The Last Man on Planet Earth

Mountains and Rivers 016

He hid in a cave for three weeks. Fortunately, with this last biological plague, there was no more screaming coming from the valley below. Besides the water he had stockpiled, his most valued possession was his wind up radio, which didn’t need any batteries. The news had all stopped now, and he wasn’t sure how many people had died. But before the broadcasts had ended, he heard that there were a few people, known to have an immunity to the virus. Was he one of them? He wasn’t sure.

Should he go down to look around? The closest buildings were some houses, and further down the mountain, a small shopping center. After waiting two more days, he decided to give it a try, and spend no more than thirty minutes in the area, after which he would quickly retreat back to the cave. He was terrified he would catch whatever it was that had swept through the area so quickly, but his food had run out days ago. He started down the mountain, on foot.

As he walked past the houses that dotted the mountain, there was no one around. Were they all gone now? He stuck to the road as he walked, believing that if he went too close, or knocked on their doors, he would get a pistol or shotgun in his face. Nothing moved. There was only the wind, rustling through the trees.

Several miles later he made his way to the shopping center. He knew there was a 7-11, and a few small stores. Maybe he could get a sandwich at the deli. As he got closer, he could see something wasn’t right. There were clumps of something laying on the ground, he could make out a purse, next to a car with an open door. They were dead bodies!! His mind started racing, he wanted to run. But wait – there was no smell, and they weren’t quite dead bodies. What was going on here?

He noticed there was no sound here either, and the silence was heavy. He managed to calm himself down, as he carefully walked closer. His heart started pounding.

They were clothes, different piles of clothes, without anyone in them! People had fallen right where they were, shoes, belts, hats, all in a mostly neat row, making the outline of a person, but there was no body. Chill bumps ran up and down his spine.

It was very clear that whatever killed these people, dried them up so badly, that it turned their remains into dust, which then blew away in the wind. Would he catch the infection? He didn’t care anymore, he needed food, so he rummaged through the 7-11, and then the deli, loading up his backpack with as much as he could. He took off again, running up the mountain.

He felt horrible taking things that he hadn’t paid for, but he had no choice…….


To be continued.



Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Dreamwalker VIII – Linda’s Mom


Contemporary Microfiction

He picked up Linda a block from her parent’s house, to avoid another confrontation. Linda opened the car door, and before she got in said, “Mama wants to talk to you….”. He said, “No way!” She hesitated but got in. “She only wants to apologize”, Linda tried to explain, but he was too hurt to even think about it, so she dropped the subject. They drove off, towards the highway. Gloria and Juan Sanchez looked at each other, as they watched the Mustang drive away, and then make a right. Juan put his arm around his wife, as tears streamed down her face. “I just wanted to apologize….” was all she could say before breaking down into sobs.

It wasn’t long until Linda’s phone rang. “Hello?” “Si, I’ll tell him…James it’s my father”. “He wants to talk to you”. He pulled over. There was something in Linda’s voice, something in the expression on her face, that told him he needed to take this call. “This is James…” “Diego…” Her father always called him Diego, “I wonder if you would give us another chance…..Gloria would like to meet with you at Starbucks.” “She wants to apologize but she also wants to explain….” “Would you give her that chance?”

What could he say? Thirty minutes later he was sitting down in Starbucks with Linda’s Mom, while Linda waited outside. It looked like Linda was praying. Gloria started the conversation with, “I’m sorry James, I have this terrible habit of being too harsh, of being critical of other people” “I know it, and I’m trying to change that…..again I’m sorry….” This took him off guard and already he was glad he had decided to turn the car around.

“As you know I am Navaho, but I didn’t have any parents growing up….they were killed in a car accident” “They were killed by a white man….drunk…” Her voice trailed off. She told James how she began to believe in God before she ever went to a church, because there was too much pain, to deal with by herself. It was the Church that reached out to her, taught her about forgiveness and compassion. “I love my people, but the Church won my heart when I was very young” “I was 8 years old..…”

A light was coming on for James now. The more Gloria opened up, the more he understood. It took courage for her to talk like this. He might not agree with everything she believed, but this woman was a fighter. He admired her, and he knew for sure that Linda had some of this fight within her. He looked out the window, and saw Linda pacing back and forth, on the driver’s side of the Mustang. Yep, he knew without a shadow of a doubt…… Linda was the right woman for him…..



Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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