The Seeker Returns

eagle dancer

Contemporary Microfiction About First Nations People

He came down off the mountain, that afternoon, and was carrying more than just his belongings. He was thinking, and his heart was filled with questions. What was he supposed to do now? What was he supposed to do with all of the supernatural that had occurred? On the one hand his vision quest had been a huge success. He felt connected to the earth and to his people now, but what was he supposed to do with it all? How do you take feelings and put them into action?

The woman in white did give him some directions. He had a few people in mind that could teach him the old ways, or at least some of the songs. He knew, that he knew, he was to be a drummer, but he needed to learn that as well. Here he was seventeen, and he knew almost nothing of his people’s ways. He had rejected it all, for a long time. Tears filled his eyes, as he reached the old pickup at the bottom of the mountain. He threw his gear in the back, and headed for home.

And for the first time in his life he wanted to dance, but he did not know much about it – other than feeling the music, and flowing with it. As he drove the highway, he realized he was getting ahead of himself, and he thought about his time on the mountain, and the incredible peace there. He inwardly relaxed, and began to think of what to tell his father and mother. food

His parents were at the dinner table when he came in. There was some small talk, as Johnny drank some chicken broth. He was feeling weak and hungry now from all the fasting. Then he opened up, and told them everything, including seeing his Grandfather’s spirit, and the vision of the lady in white. His mother was shocked that all of this had taken place, while his father just sat there and glowed. And he told them, “I remembered what Grandfather used to call me, it was Nighthawk”. “That’s the name I want to go by”. “And I need someone to teach me the ways, the songs, maybe even the language.”

Two weeks later he was being taught after work, by Tom Crowfoot, a trusted friend and a member of the people’s council. Nighthawk thought it was unusual, but Tom started out his training by telling stories, not just any stories, but stories about, and by, his people. He started with creation, how people came into being, and how his tribe began, and then how they lived in the mountains in peace, for many years. He even told funny stories about husbands and wives. After all that was a part of life, and part of the history of the people.

nighthawk on blue“You must find out where you are from – in order to know where you are going”, was Tom’s favorite expression. There was so much wisdom in this, and in the stories. The two of them would sit outside, if the weather was nice, and carve wood, Tom while he talked, and Nighthawk while he listened.

Tom never stopped telling stories, there were always stories to tell. But after a couple of weeks he began to teach Nighthawk some songs. They flowed like a river. Nighthawk’s spirit began to soar – and it would never stop soaring. The first song they sang together, was about the eagle, and as Nighthawk closed his eyes to feel the song even more, he had a vision. He saw himself dancing – and he was dancing the Eagle Dance…….


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Dreams of War – The Conclusion

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Historical Microfiction

The war was already over. The people had won and everybody knew it. Regardless of what happened externally, they had won the internal war over fear, and discouragement. They would not be defeated by their circumstances. Most of the people had been up all that night, praying and encouraging one another, visiting each other, and even singing. They were all ready for the Ulani warrior.

In particular Cricket in the Meadow, and Sky were ready. Cricket in the Meadow had been praying so much, she had a tangible glow, on and around her face. Sky, had gone out in the middle of the night, to where the horses were kept (her favorite place for seeking the Creator). She had a vision of speaking in the Ulani language and saying particular words to the warrior. She ran back to the lodge, and told her mother, Cricket in the Meadow.horses at night

Cricket in the Meadow was one of the few people left in the village that could speak Ulani. “Mother, how do you say, ‘We know you are Ulani’…” Then Cricket in the Meadow, would give her the words, and they would practice their pronunciation. There were other words too, and after Sky had learned all the words she was supposed to say, Cricket in the Meadow taught her how to get rid of her Tsi accent, so she would sound more Ulani. Both of them felt these words would be important during the battle.

No one was sure who first saw the Ulani warrior, that foggy morning. It wasn’t important. No one screamed, and no one yelled, or panicked. Small verbal signals were given, like when the men went hunting. One by one, each family came out of their lodge, and stood silently in the shadows, looking at the warrior. Several of the men did have weapons in their hands, but they were not pointed at the stranger.

people in a fogAll of this surprised the Ulani warrior. He was shocked, because his being there, was supposed to cause the exact opposite reaction. He knew he could be killed in an instant, but he just sat there silently on his horse, observing their strange behavior. No one said anything.

And then, in front of him there was a strange glow that began. As it grew and got brighter, it took the shape of a man. His clothing was a pale white, but in the style of the Tsi people. It was an image for sure, of someone that had been alive. The spirit-man then moved closer without walking, but the Ulani’s horse was not frightened. The spirit-man said nothing, but had a very stern look on his face, and then he pointed, back the way the Ulani man had come. He was pointing outside of the village while looking at the Ulani warrior! The Tsi and Grie people recognized the spirit-man as Cricket in the Meadow’s husband, Lone Horse, who had died months ago. They were not afraid, in fact, they felt encouraged that he was there, fighting the battle with them.

The Ulani warrior wanted to leave, he tried to, but he could not move. This place was too strange! Then suddenly he heard a woman’s voice off to the right, coming from the fog. She spoke in perfect Ulani, “We know you are Ulani…..” “We forgive you and your people, for what took place in the past…….there is no war here.” “Now go!” The spirit-man was still looking at him sternly and pointing outside the village. The Ulani warrior nodded his head yes, and started to turn his horse, when a burst of flame came from the middle of the village. A fire had started on its own, without anyone touching it! A strong wind came from the east, strengthened the fire, and lifting the fog within seconds. The Ulani’s horse was frightened now, and danced around, trying to run away.

Before he left, the Ulani warrior could plainly see the face of each one there, as they stared at him, men, women, and children. Their quiet strength and determination, was something he had never seen before. He turned his frightened horse, and galloped off. They never saw the Ulani man again.

tipi and sky

Note: Dreams do not always foretell the future, but they can warn us of a conflict to come. Sometimes how we respond to the dream, and to the conflict, is more important.

Blessings to everyone, and PEACE!

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Dreams of War

by indus

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People

He could not understand why he was dreaming about war. The Tsi and Grie peoples had had peace for many years, generations in fact. Thunder Speaking was at peace, with everyone, including himself. He was in love, newly married, and he and Bluebird were now expecting a child. His arm (injured from fighting wolves) was almost completely healed and he was starting to practice with the bow again.

Yet the dreams persisted. They were always the same, and started with a single warrior watching their village, and then there was an army of warriors behind him. The warrior was always the same. He wore three feathers in his hair, and one side of his head was shaved. Then, in the dream, the men and women of the village, his village now, fought for their lives. There was smoke and destruction, dead bodies were everywhere. And the dream always ended the same, his wife Bluebird, still carrying their child, lay outside their lodge, dead in the snow. He always woke up at this point, sometimes yelling, and always in a cold sweat.

Thunder Speaking prayed about these dreams constantly, even as he walked around the village. Sometimes he went walking and praying, so much so, that his wife grew concerned. She asked him, was there something wrong? All he would say was, “I’ve had bad dreams, and I need to pray”. war

For several days he thought maybe it was because he had experienced so much war himself, and that it was still bothering him. He was the only Ite (pronounced Ee-teh) person in the village. He had come to the Tsi village and had found refuge. After thinking about this for days, he decided his past was not the cause, and each night the war dreams continued.

He decided to go to Standing on the Mountain, their spiritual leader, and they spoke privately in order not to alarm the rest of the village. He was shocked to find out that Standing on the Mountain had a very similar dream. “The warrior is Ulani”, he explained. “It has been four generators since the last war, in fact, we have not even seen any Ulani for more than ten years.” Then Standing on the Mountain further explained that there had been other people in the village with the same, or similar dream, and he was about to call a council meeting to discuss the matter. It was not a good sign.

Dreamcatcher Hawk Feather by Cheryl Lewis via PinterestThunder Speaking later found out that some of the people having the dreams, were those that were spiritual people, like Cricket in the Meadow, and Sky. Many of the people having the dreams though, were not known for having dreams at all, at least not this kind. This included Seven Hawks, and his wife Prairie Flower. They were some of the Grie people. Two Wolves and Songbird, also had the war dreams.

It was the next day when the storms began. It was late winter, early spring, so having storms was not unusual. These storms were odd though, in that they had rain, snow, sleet, then it was warm, then it was cold, and always there was a lot of fog. There was often thunder and lightning, even in a snow storm. The people became uneasy. By this time the whole village had heard about the dreams, and everyone was praying. The men got their weapons ready.

It was during one of the foggy mornings, after a night of rain, that a single warrior used the cover of fog to get close to the village. He kept his horse quiet as he slowly crept forward. He had smelled the lodge fires, and could now see the outlines of the lodges in the fog. A dog barked on the other side of the village and he stopped. He could hear thunder rolling in from the west, and used the noise to get closer, undetected. The fog was thick. Once he was in between two lodges he stopped again to survey the little that he could see. He had three feathers planted in his hair, and one side of his head was shaved….. tipi in the fog

The conclusion of Dreams of War, later today! Thanks for reading! Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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The Finishing Touch - Painting by Alfredo Rodriguez
              The Finishing Touch – Painting by Alfredo Rodriguez

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People in the 1700’s

It was not easy, being married to the man everyone thought of as their chief. She had a great love for Hawk in the Sky, but the people often came to him to solve their problems, or to simply ask his advice. It all had to do with his father, Standing Bear, having been chief, and everyone expected the same from his son. But Hawk in the Sky was different. When his father died, he changed the way the Tsi people were governed. He thought the people should be ruled by a group of leaders, and so now the people had a group of elders, known as the council. The people saw the wisdom in this, and their respect grew even more for her husband.

There were many times, especially in the winter, where the people from their village would come to their lodge in the middle of the day to talk. They would leave, and then another group would come in the evening, eat with their family, and talk until late. This made it difficult for the couple to have time together, and Redwing always felt like she was not able to get her work done. from bccoon via google

Hawk in the Sky had ingenious ways to deal with the problem. If he saw his wife getting flustered, or disappointed, he would get a knowing smile on his face, wink at her (without anyone else seeing), and then keep the conversation short. There were times he referred the people to Standing on the Mountain, their spiritual leader. For sickness issues, or if there was a need for medicines, he would refer them to Cricket in the Meadow. If nothing else worked, he would say Redwing wasn’t feeling well today (she was pregnant after all), so they should come back tomorrow. It worked.

In addition to being a respected leader, he was sensitive to what she needed. Often, after the people left, he would embrace her, stroke her hair, and talk softly to her. If there was one thing he had learned, it was that his wife needed more holding when she was expecting a child. She loved him for it.

closeup from googleWeather permitting, he would often take their two boys outside. They were five and seven now, and old enough to start learning the bow (small ones of course). Their father had always been an excellent hunter, but they had heard many times, the story of his killing the bear that attacked Songbird. Hawk in the Sky’s arrows had been so swift that day, and so strong, the huge animal was defeated very quickly. The two boys wanted to be heroes like their father, brave and strong. At other times he would take them to feed the horses, or he would teach them about tracking animals in the snow.

It was during these times that Redwing could be alone if she wanted, or more likely, spend times with her friends. Sky and Cricket in the Meadow were frequent visitors. Sometimes Cricket in the Meadow would examine her, to see how she and the child inside were doing. She was so grateful that both of them would be there during the birth as helpers.

She loved Sky as a sister. The two of them could talk for hours, about anything. Ever since Sky’s healing from fear, she had been a powerful force for good, among the people. She also loved to hear Sky talk about her love for Wild Horse! Redwing, and Cricket in the Meadow would lovingly tease her and say things like, “Oh my, is it hot in here?!!” Three of them would then burst out laughing.

Some of her favorite times though came with Holds the Fire and her daughter Bluebird. The Grie people had been an incredible blessing to their village, and now it was true that they would stay here. They were two different peoples, with different languages, yet so much alike. Redwing loved the beautiful, rich, blue colors the Grie were so famous for. Holds the Fire was fond of wearing a dark blue color, that the people loved.

Redwing loved the way Holds the Fire carried herself, and how she respected everyone. She came to be like a mother to Redwing. Redwing felt she could trust her so much, that one day, when the two of them were alone, she asked Holds the Fire an important question, as they sat around the lodge fire.

With tears in her eyes, Redwing asked her, “Would it be alright……I…..well……would it be alright if I called you……. mother…..?” Holds the Fire was stunned, but did not hesitate, “Yes….yes….it would be alright…….daughter” as she wiped the tears from her own eyes.

Redwing closed her eyes in a prayer of gratitude, and was thinking…… sure was good……in the village….

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The Seeker – The Conclusion

sunrise in the mountains

Contemporary Microfiction About First Nations People

Over the next several days there was no lightning from heaven. He spent his days walking, and praying. When he got too cold he went inside his lodge. No one had been on the mountain in a long time, so there was a lot of firewood handy. He was lonely, but that was to be expected. He had even turned off his cell phone. No one knew he was here except for his father and mother.

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from pinterest

Something did take place though in a quiet way. He had a peace he had not felt before. If for no other reason it was good that he was here. His father had been right, he needed this. He always knew that nature brought healing and peace, but it was just head knowledge, an intellectual understanding, without having the experience of it.

As a result of the healing and peace he was feeling, his heart was moved. He began longing for his people. He wanted to be with them, and a part of them. On one cold night, he sat just outside the lodge, and looked at the stars, and at the valley below. The moon was ¾ full, and gave him some good light over his surroundings. He found himself praying for his people, his tribe. He had never done this before, and he prayed to be one with them, to have a strong sense of community. He knew the Creator was doing all this, and he was glad for it.

It was that same night that he heard the drums clearly. He knew the sound was not coming from the valley, or from some distant place holding a powwow. He could hear it though for sure, although he did not see anything. He heard songs that he had not heard since his Grandfather’s time. His Grandfather died when he was seven, so it had been ten years since he heard them. Yet he could hear the drums, and the singing softly. These songs made him long for his people even more.

While praying the next day, he began seeing glimpses of his Grandfather, not clearly but more like a shadow. He was not scared. In fact, he took the occasional visits as encouragement. He did not know how he knew it was him, but he knew.

After nine days on the mountain his father came, checking on him. He was concerned because usually a vision quest was about seven days. “I’m fine, give me one more day father.” “I will be down tomorrow night”. His father was satisfied with that, and had to hold back talking further with his son. He could see there was something different about him. His father turned to leave, but Johnny called to him, and said, “Father – thank you.” “You’ve given me a great gift!” At those words, his father headed back down the mountain with tears in his eyes.woman and horses

There was a vision. It seemed minor, after all he already received. Late that night he woke up and saw a woman dressed in white. She hovered inside the lodge, surrounded by horses, the moon, and stars. She said, “You need to be a part of your people.” “You need to sing and be a drummer of songs”. Then she used a word in his tribal language he had only heard once or twice before, and it meant, “One – who – calls – for – singing.” This was an important responsibility within the tribe, and one of great honor. And then suddenly, she was gone.

Was all this his imagination? He did not think so. One thing was for certain, tomorrow he would come down off the mountain a different person. He would be the man he was meant to be.

Thanks for reading! I have included a video that I really like. It is one of men drumming and singing, and one of the best I have seen! These men really pour their hearts into it! For me it is a little strange seeing the mixture of cultures, that is short haircuts, and modern clothing, while singing a traditional song, but I love both the singing and the drumming. Sing it brothers!

Blessings to everyone, and PEACE!

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The Seeker

ranch in the mountains

Contemporary Microfiction About First Nations People

Why should he even seek a vision these days? He was seventeen now , enjoying his job on the ranch, and maybe he would have his own ranch someday. Yet every day, at the breakfast table, his father asked him to consider it. “Dad, you work in a bank!” “What good has your vision done for you?!” He knew he was raising his voice, and needed to cool it. Besides that, his mother gave him one of those, “You better knock it off”, kind of looks, as she stood over him with the frying pan, putting eggs on his plate. Johnny looked at his father and said calmly, “Dad, we might as well all be Christians”.

“Son!” His father was raising his voice now, “We are Christians!” “Just because we practice the traditions of our people doesn’t mean we don’t believe in God”. He knew his father hated this part of the conversation. No one said anything, as they ate their eggs, beef bacon, and toast with lots of butter. To top it off, was his Mom’s coffee, some of the best he had ever tasted.

His father finished eating first, and made one more comment as he was getting up from the table. “You need to think about the spiritual side, son – and you need to be connected with the people”. Johnny said nothing, but he finished, thanked his Mom, and headed out the door.

highway drivingAs he was driving to work that morning, he glanced over at the mountains. They had been calling him for a while now, he just wasn’t telling anybody. He didn’t see the need for the supernatural, not these days. It was all about working and making money. Ok, and besides that there were girls, and maybe getting married, but there just wasn’t a need for the traditions, or to “hear from the heavens” as some put it.

Driving the old pick up into the gravel lane of the ranch, for some reason made him think of his Grandfather. He had been a medicine man, who was loved and respected by all the people. He also hated their last name of Caldwell, and he refused to use it. He was Bear Medicine, and would not accept any other name. He also refused to call Johnny anything other than the name he came up with…..what was it……it was…..something to do with a hawk but he could not remember.

As he parked the truck and jumped out, he decided he would ask for some time off to go on the vision quest. If his boss said yes, he would go, and if not – then so be it. He had a good day at work, feeding several herds out on the range using an ATV. When he did finish for the day, he asked his boss for the time off, and explained why. His boss said yes, and the same thing his father had said earlier, “You need to be more connected with the people…”. Johnny laughed and told him he sounded like his father. Privately though he was starting to get the point.

from pinterest
from pinterest

A day later, he knew it was crazy, but he was in the mountains. It was only early spring, so it was still cold. His father had insisted on a buffalo lodge, instead of a nylon tent. They had a small one, and he would be able to build a fire in it, and would be warm. It took him hours by foot, to get about half way up Cougar’s Paw Mountain, where he found a good spot that was open, but bordered by pine trees. The trees would protect him from the wind. There was no sense in going any higher, it would be too cold there anyway. And the view from here of the valley, was spectacular.

After he had set up the lodge, he wasn’t really sure what he was supposed to do, other than pray, and fast. He would be drinking water and that’s all. He sat in front of the lodge and just took in the view. He was feeling calm already. There was a presence here…..what was it? He could sense it – he just didn’t know what it was. Was he sensing the earth like his Grandfather had talked about? He took several deep breaths, and could hear his heart beating…….or was it…… drums he was hearing?



The conclusion of The Seeker, very soon!

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Sky Stands Her Ground

ShiningLight by Alfredo Rodriguez

Historical Microfiction

Her mother, Cricket in the Meadow, had warned her there would be conversations like this. Still, she didn’t feel ready, she was not even married yet. And yet here she was, with her mother, listening to this type of conversation, with Holds the Fire. It was all about her love life with her husband. Was it hot in here? She could not do it. She could not listen, so she grabbed her buffalo robe, and ran out of the lodge.

In the cold air, she could breathe again. She walked to her favorite place, near the forest, close to the horses. A short time later Cricket in the Meadow followed her there, and she was not happy. Sky was ready though, and let her adopted mother have it, before she had a chance to say anything. “Mother, it is not right for me to listen to women with these kinds of questions!” “It is too much!!” She was yelling now. It was the first time in her life she had ever yelled at her mother, but she felt she needed to. They both stood there looking at each other, not saying anything.

Cricket in the Meadow, began to soften. She knew that she clearly had made a mistake, but she wanted to put it into words, as to why. “Daughter, you need to learn these things so you can help the people, in particular, the women.” “You will be a healer.” “Women have questions about all sorts of things, and you will need to help them.” She was speaking softly now, “Daughter I will not be here on this earth for much longer.” “I was simply trying to prepare you.” There she said it. It was out now.

“No mother”, came the reply. “This is something I can only learn from experience!” “That is thefrom allposters way you learned it – and that is the way I will learn it”. Cricket in the Meadow was stunned. Truly, Sky was a strong person. She saw that now, like she had never seen it before. But Sky was not finished yet, “Mother if you leave this earth, (and I hope you don’t too soon) don’t you think the women can help each other?” “And also – if you leave this earth the Creator will still take care of us.” The anger was beginning to subside in her now, and she began to draw it to a close. Cricket in the Meadow hung her head, realizing her daughter was right, she was very, very right, and it stung.

All of her pushing to prepare Sky was wrong, because it was based in the idea that she had to be the one to do it. She had to pass on all that she knew, before it was too late. It was based in wrong motives. Her pride (the wrong kind of pride) had taken its toll on her daughter, and she knew that very clearly now. It was a long time before she looked up again. “I apologize”, was all she could say at first. She asked Sky to walk with her. It was an extremely cold day, and her mother needed to get out of the cold.

After explaining to her daughter what she had learned from her today, she apologized again. Her daughter embraced her, and told her how much she loved her, and appreciated her. Cricket in the Meadow responded with, “You were right, the Creator will take care of all of us”.

With that they made an agreement. Sky would still learn about childbirth, so that she could be a birth helper. They headed over to the lodge of Hawk in the Sky, and Redwing. Redwing was the only woman in the village that would deliver soon, and they both wanted to be ready.

 Mother and Child

Original Painting at the top – Shining Light by Alfredo Rodriguez

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The Vision

from Y Travel Blog

A prequel of historical fiction about the early days of the Tsi people.

In the early days of the Tsi people, Cloud Seeker sought a vision. There were a number of signs given to the people during that time that he could not understand, so he traveled to the north to be alone. It was a land he had never seen before, in the late winter – early spring. This was during the time of Standing on the Mountain’s, grandfather’s, grandfather.

He leaned over instinctively after they had come to a stop, and rubbed his horse’s neck, apologizing for the long distance. They had gone a long ways, in a short amount of time, and she was tired now. He jumped down, and speaking quietly to her, he led her to the stream they both had been eyeing. They both drank in Warrior and Painted Horsegulps, while he used his hand for a cup. She was his favorite horse, and he needed to be more careful with her. Holding her bridle, and rubbing her nose, he apologized again. He was already beginning to sense the Creator, and he could feel the calm. He looked at the world around him he breathed in the goodness.

Three days later, and still traveling north, the land had changed. The plains were giving way to a few hills here and there, and even some trees. There were patches of snow and it was colder. At night it was much colder, and he was thankful for the buffalo robe he carried. In the distance he could see some trees on a hill that would make a good camp, and he aimed the mare in that direction.

During his journey he had been asking the Creator for direction, and what all the signs meant. He sang, and contemplated the nature. There was also his pipe. Smoke from his pipe took his thoughts upwards, and his used the special pipe that his grandfather had given him. This night, in the small patch of woods, he fell asleep by the fire, wrapped in his robe, dreaming of lying next to his wife. He missed her warmth.

He heard a twig snap, and bolted straight up. He reached for his knife, but everything had changed, the air was hot like summer, and was filled with fog. There it was! A noise again – an animal he guessed, moving in the bushes. Instead of the knife he reached for his bow, and very quietly, without a sound, he slowly took an arrow from the quiver, and placed it ready. He silently went from sitting up to crouching, and waited. Although he could not see it, he could hear the animal, moving, and coming closer.

from google
from google

It was then that he saw the largest buffalo head he had ever seen, pushing its way through the fog, like a child being born. It was massive, and only a few feet away. The huge animal looked him square in the eye and said: “Are you Tsi?” It was a deep voice but not threatening. He did not see the animal’s lips move, yet he heard the words.

The animal asked again: “Are you Tsi?” Cloud Seeker was no longer afraid, so he replied, “Yes I am”.

“You do not belong here; you should be with your people”. The massive head spoke again, “The land they are in, is for them to use, and you will have many years of peace. Other people will come to you, do not be afraid of them”. Some will be suffering from terrible war, and will seek the peace you have. They will become Tsi and will add strength to your people. Do not be afraid of them”.

Cloud Seeker said nothing but listened. The massive head spoke again, “In the winter go to the great forest. There is a valley, on the other side of Old Woman Mountain. The entrance is on the right side.” He thought about the Ulani living there, but the animal said, “Do not be concerned about the Ulani, they have moved to the south”. The buffalo continued: The forest will keep you safe. When there is trouble you can go there, it is a place of safety.”

Suddenly, Cloud Seeker heard another twig snap to his right. His neck shot his head there, but he saw nothing. When he turned back, the buffalo was gone.

And then he woke up. He bolted up again, only to find that he, and everything else was covered with a fresh snow, and the air was cold. The only sign of any animals, were tracks from a rabbit. He had dreamed the vision, but he knew it was real.

And that is how the Creator directed the Tsi people to where they live now.

warrior from the Lakota Nation 1892
warrior from the Lakota Nation 1892

 This is a rewrite of a story I wrote some time ago, so those who have been reading awhile, might recognize part of it.

Blessings to everyone, and PEACE!

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Sky – The Defeat of Fear – Conclusion

from imgarcade
from imgarcade

Historical Microfiction

Still dreaming, she quietly spoke to the thing, “I do not need the lance, because I am not afraid of you.” She was determined not to go through this again! She did exactly what Cricket in the Meadow had taught her. “I am loved, and I am not afraid of you!” “I AM

from vibrancylives via google
from vibrancylives via google

NOT AFRAID OF YOU!” She was yelling now, and she was yelling in her sleep. Cricket in the Meadow and some of the people could hear it. The monster stopped growling. She continued, “I WILL LIVE A NORMAL LIFE, AND I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU!” She began pointing now at the monster, and she was using her words as weapons. “I AM LOVED! AND I AM NOT AFRAID OF LOVING!” She was yelling at the top of her lungs, sitting up in the lodge with her eyes closed, as she dreamed. She pointed and yelled. Cricket in the Meadow dared not disturb her. She realized something special was going on here.

“I AM NOT AFRAID TO LOVE!” The whole village was awake now as Sky continued fighting in her dream. “I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU”, was repeated over and over. The monster began to wimper, and cower in front of her. She was going in for the kill now. With all the voice she could muster, she shouted like she never had before – “YOU…. WILL…. NOT…. CON-TROL…. MY…. LIFE!”

At those words the monster fell, rolled arond on the ground, and writhed in pain. It was dying. “I WILL CONTROL MY LIFE, NOT YOU!” “NO MORE OF THIS!” The horrible thing, tried to stand up, but she yelled, “NO, NO MORE!”  It rolled once more, let out a death yell, and vanished in front of her. Sky was free, and she knew it.

The men and women of the village stood outside their lodges, wondering what to do. Several of the women headed to the lodge after the yelling had stopped. Prairie Flower (the mother of Wild Horse), Redwing, Holds the Fire, and Bluebird all came running. There was crying now coming from the lodge, but what they did not know was, that Sky was awake and crying from joy. There were huge sobs, and floods of tears streaming down her face, as she experienced the greatest freedom of her life. She could not stop crying.

benrussell.photoshelter via google
benrussell.photoshelter via google

Once the women were told to come in by Cricket in the Meadow, they saw her holding Sky with great tenderness. They took turns holding her, the older women as mothers, and the younger women as sisters. The people did love her, and she knew it. With the realization of their love, more tears came, in a flood. Cricket in the Meadow put more wood on the fire, while Holds the Fire, held Sky, and she started making an herbal drink. She would do anything to help her adopted daughter. She was also the only one that understood what had taken place. She began weeping as well, but softly.

As Wild Horse stood outside his lodge, he felt he knew some of what Sky was going through. He had heard almost every word she had yelled. He also knew about her struggle with fear, even though no one ever told him about it. Should he go to her? He did not want to interfere with the healing, and he went back inside. He stood there – no – this wasn’t right. Was the Creator speaking to him?

Black and WhiteHe went to her lodge, not knowing what he would do or say. They did not hear him at the door so he moved the flap until Cricket in the Meadow stuck her head out. She was surprised but let him in, without saying a word.

When he came in, everything stopped, and they all stared at him. Sky also stared at him quietly, and softly spoke his name, “Wild Horse.” It was almost a whisper. He then said one of the stupidest things he had ever said in his life, but it meant the world to her, he said, “Is there anything I can do?” They all looked at each other, and started laughing, with tears in their eyes….

It was the greatest night of her life……well…… so far anyway…..


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Sky – The Fighter

by Ben Marra via newswatch.nationalgeographic
by Ben Marra via newswatch.nationalgeographic

Historical Fiction

What the people did not know was that Sky was a fighter. Every day she fought fear and hopelessness, and she was refusing to give up, which means in a sense, she was victorious. She was afraid people would not like her, or that they would perceive her intentions in some wrong way, even people she had known all her life. She was also afraid she would never be married, or have children. She was afraid of a lot of things, but she always fought a brave and courageous battle.

This time of year was especially difficult, because of being inside all the time. The people had blessed her with her own lodge, so she would not have to live with her younger brother Bear Dancer, and his wife. They were married not long ago, and she knew they needed the privacy. The loneliness was intense though, and she struggled with the idea that it would always be this way.

from fallout.wikia via google
from fallout.wikia via google

Every night she battled the horrible monster of fear in her dreams. Usually it looked something like a wolf, with huge fangs, but she knew it was fear attacking her. The good thing was, these battles at night always resulted in her winning. She would dream of killing the thing with either her knife, or a lance. In most of the dreams, she was outside and the thing would come running at her. Even when the thing bit her or wounded her, while they were fighting in the snow, she fought hard and won.

But the nightmares were less now, and she knew that. She knew at least some of it had to do with Wild Horse. He seemed to be giving her confidence, confidence in herself. How did that happen? The fear about marriage was changing into a sense of hopefulness, due to Wild Horse being in the village. She wasn’t giving her heart away though, at least not yet. He kept smiling at her and talking to her! This terrified her, and thrilled her at the same. Was it fair to say that this fear was losing its grip? Yes, it was! She smiled more often, instead of running from people.

from science.howstuffworks via google
from science.howstuffworks via google

She did want to get rid of the monster though, once and for all, but did not know how. One daywhile praying, she had the idea that she should talk to Cricket in the Meadow, in order to get the motherly advice she needed. Cricket in the Meadow, was more than happy to visit with her. They did not smoke the pipe, but they sang songs instead, and some that Sky did not know. They were ancient songs asking the Creator for help. Cricket in the Meadow said most of the songs came from her Grandmother’s Grandmother.

Over the next few days and weeks they spent a lot of time together. Cricket in the Meadow even privately contemplated asking Sky if she could live with her, but she waited to ask. Living with Spotted Bull and his family was a challenge at times. The couple were in the prime of their married life, and the children were so loud!

One sunny but cold afternoon, when they were together, Sky shared about her bad dreams, about always winning, and the fact that they were less now. “Do you think a person can help another person to have confidence and remove fear?” Cricket in the Meadow stirred the fire, and calmly said, “Sure, love can do that.” Sky was horrified, “But I don’t love him!”, she stammered, looking for more words. Cricket in the Meadow matter of factly responded with, “No, but I think he has given his heart away, and you have it now”. Sky was speechless.

from National Geographic
from National Geographic

Prairie Flower was not blind to her son’s attraction to Sky. Wild Horse was different now, ever since he had sought a vision. He had matured. She liked the idea of the two of them as a couple, it made a lot of sense, in a number of ways. And like any good mother, she would help them in any way she could! She decided to spend more time with the young lady.

On the other side of the village, Bluebird was having more dreams about babies. She was not sure if she was expecting yet, but there was one thing for sure, she and Thunder Speaking smiled a lot. Love was like that, and everybody knew it.

Grand Tetons Wyoming
Grand Tetons Wyoming

Sky is an amazing person! We will see more of her in the future. There will also be some contemporary microfiction coming up, and I have decided to add a weekly feature of music, probably each weekend. Thanks for reading!


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