The Escape XIV – Love in Costa del Sol

Oceans 273

He needed the waves. He was falling asleep again, stretched out on a lounge chair. He had come out to the beach early, to feel the rhythm, and to be at peace. From time to time he drifted off, floating to another world. It was Belinda that filled his dreams. Sometimes they were walking on the beach, holding hands, in other dreams……well they were physical…..and going beyond just a kiss. He was in love and he knew it.

He thought he could hear her voice. Was she calling him? “Robert are you awake?” “Robert??” He was coming out of it now, “What?” He opened his eyes, just in time to move over, as she sat on the end of his lounge chair.

“Robert why are you avoiding me?” “What?” He hadn’t told her yet, and he needed to. He noticed her hair swept to one side, and down the front. It was his favorite way of her wearing her hair, and she knew it. She continued, “We’ve been here almost 3 weeks and you haven’t said more than two words to me!!” “What are you doing playing with my emotions like that!!” She was getting upset now. She was right in a way, but he felt anger rising too. Who did she think she was anyway, judging him like that? She stood up because she was crying now. “I thought you loved me!”

He noticed her pink halter top and blue shorts. “Can you sit down Belinda?” “People walking by are beginning to stare.” She sat down, wiping her tears. He wanted to tell her… he did…. but he didn’t know how. She started up again, “I know you need to get your head together, because your wife died, but how long are you going to walk around with her ghost in your head?!!” She shouldn’t have said that, and she was raising her voice again.

He had had enough of this talk. He sat up and looked her square in the face. “Yes I love you, but I have not been with a women for years.” He was the one yelling now. “Loving you scares me the daylights out of me!!” Her heart sank, realizing she may have blown it completely. “Robert… were married…..” He cut her off – “No Belinda, we were not a couple…..after the first couple of years….we were not a couple….. I was the caregiver of a very sick person…..”

He stood up to finish his sermon, “And another thing (he was still yelling as people watched) if we get together, and it’s over in a week – or a month – what good is that??!!” He turned to walk away, realizing it was probably a mistake, but he was too angry to continue. He stomped down the beach, not even noticing the bikinis. He mumbled to himself, “Why are women so complicated?”

Belinda fell back in the lounge chair. She felt awful in one way, but one thing was for sure, even though it didn’t go according to plan – the fact was, he said it. He did love her. She couldn’t help smiling. He loved her, and that was for certain. Why were men so complicated?


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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Escape VI – The Argument

Mountains and Rivers 323

Contemporary Microfiction

As Robert pulled up, next to the Escape, he could hear their words plainly. “You don’t own me Chuck!” Belinda was yelling as loud as she could. “If I want to stay out all night – that’s – my – busi-ness!” Now she was not only yelling, she was seething with anger. Robert threw a rope around the Escape to anchor the inflatable, and reached for the ladder, but missed. A small wave toppled him off balance, slamming his head into an aluminum rung of the ladder. “Ouch!” Man, did that hurt.

Holding his forehead, Robert fell back into the inflatable. There was a knot there already. “Are you crazy?” It was Chuck chiming in now, yelling, “Here we are in a foreign country, and you’re out, with heaven knows who, doing heaven knows what, all night long???” “You’re insane!”. Robert reached for the ladder again, and held it tight. Climbing on board, he heard a crash, something broke, (he couldn’t tell what) he guessed Belinda had thrown something, and then she was yelling at Chuck again to stay out of her life.

“Hey, what’s going on here!”, was all that Robert could manage, holding his head. They both stopped arguing long enough to look at Robert. Then turned to each other, and Chuck started yelling, “You dumb…” But Robert cut him off, with “Stop!”. Turning to the shoreline he saw the argument had drawn a huge crowd onshore. “Knock it off – both of you!” “Chuck – Belinda is right you don’t own her, and you’ve no right to give her a hard time.” Chuck stood there gaping, not believing that Robert was taking her side on the issue.

Chuck marched off the deck, and went down the ladder to the inflatable. As he started the engine, Robert asked him where he was going. “Somewhere besides here!” Was all he would say, as he took off, further down the cove. “Let him go, he’ll be back”, he heard Belinda say behind him. Then she vomited over the other side of the Escape.

She was obviously sick with a hangover. “Why don’t you get some sleep?” he suggested. Instead of heading below deck, she held her head and walked to the back of the yacht, underneath the canopy, and laid down, saying she needed air. Robert did get her a wet towel and went underneath the canopy, where she was laying. He sat next to her and placed the wet towel on her forehead. He never really noticed her before, but now, in her pajamas, she seemed incredibly beautiful.

“Thank you Robert”, was all she said, as she attempted a smile. He got up to leave, but she grabbed his arm, and said, “No wait”. He waited for her to say more. With her eyes closed she began to explain that she didn’t do anything last night. “Belinda – you don’t have to…” She cut him off, and explained that she did have too much to drink, but then she went for a walk on the beach, and fell asleep looking at the stars. “And that was all….” She felt it was important that he know this.

He smiled, and when he did leave, she wanted to say a whole lot more. She wanted to say, “If there’s anyone on this yacht I would like to spend time with, looking at the stars, it’s you…. Robert”. She didn’t say it though. It was too soon. He was still grieving, and he wouldn’t be able to handle, how she felt about him.

To be continued.


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“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Escape IV – The Cove

Maine and More 248

Contemporary Microfiction

It was the sheer beauty of the place. Everywhere he looked he thought of Rachel, wishing she could see, what he was seeing. He loved the Caribbean, and the Bahamas were no exception. She would have loved it here.

For Jonathan and Elaine, this was a retreat. They didn’t come to the Bahamas for the casinos and nightclubs, they wanted peace and quiet. Yet, if any of them wanted the nightlife, there was plenty of it not far away. Belinda let down the anchor once the Escape had reached a quiet cove. They hopped in the inflatable and went onshore.

After going through customs, they rented some scooters. Chuck and Robert headed one way and Jonathan, Elaine, and Belinda went another. As they road through the town, Chuck was having a great time, laughing and smiling, talking about the women they passed, “She’s gorgeous! Did you see her?” Robert only managed an occasional smile.

He also imagined Rachel on the back of his scooter, seeing it all with him. But the grief was starting again, even if he did love the place. He almost wrecked the scooter once, going straight where there was no road, instead of leaning into the curve. “Dude, what is wrong with you?” Chuck began chiding him, but once he looked at Robert’s face he knew what the deal was. “Man, I’m sorry, but you’ve got to go on living”, was all he could say.

That night it was only Chuck and Robert on board the Escape sleeping. Jonathan and Elaine had gone to a resort for some “privacy”, and Belinda decided to check out the nightclubs. Chuck was worried sick about her, but they both knew she was old enough to take care of herself. Did Chuck like her? He wasn’t sure.

It was 5:30 am when Belinda came back on board, stumbling, making a lot of noise. She had taken a water taxi. Chuck was enraged at being woken up. By 6:00, Robert was up for good, and decided he needed the solitude of a beach. He left a note for Belinda and Chuck, and took the inflatable.

As he steered towards the beach, he thought of Jonathan and Elaine, and the pain and suffering they had been through. Occasionally he thought he saw something like grief in their eyes. How do you make love to a woman with no chest? Did they cry, trying to make love? It was too much to think about.

Tears. He was tired of tears. Once he was on the beach, he pulled the boat on shore, and looked at his watch. “Oh God!”, he said out loud, as he sank to his knees. Tomorrow, was his 6th wedding anniversary…….he was determined though, to stop the pain…….and the grieving. He needed to live again.


To be continued.

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Blessings to everyone, and peace!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Escape

Maine and More 260

Contemporary Microfiction

He was determined he was going to board that yacht. He would do anything – deckhand, cook, second mate, it didn’t matter. He needed to be on that boat, and out of this place. He went down to the dock, application in hand, hoping, sweating, and praying, that they would say yes. He was told they would be sailing tomorrow for Barbados, and then Spain, with a stop in the Azores. Perfect, and he did get the job that day, of second mate.

The next day, he found himself in the open sea, feeling at home again. Since he was working, and working hard, it helped him to ease the pain. He had told her not to go that night, but she wouldn’t listen. He tried taking her keys, yelling, begging, pleading, but nothing worked. And then she slapped him in the face, and walked out the door. She had never been violent before in her life, but the alcoholism was killing both of them. He never saw Rachel alive again. The police found their car in a ditch, and she was gone. Did she do it on purpose? He would never know.

Tears streamed down his face as he tied some more knots, and took in some sail. The wind was strong today and pulled them swiftly through the sea. Truth be told, he was lost, and didn’t know what he was going to do now, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. It was a month ago, and the pain was still ripping him apart.

To be continued.


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Blessings to everyone, and peace!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Dreamwalker X – The Fishing Trip

fishing gear

Contemporary Microfiction

Diego pulled into the driveway of the Sanchez house, promptly at 3:20 am. They had a little more than an hour of a drive to get there, and they both wanted to be standing in the river, as the sun was coming up. Juan Sanchez, Linda’s Dad, was standing in the doorway, waiting with his gear. After saying good morning, they loaded the car, while Gloria Sanchez watched in her bath robe, and mumbled about “Men are so out of their minds….” “All this just to catch some fish?” After Juan kissed his wife goodbye, he and Diego jumped into the Mustang and headed down the road.

There were a lot of horses under the hood, and Diego tried to keep the car from roaring too much through the neighborhood. Once they got onto the main road though, he put the windows down, and hit the petal. “Mustangs were not made to go slow!”, he said. “And this is a GT!” He had to talk loud to be heard over the wind. They both reached for their coffees smiling, loving the speed and power of the car. When Juan said he really liked the Mustang, Diego pulled over and asked him if he wanted to drive. “Sure!”, came the response. Juan had always wanted to try one out.

mustang 2They didn’t talk too much going down the road, but when they did, they talked about Linda. How could they not talk about her? Juan mentioned she was still working on her college classes to become a nurse. She wanted to be like her Mom. Diego mentioned he knew, and was encouraging her to quit her waitressing job so she could do more studying. Juan knew he liked this guy but wondered about him not working.

Once they were at the state park, they unloaded and walked about a mile to the river. Juan asked him where they were going to live after they were married. It was a typical Dad question, and Juan felt somewhat embarrassed after letting it fly. They kept walking, and Diego mentioned, “We are looking at houses to buy, in our area.” “We wouldn’t move in though until after the wedding”. Juan smiled at the “after the wedding” part. He knew his wife would be happy to hear it!

But Juan did stop in his tracks. “How will you pay for a mortgage while teaching at the community college?” It was a valid concern, but Diego did not know how to say in a humble way, that he had money. “Juan we are paying cash”. “I made a lot of money in the corporate world, and to be honest that was the only good thing.” So much for that concern.

They spent hours and hours in the river fishing that day. There was enough fish to cook right there on the banks of the river, and extra that they put on ice to take home. The more Juan got to know this young man from the Red Rocks country, the more he liked him. Diego shared a lot about his people, and that he needed to get more connected with them. Teaching at the college would help.

Juan was most impressed with him when they talked about religion. He really had his head on straight. Diego said he had been baptized as a baby but he could not get married in the same church the Sanchez family was a part of. “I would be lying if I said I believed all that”. So there it was, he was an honest man too. Yep, Juan knew for sure his daughter was going to be very happy with Mr. Diego Dreamwalker. He did hope they would get married in some type of a church though……..

river desert

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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Dreamwalker VIII – Linda’s Mom


Contemporary Microfiction

He picked up Linda a block from her parent’s house, to avoid another confrontation. Linda opened the car door, and before she got in said, “Mama wants to talk to you….”. He said, “No way!” She hesitated but got in. “She only wants to apologize”, Linda tried to explain, but he was too hurt to even think about it, so she dropped the subject. They drove off, towards the highway. Gloria and Juan Sanchez looked at each other, as they watched the Mustang drive away, and then make a right. Juan put his arm around his wife, as tears streamed down her face. “I just wanted to apologize….” was all she could say before breaking down into sobs.

It wasn’t long until Linda’s phone rang. “Hello?” “Si, I’ll tell him…James it’s my father”. “He wants to talk to you”. He pulled over. There was something in Linda’s voice, something in the expression on her face, that told him he needed to take this call. “This is James…” “Diego…” Her father always called him Diego, “I wonder if you would give us another chance…..Gloria would like to meet with you at Starbucks.” “She wants to apologize but she also wants to explain….” “Would you give her that chance?”

What could he say? Thirty minutes later he was sitting down in Starbucks with Linda’s Mom, while Linda waited outside. It looked like Linda was praying. Gloria started the conversation with, “I’m sorry James, I have this terrible habit of being too harsh, of being critical of other people” “I know it, and I’m trying to change that…..again I’m sorry….” This took him off guard and already he was glad he had decided to turn the car around.

“As you know I am Navaho, but I didn’t have any parents growing up….they were killed in a car accident” “They were killed by a white man….drunk…” Her voice trailed off. She told James how she began to believe in God before she ever went to a church, because there was too much pain, to deal with by herself. It was the Church that reached out to her, taught her about forgiveness and compassion. “I love my people, but the Church won my heart when I was very young” “I was 8 years old..…”

A light was coming on for James now. The more Gloria opened up, the more he understood. It took courage for her to talk like this. He might not agree with everything she believed, but this woman was a fighter. He admired her, and he knew for sure that Linda had some of this fight within her. He looked out the window, and saw Linda pacing back and forth, on the driver’s side of the Mustang. Yep, he knew without a shadow of a doubt…… Linda was the right woman for him…..



Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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Dreamwalker VII – The Antler Inn

log cabin 2

Contemporary Microfiction

About 45 minutes after leaving the Sanchez house, he was pulling onto the highway, when he got a nagging feeling that he had overreacted. None of it was Linda’s fault, and he shouldn’t have left her there, at her parent’s house. They had driven the four hours together, to visit her parents, and they should have left together. He pulled over. Why was he so stupid? Then the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. He had never been in love before. He had known women, and dated women, but this was the first time he had allowed himself the freedom to love. Now he couldn’t think right half the time. It was all new territory.

He picked up his cell phone, should he call? No, she would hate him for sure now. He dialed her cell number anyway, and got the recording. He didn’t have the courage to leave a message. But listening to her voice did two things to him. First it made him realize how much he loved her, that he needed her, and that led to the second reaction. He was horrified that he might lose her, or that he already did lose her! He felt like cussing because he was so scared, but he prayed instead. He yelled out, “God help!”, and that was it. He dialed her number again, and again it went to voice mail.

He found himself driving again, and for some reason he headed towards the Antler Inn, instead of his own apartment, even though it was an hour further away. Amy had a room when he called, but it would have to be the same room he and Linda had shared. He hesitated but said yes.driving

When he got there, Amy took one look at him, and said, “God, what a mess you look!” He mumbled some unintelligible words, and headed for the room. The room was the clincher. Memories of their time there flooded his mind and heart. He thought of the love making, the pillow talk, the sharing of their dreams together, and of course the many times they read to each other, from Rumi and Gibran. He fell apart with his face in his hands, and wept.

The next morning he made it to breakfast even though he had been up most of the night. Amy served them up some wonderful western style omelets, and sat down across from him. For eighty three years old she had more strength than most women much younger. “So did you have a have a fight with Miss Linda?” She didn’t mince any words. His eyes narrowed, saying he wasn’t in the mood for questions. “I didn’t come here for this!”, he blurted. “Well what the “H” did you come here for?” “To enjoy the fauna?” She had him for sure, and he knew it. He spilled out everything at that point, he just could not help it. He told her everything.

“Well, just call her for Pete’s sake.” “Don’t just talk about it – do it!”, she said. He explained he had called her – three times. “Three times???!!!” “She’s probably called you a hundred and three times.” She continued with “You can’t mess around like this when it comes to love!” “You need to get serious!” She was right of course, and he reached for his phone. The battery was dead! No wonder he had not received anything from her.

He found his charger, and called her from the living room. She answered right away, before she could say anything, he talked like a flood – “Linda my battery went dead, I’m sorry for overreacting, I want to get married, can we buy a house together? Did your father take you home?” He was out of breath when he finished. There was a pause on the other end. “James!” was all she could say, and then he heard her weeping. “I’m sorry, really sorry Linda”. “James I stayed overnight here, but I haven’t slept.” He told her he hadn’t slept either, then he jumped to telling her he was on the way to pick her up. “It’ll only take five hours!” “I’ll be right there!”

Amy heard the whole thing, from the dining room, and just shook her head. “This man is a mess!” “What is wrong with men these days?” “They ain’t got noooo sense…..”

  desert flowers

To be continued!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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Dreamwalker II

brown and blue rocks

When he saw the red rocks, he knew he had made the right choice. With Standing Bear’s advice, he had not officially quit his job in New York – not yet. Taking a leave of absence though, allowed him to enjoy nature again. He was regaining some sanity.

Seventy hour work weeks had taken a toll on him, in more ways than one. He was in Northern New Mexico now, near Taos. He was hiking, and camping with a tent, which he had not done in years. It took just one day for the healing and restoration to begin. The days were filled with intoxicating sunlight, and the nights were cold, which made for great sleeping, as he hunkered down in his sleeping bag.

As he was carving, and sanding down a walking stick one day, he started thinking about his job. How could he quit when so many of his people looked up to him? He was a huge success. Maybe that was the point, he didn’t need to be a millionaire, and it was time to get back to his people. It was time to give to his people. Pow WowWarm Springs ReservationOregonUSA

He could not live apart from them anymore. If he did keep his job, he would do so out here, close to nature, attending the Pow Wows, and yes even dancing, like in the visions he had. He needed to feel whole and complete, and that meant living out here.

That also meant he could seek out relationships. Was it wrong to seek a woman? Of course not. Even his mother and father (both gone now) would approve. Later, when he took a break from walking, he sat on some rocks and looked at the sky. The sun began hiding behind some clouds. He smiled to himself, realizing he needed the physical and the spiritual in his life. It felt good to be alive again.

After five days of being in the wilderness, he came to a trading post, in a little town called Big Stone Gap. They had supplies, a restaurant, and an inn. He thought it would be good idea to eat someone else’s cooking for a couple of days. While he was in the restaurant, he read some of the local newspapers. Under the help wanted ads he saw something that caught his eye. There was a teaching job open at the River Rocks Community College, in the Economics Department. The more he read about it, the more he wanted to work there.

He was about to reach for his phone and call Standing Bear, to tell him about it, when he noticed his waitress, for the first time. How did God make such beautiful women? They talked for a while, and later she took her break by sitting down with him. He found out her name was Linda, and noticed that she looked more Mexican, than First Nations – but so what! Yes it sure was good to be alive again…. mexican woman

Note: I have decided not to call this a “conclusion”, because I’m leaving it open for future possibilities. I would like to see more of James Dreamwalker (and his relationships) in the future!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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The Second Date


Contemporary Microfiction

Note: This is a continuation of the story, The First Date, posted on April 11th. It is about a young couple, that are college students.

Their second date was disaster, well almost. They both wanted to go to the park, the one with the lake, and the paddle boats. That part was good, and everything was fine, until his car broke down, on the way there. Of all the times that this could have happened, why did it have to happen now? Fortunately he knew it was the alternator, from the way the car was acting, and they managed to coast into a gas station (the kind with a mechanic), just a mile from the park.

spiked asianAfter they waited for a while, the mechanic confirmed what Robert had thought. It was the alternator for sure. Fortunately, he had a credit card and could pay for it. So he and Amy walked to the park while the car was being fixed. He was embarrassed for driving such a junker, and was silently kicking himself, thinking the date was ruined. She thought he was cute, he knew stuff about cars, and he really wanted to get to the park. Would he kiss her there?

Once they got to the lake and boarded their paddle boat for two, they began to relax. Their conversation out on the water though was all about culture. It was bizarre, but in a good way. They discussed white culture, African-American culture, Asian cultures, and Asian-American culture which was way different than the culture she knew from Taiwan. She had family there, and opened up about them being so different than she was.Robert II

At one point she asked him point blank, if he had a “thing” for Asian women. He laughed nervously, and shook his head no. His face was beet red, when he looked at the floor of the boat, and said, “No, just one – Asian woman……” Tears welled up in her eyes. He did it again, he was always making her cry! She looked away hoping he wouldn’t see the tears. She was thinking, she would never ask something that stupid again.

Privately he was thinking how wonderful she was. She was gorgeous, but he loved her personality. She knew so much about the world! He wondered if she would teach him some Mandarin.

But then Robert kept looking at the floor, and said, “I think we have a leak in the boat!” Sure enough, water was everywhere. He asked if she could swim, and he wasn’t joking. She was shocked. He didn’t wait for her to respond, they quickly turn the boat around, and started heading back. The cracking plastic was a horrifying sound, and water began pouring in. He stood up, almost falling over, yelling “Help, we need some help out here!”

She did not know how to swim and was hanging onto Robert for dear life! The rescue boat made it to the two of them, just as the paddle boat disappeared under the water, never to be seen again. She grabbed the life preserver when it was thrown to them, and she held on with an iron grip. rescue boat

They were soaked, but back at the boat house, they were given a change of clothes. What a day this was! She was thinking how he had saved their lives, and he was still thinking she would never go out with him again, because everything had gone wrong.

As they walked to a secluded part of the park, they were quiet. She was thinking, how this guy was so different. There was not going to be any stuff like, trying to drink him under the table. He was so genuine and so gentle, yet there was this something underneath the surface about him. Was it…….yes it was……there was a strength about him she had never seen in anyone else. Her feelings for him….. well, her feelings for him scared her. What was she going to do about this?

He was thinking how beautiful she was with wet hair. As the two of them sat on a bench overlooking the water, he wanted to tell her more. Was it too soon to say it? Would he scare her off by being honest? He decided to take the bold approach. He said, “You know what?” She turned to him with a questioning look and said, “No, what?” “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!”, there he said it, half terrified.

She was speechless. He stood up, and walked a few feet away and stared at the water, wondering if he had made a mistake. She was thinking, he did it again! Tears flowed from her eyes. What was she going to do about this?

They did kiss for the first time that day, by the lake, but briefly. It was after all, only their second date.

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Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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The Rocking Chairs

Two Chairs

Contemporary Microfiction

He always said that when Amy left this world, he would too. He always said that, so much so, his children no longer doubted it. Neighbors checked on them every day, expecting that if one of them was gone, the other would not be far behind.

George and Amy Hargrove were 89 and 87 years young now. They had seen it all. The neighborhood wasn’t as safe as it used to be, but that didn’t stop them from sitting on their front porch when the weather was nice. He would read the paper, or a book on military history, and Amy would listen to the radio with ear buds, as they rocked back and forth. She had given up knitting a long time ago, because the arthritis got her, and it hurt her bad. They sat in their rockers, most warm days, and sometimes they talked. You don’t stay married for more than 60 years without being best friends.

Amy was a talker, and he loved their conversations about almost anything. If he wasn’t interested he would pretend to listen, so he wouldn’t hurt her feelings. They loved talking about the birds they saw come by. They always kept the bird book in between their rockers, when they were on the porch.

One summer day a young man walked up to their porch and said, “Give me all your money!” George looked up and smiled at the young man, who was maybe 15, and said, “Son go on home, before you get hurt, or get into trouble.” This only irritated the teenager, and he said while pulling out a knife, “Don’t make me hurt you!”

“Son put that away, someone could get hurt”, George said, as he reached beneath the seat of the rocking chair, and pulled out a loaded 38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver (with the 6 inch barrel). He continued, “Ain’t you ever seen a Clint Eastwood movie?” The young man’s jaw dropped as he stared at the gun. “Now go on scoot.” said George. As the young man left hurriedly, George yelled, “If you come back tomorrow, we’ll fix you a meal, but leave the knife at home!”

The young man was too embarrassed to show his face around there again. After Amy told that story to the neighbors, the word got out to everyone in the neighborhood. No one ever bothered them again. Don’t mess with George and Amy they said.

One day, they did pass away. He was in the kitchen, and she was relaxing in the living room. They went just like George said they would, within minutes of each other. Neither of them knew about the other. He had been having heart problems but didn’t tell anybody. Cancer had slowly been eating away at her, and she was glad when the pain stopped.

Months later, no one would buy the house, because it seemed like George and Amy were still there. Two white images could often be seen, when the real estate agent, Lisa Thompson, was showing the house. Ms. Thompson was not scared of them, but the buyers panicked and always left quickly. The images were always together, separate, but side by side. Sometimes it looked like they were holding hands.

Speaking of hands, one time Ms. Thompson came to check on the house, by herself. When she went to the kitchen – she was certain that she saw a set of hands, on top of each other and holding one another, on the kitchen table. They were not just white images, they looked real, and she could see huge wrinkles of skin. She backed out of there, and locked the door. As she turned to leave, she noticed the rocking chairs on the front porch were moving back and forth, back and forth, yet there was no one in them, and there was no wind blowing that day.

She never went back there again. It was all just too much for her.

Old Couple

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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