The Late Winter Rain


Sleepily, before the morning dawn, mist begins the rain.

As I listen in the dark, ice crystals descend here

and there on the roof. Pitter patter,

then, in an opening of the heavens

the snow is washed disappearing,

a silent reminder

of the promise of spring

living in more than

our distant dreams,

as I pull up the covers enfolded

and fall back to sleep.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

Listening with the Heart


“When my soul is quiet, I not only hear far better, but I want to hear what you have to say. My heart listens.”


When we are in a quiet state of mind, compassion is present, and we learn to value the other person. We see the good in them and genuinely want to hear their thoughts. We become more a part of each other, and begin to experience that we are all connected.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady

Did you answer the door when she knocked

last year? Or did you hide

in your bedroom, pretending

not to be home?

She’s not crazy, she’s just looking

for a friend, for an answer,

to her questions.

She says, why

does it have to be like that?

Have you ever spoken to her?

She can talk for hours,

she needs conversation to understand

who she is.

She is one of kindest, most gentle people,

I have ever met.

I once saw her talk to a tomcat,

for 15 minutes, telling him,

how to behave, to act right, and be nice.

I hope he learned his lesson,

he needed to. Nasty.

Maybe she needs to learn,

how many is too many,

maybe she needs healing,

cats are great for deep wounds,


Part of the solution,

is to pay her a visit,

treat her like a human being,

take some cat food,

and be the gift.


Let her ask some questions.


© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree