Whale Song

Maine and More 169

Her mother first told her she had the ability when she was 10 years old, but she was terrified of it. She never even attempted using it until she was 17. “There always has to be a reason”, her mother said, she could never use it just for play.

Now that she was Queen, there was a very good reason. As Her Majesty stood on the deck of her flagship, she looked over the fleet of the rebellion. Some 85 ships were off the shores of Block Island, ready to pounce on hers, and send her to the bottom of the sea. But she was not just here because of the rebellion.

She was here to recapture the man of her dreams, the man that had been stolen from her, the Viscount Barclay. “He is beneath you”, the nobility had charged. But he was the only man she ever trusted, the only man that could make her weep reading poetry, and the only man she would ever be willing to marry.

Anger burned as she began her song. Her love had been held prisoner for more than a month, no doubt beaten and starved, and his only crime was his love for her. She had had enough of the stupidity of the nobles, but as her voice traveled across the water, her crew had never heard such a beautiful sound. It was a strange reverberating sound that seemed to go under the water.

Within minutes the first huge fins began appearing, and soon several large whales began leaping next to her flagship. The crew began trembling. “Do not be afraid!” the Queen yelled to them. It wasn’t long before hundreds of whales, of all sizes filled the waters.

As the leader of the whales positioned himself just above the water, so he could see the Queen, she knew there would be a great victory today. She looked directly into the huge mammal’s eye, and spoke without saying a word. Their minds spoke.

She then pointed at the enemy ships, and in less than one hour, her love was set free.


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“When we love people, we give them hope.”

The Last People on Earth XXV – Crossing Oceans

Oceans 2042


In the foothills of Kentucky, Lance was forgetting things. At first he wondered where Cathy was, and the little girl she had. What was her name? But within hours their memory was gone, as he drifted further, into the corridors of his own mind. He spent most of his time on the front porch, dreaming of castles, and walking down the hallways of spaceships, admired by the aliens, to the point of them crowning him king. He drank a lot of whiskey, but he forgot to eat.

In Pennsylvania, it was the day after the baby was born, and they were all sitting at the breakfast table, except for Cathy. Cory had come down, when she smelled the food, but they decided not to wake her Mom. Jennifer was there too, holding the baby up to her shoulder, burping him.

Jeremiah had gone all out today, fixing one of his best breakfast meals ever. He made omelets, with fresh vegetables, and cheese tucked inside, as well as his now famous blueberry pancakes. And of course, there were small bowls fresh fruit on the side. It felt like a celebration. Jeremiah and Miriam bowed their heads and paused, then they all dug in.

The atmosphere changed some though, when 8 year old Cory began telling them how she was not scared anymore, of the bad man, who had been so mean to them. Miriam, Jeremiah, and Jennifer all looked at each other. Their hearts were breaking, but they knew Cory needed to talk about it, so they let her get the flood of emotion out. It was then that Cathy came down the steps, looking worn out still, and disheveled. She stood listening, until Cory noticed her. “I’m sorry Mommy.”, was all Cory could say. “Don’t be sweetheart”, “We’ve both had it rough.” Cathy went to her daughter, sat next to her, and put her arms around her.

Cory broke down in tears, Cathy began shaking, and with tears in her eyes, she asked, “Miriam, and Jeremiah, can we stay here?” “It’s the only place we will feel safe….….” Miriam and Jeremiah looked at each other. He had wanted Cathy to live at the farm next door, but Miriam pleaded with her eyes, so Jeremiah shook his head yes, it was the right thing to do, and he knew it.

Miriam said, “Cathy you have oceans to cross.” Cathy looked confused, and said, “Oceans?” Miriam continued, “Where I am from, that’s what we say, when there is a long healing process, that is needed…..” “It will take time.” Cathy shook her head yes, and understood completely.

By the end of the meal, there was a sense of relief, and peace. Cathy and Cory were smiling now. Jeremiah never knew, an 8 year old could eat so many pancakes. Cathy slowed her down though, not wanting any stomach aches later.

To be continued.


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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth XXIV – A Time to Rest

Canada and More 264

Cathy and Cory didn’t bother with eating, until after the baby was born. They both watched from the doorway of Jennifer’s room, and saw Jacob (from the side) make his grand entrance. It was the most beautiful event Cathy had ever seen, besides Cory being born. Everyone was in tears.

She took Cory and backed away, having long since put the gun back in her purse. They retreated to the kitchen where they found some fresh fruit, and cheese in the fridge. There were also some left over blueberry pancakes. A little butter, and maple syrup, topped off their feast.

When Jeremiah did pass through, Cathy stood up and tried to apologize, but he was still too busy, and put up his hand to say he couldn’t talk. She was still kicking herself, and was wondering how she could fix this. She needed to stay here, for her sake and for Cory’s. Emotionally she was near a collapse, and all she wanted, was to retreat to a bed.

It was Miriam that first made the move. She came into the kitchen to introduce herself, and Cathy simply couldn’t believe how tall she was! After talking just a few minutes, and exchanging names, and handshakes, Miriam said, “Cathy you do not look well…..” “Would you like to lie down?” Cathy jumped, at the chance, “Yes, that would be wonderful, I’m exhausted”.

The house had five bedrooms, two downstairs and three upstairs. Downstairs, there was Jennifer’s room, and a room they used for storage. So Miriam took Cathy and Cory upstairs, to a beautiful spare bedroom, that had a desk and chair, near a window. “The sheets are clean.”, Miriam said. Cathy asked Miriam quietly, “Can I hand you this, (it was her purse) I don’t want anything to do with guns anymore.” Miriam understood and shook her head yes. Cathy didn’t wait to change her clothes, she plopped across the top of the bed, and was out like a light. Cory said, “Mommy’s plain worn out!”

Later that night, the house was quiet, except for Miriam and Jeremiah talking in whispers, in their favorite place, bed. They loved to stare at each other, lying on their sides, face to face. Miriam was thinking about kissing his freckles again, when Jeremiah said, “It’s getting kind of crowded, in the house now Miriam”. He was saying it with a smile. Miriam, smiled and shook her head yes, as she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

He continued with, “And you know, it will be difficult……..well you know…….to make……..to make a lot of noise……” Miriam covered her mouth, holding back a laugh, and said, “Shhhh!” When she knew she would not burst out laughing, she managed to say, “I’ll meet you in the lab building……upstairs tomorrow…..shhhh!.” He was laughing now, and he knew there were some really nice, comfy chairs in the room. He started grinning from ear to ear. “Cool!” was all he could say.

At about 4:00 am, Miriam woke up, hearing the baby crying downstairs. She tiptoed down in her slippers and pajamas, to help Jennifer. After Jennifer fed the baby, Miriam put another log on the fire, pulled a rocking chair close to the warmth, and began rocking Jacob, back and forth. Jennifer was grateful, and fell back, sound asleep. Miriam thought about her own baby girl, growing inside of her, and began singing a beautiful lullaby to the both of them……….in Amharic.

To be continued.


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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth XXIII – A New Life

Growing Up and More 097

“Mommy I’m hungry.” As Cathy drove through the beautiful farm county of Central Pennsylvania, her 8 year old daughter, had just about reached her limits. “Eat another cracker sweetheart, we’re almost there”, Cathy reassured her. “They’re gone Mommy!” “The crackers are gone!”. Cathy had no words after that.

She was in the right town, if you could call it that, and she was even on the right road. But Stevenson Lane, was not just a lane. It was a road that was more than seven miles long, and all the farms looked the same to her. She stopped in the middle of the road, put the car in park, and held her head. She was exhausted, from getting just three hours of sleep, and the hunger was starting to take her strength. “Mommy, are you ok?” Cory looked worried, as if she was carrying the burden, for the both of them.

“Yes….I’m…..” Her words trailed off because she saw something moving on her left. It was way in the distance, in front of the farm house. Was that a person? It was moving, and it did look like a person! She put the car in drive, and headed straight for the driveway. This had to be it! It just had to be.

She drove slowly through two sets of gates. She wasn’t sure what to expect, so she felt for the pistol in her purse and took it out. It was a farm for sure, a beautiful place. She decided to park the car about a 100 yards away, and to be quiet as they approached. As she took Cory out of the car, Cathy whispered, “Let’s be quiet as we go up, ok?” “We don’t know these people yet.”

Inside the house the labor was in full swing. Another wave of contractions was hitting, and Miriam was right next to Jennifer saying, “Ok breathe!!” “Breathe Jennifer”. “Ahhhhhheeeeeeooeee” was Jennifer’s response. Jeremiah wasn’t used to delivering babies, let alone in a house, instead of a hospital. But he was doing the best that he could. They were so close now.

Miriam said in her French-African accent, “Jeremiah, I am certain I saw a vehicle, I mean a car, on the road.” “Not now Miriam, I’m busy…..go and check if you want”, Jeremiah said, as he attempted to see where the baby’s head was. Miriam left in a hurry, and went outside. As she opened the door, she saw Cathy and Cory, walking up. They were about 20 yards away. Then Jennifer let out another scream, Cathy heard it, and stopped dead in her tracks.

Horrified, she reached for her purse, and pulled out the .357 magnum. She didn’t know what was taking place, and there was a human being inside screaming, maybe she was being tortured. Cory hid behind her mother. Cathy pointed the pistol directly at Miriam, and yelled, “Stop where you are!” “Are you a machine or a human?” Miriam was so shocked she couldn’t speak. Cathy heard another scream, from inside, “Ahhhhheeeeeeoooooeee”. It was unbearable and Cathy wanted to pull the trigger. Cory yelled “Mommy!”

Just then Jeremiah, jumped out of the front door, saw Cathy and the gun. He instinctively stood in front of Miriam. He yelled, “Lady I don’t know who you are, or what you want, but if you want food, there is plenty in the fridge!!”. “Right now I cannot stay and talk, there is a lady in here having a BABY!!” With that he and Miriam went inside, and left the front door open.

Cathy lowered the pistol. Her face went from ten shades of red, to ashen white, as she realized she had almost killed a person, because of her own fear. She felt awful.

Jacob Wong was born at exactly 8:26 am, straight into the arms of Jeremiah, who cleaned off his face, and made sure he began to breathe. He handed him over to Jennifer who cried with great tears of joy, “I have a son, I have a son!!!”

Mother and Son


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“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth XXI – Freedom

Mountains and Rivers 401

Cathy lay awake planning their escape. She kept asking herself the question, should she kill the man? Not only was he insane, he was a despicable person. He had attacked her several times, and he was right now, passed out in living room, so they could leave if they wanted. He always kept a loaded .357 magnum pistol, next to him though. And then she was afraid of the drones.

Unable to sleep much, she got up very early the next morning, and went to the kitchen for some water. He was snoring on the living room floor, smelling of alcohol, and urine. She found a letter on the kitchen counter, that would change everything. It was from the United States Congress…….which explained the drone program, and spoke about the survivors. She was stunned, but a sense of relief came over her. “So much for that fear.”, she whispered. She was reading a few lines about a farm in Pennsylvania, when he came up behind yelling, “What the hell are you doing!!” She turned around just in time to receive a backhanded slap to her face, which knocked her to the floor. She was so angry, she wanted to run for the pistol, but she sat up and said nothing.

Lance took the letter, lit it with a cigarette lighter, and threw it, into the unlit fireplace. Cathy didn’t care though, she had what she needed. As she held a hand to her bleeding nose, she knew now, that she and her daughter would be leaving, and it would be tonight. She was not afraid anymore.

At the farm in Pennsylvania that morning Jeremiah, was at the kitchen counter, fixing breakfast while the two ladies were at the table, talking about Jennifer’s baby jumping inside. Jennifer took Miriam’s hand and placed it on her stomach, saying, “See, right here”. “Oh I felt the baby jump!”, Miriam was excited now, and turned to Jeremiah, “Jeremiah!” “I felt the baby jump inside!”, she said. Jeremiah turned and smiled, and said “I heard sweetheart…”

Suddenly the phone rang, for only the second time since they had lived there. Jeremiah quickly turned off the stove, and reached for it. It was his turn now, and he said, “Hello?” a man’s voice on the other end said, “Hello my good man!” “Whoever you are, it is certainly good to hear your voice!” “My name is Roger Preston, and I’m calling from England!”

In Kentucky, Cathy purposely came back late, hoping Lance would be asleep, or passed out, and he was. She wanted to at least pack a couple of suitcases for her and Cory. She and her daughter got dressed for bed. She put her daughter in, but stayed by her side, waiting, making every move in her mind beforehand, so it would go well, and they could escape unhindered.

One hour later she picked up her daughter, now soundly sleeping, walked out of the house, leaving the door open. She gently placed her in the car, and buckled her seatbelt. She tiptoed back in the house. Would he wake up? She picked up the two suitcases from the bedroom, and continued walking through the house on tiptoes. Lance was snoring loudly.

She put the suitcases in the car, and went back to the house one more time. From the doorway, she could see the .357 magnum lying on the table next to him. She gently walked over and took it, walked out the door, and without a sound closed the door behind her.

Running to the car now, she hopped in, put it in neutral, and drifted down the hill, with the gun at her side. At the bottom of the hill she turned the car on and took off. She looked down at the pistol on the seat, and realized that if he followed her, she would kill him for sure.

She was heading for Pennsylvania…….and nothing was going to stop her.

To be continued.


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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth XX – She Wanted Peace

Mountains and Rivers 384

More than anything she wanted peace. Cathy and her 8 year old daughter, Cory, were riding in a pickup, somewhere in Kentucky, with a lunatic. His name was Lance, and not only did he have a truck load of guns, he was convinced the drones were killing Americans, and that a foreign government was behind it all.

Cathy hated him, Cory was terrified, but the only reason they stayed with him, was that there was no one else. They were terrified of the drones, and thought Lance was protecting them. The worst of it though, was when Lance said he had special “visions”, of space ships. The “visions” were usually preceded by fits of ranting and raving, involving delusions of him being a king, and stronger than anyone else.

They eventually made it to a hideout that he had known, up in the mountains. He was fond of yelling at Cathy and slapping her around, while Cory cowered in a corner. “Go get some food, that’s your job now!” “But leave the girl here!” he yelled one morning. “Not on your life!”, she yelled back. She would die first, and on the look on her face told him that, so he let it be.

This went on for days, each day the same. She was to go out and run errands, while he stayed at home and drank, and played video games. She tried telling him most of the food was no good now, that they could only eat food from out of a can, and what would they do when that was gone?  He wouldn’t listen. She realized more every day, that she and Cory would not be staying here long. She didn’t care much about herself, but she would protect her daughter no matter what. Staying here was too risky, and she needed to make another plan. But what?

At the farm in Pennsylvania, the atmosphere was much different. It was Friday again, and both Jeremiah and Miriam were preparing a Sabbath meal. Miriam was finding great joy in making some injera bread (a bread from Ethiopia and East Africa). Jeremiah had taken out some frozen chicken, and was grilling it with olive oil, and onions. He was also making his famous salad with spinach, walnuts, and pieces of tangerines. Fresh peaches would be the dessert, with some whipped cream on top.

Jennifer walked slowly around the living room, grateful for the smells coming from the kitchen, but worried. She was holding her tummy, and rubbing it gently. She whispered to the baby, how much she loved him or her. It was her first child, and she had no idea what to expect, other than a lot of pain. She also thought of her boyfriend Jacob, and how happy he would have been to see her now.

Miriam placed the candles in the holders, and the scarf on her head. Lighting the candles, she began reciting the prayers in Amharic, while Jennifer sat wide-eyed, stunned at the beauty of the moment. She had never seen anything like it. Jeremiah smiled knowingly. He loved the voice of his beautiful queen. Now came the Hebrew, and he joined in “Baruch atah Adonai, Eluhenu melech ha olam…….” (In English the words mean: Blessed are You, Lord our God, the King of the universe).

Jeremiah had a strange feeling after this prayer. It was like…well there was a tingling on the back of his neck. He said he felt like they should pray, for the people that had been in Illinois, the man, woman, and the 8 year old girl….……that they would be safe……..…and have peace……….So they did pray.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth XVII – The Package

Growing Up and More 125

It rained that night. Miriam and Jeremiah, didn’t hear a thing as the drone came by, at about 2:00 in the morning. They were sound asleep, as lovers usually are when it rains, listening to the rain, playing its soulful song on their roof. It was great sleeping weather. The drone had come by to see if the package was still there, and it was, soaked, untouched, on the front lawn.

In the morning, the sun came out, and peered through their bedroom window, waking them both up. After stretching, and saying good morning, Miriam headed for the shower, while Jeremiah headed downstairs to cook them some breakfast. It would be turkey sausage, toast, and eggs.

At the table, they paused and then dug in. The topic of discussion was still the library, because Jeremiah realized they needed to include languages. He said, “Miriam you need to write down everything you know about Amharic, and place it in the format of teaching it, otherwise the language will become extinct.” She nodded and said, “Yes I can see that”. He continued with, “And then work on Hebrew, and French, and….” “Whoa!” Miriam interrupted him and said, “Jeremiah…….wait, one language at a time!” “Plus I’ll be having a baby!” He smiled a sheepish smile, and said, “Yeah, you’re right.”

It was right when they were getting up from the table, that they heard a strange noise. It was vaguely familiar like an alarm, and they looked around. Then Miriam yelled, “Jeremiah!” “The phone!” Sure enough, there it was on the wall, plain as day, and it was ringing. It was the first time in months they had heard the sound. They looked at each other, and a thousand thoughts raced through their minds, within seconds. Would the drones kill them today?

They jumped up at the same time, but Miriam beat him to it. She hesitated, picked it up, then said, “Hello?” A voice on the other end, yelled in her ear, “Oh my God!” “A person!” “Are you a person or a computer??” Miriam was shocked and hesitated once again, but said, “Yes, I’m…..I’m a real person.” What ensued next was some of the fastest, and most emotional talking, and yelling they had ever heard. Miriam placed the call on speaker.

“Oooohhh thank you God!!” “Oh God thank you!” “I can’t believe it!” “I found your number on the internet —- Oh God, I can’t believe it!” There was some screaming, very loud screaming, and Miriam and Jeremiah could both tell the screams were coming from joy. Chills ran up and down their spines. It was another person! The voice on the phone continued, “Your names and address were given to me by the drones….…they left a package..…..did you get a package?” “My name is Jennifer Wong and I’m calling from San Francisco!” “I found people!” She was crying now, and with huge sobs, she kept repeating, “I found people!” “I found peeeeeople!”

It took a while to calm Jennifer down, so that they could understand better what she meant about the drones, and a package. “Please go outside and look around”, she said. “You should have one too!”

While Miriam stayed on the phone with her, Jeremiah went out to look around. Sure enough, about 30 feet from the front door, there was something. It was a small package, a shipping envelope really, with what appeared to be bubble packaging inside. He got the shock of his life when he saw Miriam’s name and his, on a printed label, with their address. He picked it up, it was wet but readable. Even more shocking, was the label for the return address.

The packaged was marked, as coming from, “The United States Congress……”

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth XIV – The Farm

Growing Up and More 096

It was dark and raining, as they drove the last few miles.  There were no lights anywhere, and for the last 30 minutes of their journey they drove slowly, peering through the darkness, looking at mailboxes. Their left front headlight was lit, but dangling, shining on the gravel road. Suddenly, Miriam saw the right mailbox, and pointed saying, “That’s the one!”. They pulled up to the gate. They were nervous about what they would find, but overjoyed they had somehow made it.

After getting out, opening two different gates, then driving some more, they saw the shadows of the barn, and out buildings. They were both silently hoping there would be no drones to deal with tonight. Jeremiah still thought he needed a gun, but said nothing. He said, “We should sleep in the truck tonight, instead of stumbling around in the dark, and maybe finding raccoons in the house.” Miriam quickly agreed, and shook her head yes. She had forgotten how dark it could get in the country. Besides, they could also see a fog rolling in from the west, so looking around the property was out of the question.

A few minutes later they were trying to get comfy with some blankets. Jeremiah was on the front seat, and Miriam was in the back (it was a four door pickup).  They were both restless, Jeremiah twisted and turned, and was giving up hope of any sleep, when Miriam sat up and said in a whisper, “Jeremiah I can’t sleep, maybe you should come back here.” He raised his eyebrows, and wondered. Was that an invitation to sleep……or? When he opened the back door to get in, he paused and said, “Miriam I don’t think this is going to work”. She was simply too tall.

She waved him in, so he thought he would give it a try. “Remember my shoulder is sore….”, he said. “Ok turn this way” she said. He said, “Ouch! Lift up your arm…….now turn”. “No turn this way……now lift your legs”, he continued. Somehow Miriam’s long legs wound up, over the front seat, with her head resting on his chest. She was asleep almost immediately, breathing with her mouth open. He had his good arm around her as he listened to her breathing, and the rain now pouring on the roof. It was a good way to fall asleep, he thought, and he was out like a light.

When they got out of the truck in the morning, they were stunned, with how beautiful the place was. Someone had been taking good care of the farm. There were no animals, but there was still the smell of cow manure lingering. Miriam didn’t mind, in fact, it reminded her of her village in Africa, especially during the spring cattle drives.

“We need to do lots of planning Jeremiah, to get ready for planting next year”, she said, as they walked to the house. He was already seeing a great building to set up the lab in, and pointed to a large garage, “Look the laboratory……” They spent the day getting the house in order, and unloading.

They left the window open, in the master bedroom that night, to breathe in the cool, country air. It was Jeremiah that heard it first, the familiar hum of a drone, hovering just outside their window. Lights were flickering. “Miriam wake up — drone!”, he whispered.

Miriam did wake up, heard the noise and saw the lights, but she was more concerned about Jeremiah. As he lay on his back, she moved over, and placed her long upper body over his. She whispered, “Shhh!” Peering into his eyes, she said, “Let’s not think of drones and guns Jeremiah……” She placed a single finger on his lips, and shook her head no. “Let’s think about us…….. instead……..” Then it was her lips that found his, and they tangled in a beautiful warfare…….


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth XIII – 10?

Oceans 1207

Looking around the truck, the trailers were still attached, but the trailer hitch for the lab was slightly bent. He thought he could maybe bend it back into shape, with a hammer. It was the truck that was the worst. All the damage was on the front, driver’s side. The tire was flat and the rim was bent. The fender was like crumpled paper. He placed his foot on the front bumper, which was hanging, pushed on it, and it fell with a crash.

He felt awful, because he had been reckless, trying to avoid a drone that did nothing. He looked at Miriam, straight in the eyes, and said, “I’m sorry Miriam……you were right, maybe they were just gathering data”. She looked down, said nothing, but shook her head, saying ok.

More than two hours later, they were ready to travel again. They had unhitched the trailers, unloaded all of the contents from the back of the truck, and changed the tire, with a spare already mounted on a rim. Then they loaded everything back into the truck, and hitched up the trailers again. It was a painful lesson, he thought, about when to listen to the one you love.

He had wanted to make her a nice salad when they got to their new home. Now it would be dark when they arrived, so that was out. Before they drove off he got one of the coolers, and placed it in the front seat. It had fresh fruit, and in another bag they had granola. With a forced smile he offered her some fruit. She said, “Let’s just drive Jeremiah…” His spirits dropped. It was not like her to turn down fresh fruit. Her look said, “I’m not happy right now”.

So the tired couple drove quietly, in their mangled truck, and the transmission was worse now, lurching them forward once in a while. They hoped they would make it there in one piece. Thirty minutes later Miriam reached for some granola and started crunching. “There’re some blueberries in the cooler”, he said quietly. She went for some of those too. She looked at him, knew he was hurting and she said, “Jeremiah, I’m ok, and we are ok…….” “Don’t worry….” Thank God she was talking now, he thought. He smiled at her.

Twenty minutes later Miriam was beginning to perk up, and asked Jeremiah an unusual question. She said in her wonderful French African accent, “Have you ever thought of how many children we should have?”. She had a serious look on her face, so he said, “Well….yes but I don’t think we’ve ever talked about it.” He continued with, “I was thinking 4….. maybe 5.” “What about you?” he asked, as he took a drink of water. “Well I was thinking…….I think…….well…….10!

He choked, coughed, sprayed and spurted water all over the steering wheel! He coughed some more, and she reached over to rub his back. She was giggling now, having great fun with this. He pulled over, and put the truck in park. He looked at her disbelieving. “You want 10 children???!” He couldn’t believe it. She was laughing out loud now, at his reaction. She was trying not to be too loud, so she began stomping her foot, and holding a hand to her mouth. He decided to play this out some more, and go along with it. He said, “What do I look like a machine??” She howled with laughter, and her foot stomped even more.

After he wiped down the steering wheel, he kept mumbling “10 children!!”, he was really enjoying her laughter, and hysterics. In between her howls of laughter, she said, “But Jeremiah…….we need to…….we need to…….. repopulate!!!” She howled once again, and he laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes. They could not stop laughing. “Very funny!” he said. But he loved every minute of it…….he had never laughed so hard in his life……..

To be continued.


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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth XII – The Accident


After they drove into Pennsylvania, Miriam woke up from her nap with a smile on her face. “I was dreaming again of our baby”, she said. “You mean Sofia?” he asked. “Yes! Wait until you see her Jeremiah!” “She will be so beautiful.” Miriam was mixing in Amharic, with her English, which was good, because it helped him to learn. He looked at her and smiled, realizing how much he loved her beautiful, brown skin. He was grinning and silently telling God, “You know how much I love her……..”

After a quick stop, at a rest stop, they jumped back in the Ford F-250. Jeremiah had noticed how the engine was straining, and the transmission was having a tough time. He wished he had found a bigger vehicle to haul everything. They put the windows down, because it was a cool, late summer morning.

Less than an hour later, they were talking about how much further, and Miriam was looking at maps, when they heard an all too familiar humming sound. “Where is it?” Miriam said. They were both looking, when Jeremiah spotted the drone to his left, on the driver’s side. “Miriam get down!!” “You son of a …..” He was yelling at the drone, but stopped himself from cursing, realizing how much it upset his wife.

He slammed the accelerator to the floor. Miriam ducked down but then popped back up, alarmed. “Slow down Jeremiah!!” He yelled back as the engine roared, and the transmission jerked and slipped, “The drone is keeping pace with us!!”, “Get down Miriam!” She refused, “Maybe it is just gathering more data…….please slow down Jeremiah!!” “There’s a curve coming…..”

“Oh God”, he mumbled. He saw it, but too late, there was too much weight behind him, for him to stop normally. He tried to brake without slamming the pedal, because otherwise the trailers would become detached, or they would flip over, and everything would be all over the road, including them. He frantically turned the wheel to the right, to the left, and to the right again, forcing the brake pedal as far as it would go. Then they were suddenly off the road, he yelled, “Hang on Miriam!!” He couldn’t control the wheel.

Miriam screamed, “God send angels!!” A tire exploded, and there was a huge crash on the driver’s side, with the truck finally coming to a stop. They were dazed. “Miriam……are you alright??” “Yes….I think so”, she said. Jeremiah noticed she had held the seatbelt, above her stomach, and around her chest, in order to protect the baby. He was banged up on his left side, especially his shoulder, and knee. He said, “My door won’t open…” So they got out on Miriam’s side to survey the damage. But first they held each other, and checked each other over. They weren’t sure about his shoulder.

She was weeping, and they kissed, but it was not a kiss of passion. It was a kiss that said, “I’m so thankful, you’re alive! And they meant it. She hugged him, but he winced, because of the pain.

To be continued.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”