have been accepted. Then he talks with a friend, Wind in His Hair, the very same person that had charged at him, and yelled at him, in the beginning of the film. Now they are friends.  Then there is the wedding!

When you watch this short piece keep an eye out for two things. First there is the narration done by the main character (Dances with Wolves), on what it’s like getting married. It’s very nice. Secondly there is a feeling of what it was like living in a village. Beautiful!

Blessings to everyone, and PEACE!

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Dances with Wolves – The Raiding Party

This is a beautiful piece of film. I love the way the wolf and the horse let the main character know something is wrong. Then there is the photography of the charging horses! Tremendous. Notice the Native American clothing and the war paint, on both the men and horses. They do steal Lt. Dunbar’s horse but it gets away!

I love when a Lakota warrior charges at the main character, and yells at him! In this clip there are no subtitles, so the warrior is yelling some like this: “My name is Wind in His Hair, and I am not afraid of you! Do you hear me?” He then repeats the same phrase. At the end there is a messenger telling the warriors some bad news Enjoy!

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Dances with Wolves – Why I Do Like the Movie


Dances with Wolves, 1990 – A Mini-Review Part II.

This film is a visual masterpiece. The cinematography is outstanding, to the point of the film being a work of art. Especially beautiful are outdoor scenes of sunsets, buffalo hunting, and of everyday village life. I love the way the village life is portrayed!

This brings me to the second aspect I really like about the film, which is the way the people become real to us. We do not only get to see how the people lived, (a long time ago), we get to know them. I love the Native American characters in this film. Chief Ten Bears is wonderful. Watch especially the interaction with him and his wife! They fuss at each other just like an older couple would. Priceless.

Even though there is too much of Lt. John Dunbar in the film, there are scenes that are very special. I love when his horse gets stolen (several times), and then returns back to him! I will always remember the scenes of his interaction with the wolf. They are just beautiful. Wind in His Hair charging up to him, and challenging him, yelling at him in Lakota is especially memorable.

I’m glad there is some romance in this film. I don’t agree that the character of Kevin Costner has to have a white wife, but I think I understand why it was done that way. If his wife had been Lakota, it probably would have been considered exploitation.

Native Americans using the Lakota language gives this film a big boost. Great effort was made to be as realistic as possible. I understand most of the actors had to actually learn the language, then they could speak it on film.

The musical score is magnificent. It goes perfectly, and adds to the film’s beautiful filming. It is inspiring.

There a lot of good things about this film and they do outweigh the negatives.

I have included a trailer, with a lot of the Lakota language. Stands with a Fist is white, but has lived with the Lakota a long time, and they want her to speak the white’s language to Lt. Dunbar (Kevin Costner).

By the way when you see the word Sioux in the subtitles it is incorrect. That is an English word from the French, and the Lakota in this movie and in other places use the word Lakota. They do not say Sioux. You can even hear the word “Lakota” if you listen closely.






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