The Russian


One night, on the ancient steppes of Russia, a man was riding his horse at full speed, yelling “Ya!” through the wind and snow of early spring. The horse was breathing so hard, that the man was praying the animal would not die. The hoof beats could almost not be heard, as the hooves barely touched the ground. The horse and rider were supernaturally one, as they glided towards the town.

He had to get there, he would have this woman, regardless of the cost, regardless of who approved. They were in love, insane with love, and that was reason enough. He would burst into her father’s castle, ride his horse inside until he found her, or until he died trying.

But there was no need for breaking in, she was waiting for him outside. “My father has disowned me”, she said. As he slowed his heart and his horse. They embraced. Then they mounted the horse, and she held herself closely to her love, wrapping her arms around his chest. They slowly marched towards the east. She allowed herself to breathe again, never feeling safer.

Where they first made love, is not for us to know. But they rode slowly all night, until they found a cabin next to a stream. They stayed there several days so the horse could rest.

They eventually stayed with a cousin, even further to the east. No one cared in this region, whether or not a woman was with child when she was married. They did find a priest though, to make it official. As the couple stood there at the altar, she gently stroked her stomach.

And this was the beginning, of one of the first kings of Russia, or so the legend goes……the woman had a son who would eventually own, her father’s castle.


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The Sword of Talon – Conclusion


Under the power of the white light, each noble confessed their crimes. They were powerless not to. One said, “I murdered your father!” Another said, “I kidnapped your brother!”, and the third said, “I hired men to burn down the summer palace with your mother and two sisters inside.” They all hung their heads in shame, and suddenly the lights on each one went out, while the sword turned to blue, and just hummed.

The Queen let down the sword and held it to the ground. She quickly walked over to the noble that had kidnapped her brother, while her hand went under her cloak, fingering a dagger. Seething with anger now, through her teeth, she said quietly, “Where…..where is my bro-ther! The man whispered, “The Sultan has him Your Majesty……but I swear no harm has come to him…….. “SILENCE!” came the shout from the Queen. Still fingering the dagger, she resisted the temptation to slice him right then and there. She did though spit into the man’s face and shouted, “You dog!”

She turned quickly away and shouted to everyone, “Guards take them away!” There is no need here to describe what happened next, but the people took care of justice on this day. They executed the three men quickly…….you see the people loved the Queen, and had loved the royal family.

Once the Queen saw the three men taken away, the Bishop approached but the Queen would have none of it. She put up her hand and said, “We are not done here yet!” “Now we will see who is guilty of lesser crimes.” As the Queen lifted the sword again, the same colors appeared and the brilliant white light struck another 22 men this time, guilty of a number of offenses, but all of them were nobles. They were guilty of thievery, cruelty towards subjects of the kingdom, hiring hecklers to disrespect the royalty, and a number of other offenses. Each one confessed under the light.

When it was over the Queen was exhausted, and slumped into her modest wooden throne. “Take them away, and may they be banished from our kingdom forever”, she said.

With only 8 nobles left, it was a time of rebuilding now. The Queen’s younger brother was eventually returned from east, safely thank God. It was years before the Queen found someone to love…… see it was difficult for her to trust anyone. She would tell you it was well worth the wait though. Sometimes their two spirits still walk along the rocky shore, hand in hand.

And the sword? She named it after the white eagle……..and that is why it is called, the Sword of Talon to this day.


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“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Sword of Talon


It was in the 11th century, in the age dragons and princesses, when a certain kingdom received a very special gift. No one really knew how the Queen received it, but someone first noticed it when the Queen came in, from having one of her long walks by the ocean. Since then, she always carried it in either her right hand, or on her belt, even though it was cumbersome. You see the gift was a sword, but not just any sword, it was very special indeed.

The sword itself was made of emerald. It was not a collection of emeralds but was a single piece of emerald stone, some 4 feet long, and sharpened to the point of sparkling with the light of a million stars. At the top, was the most intricately carved, solid gold handle that anyone had ever seen. But the mystery was that the Queen would not say how she came to be in possession of it. Unfortunately there was a lot of treachery in the land, and the Queen was the only one left of the royal family.

Some said the sword came from the gods, remembering a more pagan time, while others said it was from the Creator, dropped from heaven. The nobility thought the treasure should be encased for all to see, but the Queen did not trust them, and knew their intentions were to steal it.

A bigger controversy was what to name the sword, and the Queen decided to have a Naming Ceremony in order to silence the grumbling nobles. It was only the Queen who knew that the sword was never meant for killing, she had daggers for that if they were needed, but the sword would help her discover the traitors. She would use the sword to discover the truth, in order to restore the kingdom, and peace.

As she laid in bed the night before the ceremony, she tried not to think of how alone she was. She would not let the sword out of her sight so she placed it next to her in bed, while praying that the next day would go well, as she finally fell asleep.

To be continued.


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“When we love people, we give them hope.”

Whale Song

Maine and More 169

Her mother first told her she had the ability when she was 10 years old, but she was terrified of it. She never even attempted using it until she was 17. “There always has to be a reason”, her mother said, she could never use it just for play.

Now that she was Queen, there was a very good reason. As Her Majesty stood on the deck of her flagship, she looked over the fleet of the rebellion. Some 85 ships were off the shores of Block Island, ready to pounce on hers, and send her to the bottom of the sea. But she was not just here because of the rebellion.

She was here to recapture the man of her dreams, the man that had been stolen from her, the Viscount Barclay. “He is beneath you”, the nobility had charged. But he was the only man she ever trusted, the only man that could make her weep reading poetry, and the only man she would ever be willing to marry.

Anger burned as she began her song. Her love had been held prisoner for more than a month, no doubt beaten and starved, and his only crime was his love for her. She had had enough of the stupidity of the nobles, but as her voice traveled across the water, her crew had never heard such a beautiful sound. It was a strange reverberating sound that seemed to go under the water.

Within minutes the first huge fins began appearing, and soon several large whales began leaping next to her flagship. The crew began trembling. “Do not be afraid!” the Queen yelled to them. It wasn’t long before hundreds of whales, of all sizes filled the waters.

As the leader of the whales positioned himself just above the water, so he could see the Queen, she knew there would be a great victory today. She looked directly into the huge mammal’s eye, and spoke without saying a word. Their minds spoke.

She then pointed at the enemy ships, and in less than one hour, her love was set free.


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“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Winter Light

Oceans 2196

It was the winter light that inspired his letter. The brilliance and the warmth coming through the window, filled his mind with thoughts of her. Her long flowing blond hair, that she often kept restrained, her round face, and her favorite dress, which was purple.

It would be a long day of travel, 8 hours by train, would she say yes? He dreamed of placing the diamond ring on her finger, as they stood next to the Christmas tree. Would her father approve? He began sweating, and loosened his collar. Staring down at the blank page, he dipped the quill into the ink, and just let his heart flow. He began with, “My Dearest Audrey….”

Three days later, as he made his way from the train station to her house, he was thinking of the word, “confidence”. He needed to be confident. He did have a good job at the post office, and the world was filled with possibilities. It was after all 1908. He once more felt for the ring in his pocket, and knocked on the door.

It was Audrey that briskly opened the door, as if she had been waiting for him. Eyes beaming, she said, “Carter!” He held himself back from capturing her right then and there, taking her in his arms, but he did manage to beam also and say, “Merry Christmas!”. It was then that he noticed the winter light dancing, in her beautiful blond hair.


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The Legacy of Refuses to Hate


In many ways Refuses to Hate became a leader of her people. She was not a governmental leader, but as a seer, and a person of peace, she had a great deal of influence throughout her lifetime.

According to the custom of her people, she eventually did marry (after a long healing time). She had more than 16 children (one died), 72 grandchildren, and currently has hundreds of descendants that proudly call her their “mother”.

She saw far into the future, and knew that education would become increasingly important. Two of her children (one boy and one girl) were some of the first Inuit people to attend university. Some became doctors and nurses, but most of her children became teachers. One of her sons became a famous artist, painting Inuit themes, and to this day he has a gallery in Ottawa, which is quite successful. His work has reached as far Oslo, and Munich.

Perhaps most importantly, Refuses to Hate left the Inuit with a wonderful sense of non-violence, and peace. Inuit people are some of the strongest, and yet most gentle people on the face of the earth.

I wish you peace.


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Inuit Woman Image from google

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“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Legend of Refuses to Hate

Maine and More 193

In the far reaches of northern Canada, where there is not much sun, there are several Inuit villages that trace their ancestry to one woman. She was born in the 1920’s but her story really began when she was a young girl. She was always very sensitive, and began having visions, mostly about what the world would look like in the far future. Her mother and father said the Creator had given her a great gift.

Her life changed dramatically though in the 1930’s when some white explorers arrived looking for oil. The Captain was a mean man, and the people described him as “having a bad spirit.” He would get drunk often, and yell at everyone.

Unfortunately the explorers also had guns, and one night they went into several of the people’s homes, and took young women to their cabin. The Captain chose the sensitive young girl, and raped her and beat her badly, including her face. For the rest of her life, she could not see well out of her left eye.

The young women were held for several nights, and the men of the village were going to make war, to kill all of the whites for what they had done. But anger burned in the young woman, so much so, that she wanted to be the one to kill this white man, the Captain, who was so mean. She planned it out.

The very night that she planned to plunge a hunting knife into the Captain’s heart, a bright light appeared in the room, and suddenly a woman dressed in white appeared, floating, never touching the ground. The woman spoke to her gently…….telling her to release the anger…….and she also gave her a plan……. to escape.


To be continued.


Note: This is fiction, but from my reading of history, it is not far from the truth.


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“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Wedding Day Picture

Paiute Couple on thier Wedding Day 1929

A Prose Poem

He hated the whites that wanted to take their picture, here, on their wedding day. Did they have to own everything? Why couldn’t they just leave the first people alone? But still, when they offered him 50 cents, he thought he should take it. He could buy her some nice clothes with that money.

It was difficult to know what to do about these new people, and it was difficult for a man, when he couldn’t hunt. He didn’t mind working on the ranch though, driving cattle, it was a good life. For one thing he was outside, the way the Creator meant it to be.

As long as the two of them were together, that meant more than anything. And maybe someday they would have children, and he could teach them some of the old ways.


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Photo of a couple from the Paiute Nation, yes on their wedding day, source: Pinterest

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“If you love nature, you will love people.”

It Was Winter

Crow Scout 1908

A Prose Poem

 It was winter when he left the reservation. No one sought a vision in the winter, but he did. Maybe vision wasn’t the right word, but he needed cleansing from the despair, from the alcohol. It was good to be in the mountains again. The air lifted his spirits, the rocks were his strength.

He had everything he needed, a good mule, a good rifle, his bow (that he had made years ago), and some buffalo blankets. His heart was still grieving though for his people, and he knew that would take time. His mother dying was the final reason to leave.

Days later he was in front of a cave, with a fire going, when the vision did come. He saw his people being reborn. In the vision it was spring, and everything was blooming. They were strong again and happy. And he was in Canada, where his people were considered humans. He had a wife again, and she was expecting a child. She was happy, and free, instead of sick and dying.

He must take this vision back to his people, he thought, to encourage them. The end of all things was not yet.

They would all live again.

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Image a scout from the Crow Nation, taken in 1908, source: Pinterest

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Search Party


Historical Microfiction About First Nations People

“Daughter you cannot do this, it is much too dangerous!” Bull Elk was raising his voice now, but it was not from anger. He was terrified for his daughter. Bluebird loved her father, but she stood her ground. “Father I need to be with my husband, and we believe most of the Ite in the mountains are women or young girls.” “They need a woman there.” This part made sense, but Bull Elk launched out again with, “Daughter you are expecting a child!” Bluebird did not waver, “I will be on horseback father, and you know how children love the motion of riding”. She was right again. Her father was about to grasp for more straws, when someone came to their lodge door.

from pinterest
from pinterest

When Sky came in, she did not hesitate, but explained, “I too can go with the search party”…..she looked at both of them, and continued “… and with Bluebird.” Bull Elk was speechless. Women in a search party? This had never been done before, at least not that he could remember. Who was going to talk some sense into these two?

It had been a warm day, and the snow from the day before, had melted. Trees could be seen with buds, and there were more birds singing in the area now. Life was returning. The people decided to have a meeting, around the large fire in the middle of the village. It was about the search party. Everyone agreed that a search party should go, but who should be a part of it? Men and women were at the meeting (another area of concern for Bull Elk), and everyone that wanted to, had an opportunity to speak their mind.

Sky was a strong woman, and she made a good case for her going with the men. She might be needed as a healer, and she thought she could help find the Ite, due to being a seer. She said this with the utmost humility, the way Cricket in the Meadow had taught her. She wanted to help, and the truth was, they would have an easier time of finding the people, with her along. Her husband to be, Wild Horse, spoke in favor of this. It did make good sense, and the people agreed.

The only question now centered around Bluebird. Of course it would be up to her, and Thunder Speaking, but everyone was concerned for her safety. It would be dangerous. The rivers and streams would be flooded due to melted snow, and impossible to crossover. They also might be gone for weeks. Would they be safe for that long?

It coyote 2was warm the next day, and the four Ite people in the mountains made a lot of progress, going east. They always traveled east, up hills, down into valleys, and along the sides of mountains. Shining Water and the twins, Hummingbird, and Walks with Deer, were greatly encouraged by the sun on their faces. Even Coyote, starting thinking that their adventure was a good thing. He knew that wherever Thunder Speaking was, it was a good place, and they would be safe there. He knew they needed a people to belong to.

Everything was going well…..until the bear started chasing them. They  rounded the bend of a mountainside trail, and saw the cave. Before they knew it, they heard the roar, and the bear charged them, as they ran as fast as they could down the mountain. Fortunately the mother bear was weak, from hibernating. She did not run after them very long, but Hummingbird took a bad fall, and sprained her ankle.

One thing was for certain, they could really use some help right now.

Bear in the Woods

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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