Her Wedding Day

Bride - Early 1900's

A Prose Poem

It was her wedding day, so yes, she could smile again. It was true that she was young and her husband was a little older, but he loved her deeply. He was kind and gentle, like the others of her tribe. Somehow, because of the terrible times of the past, they were all aware now of how important it was, to be loving. They longed for there to be peace, and love always.

It was a new day, the salmon were running again, and her husband was not only a good hunter, he had started working at the lumberyard. All the men said it had to do with the Great Chief in Washington, showing the first people respect. He loved the wilderness, and hunting so much, he placed great pieces of land aside, to protect it, and to keep it sacred. It was a good sign.

And here it was now, her time to be married. She looked forward to the future, and all that the Great Spirit had in mind. This picture was taken just after she had prayed for many strong children, and that she and her husband would love each other – always. She knew that it was good. It was very, very good.



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Image of a First Nations bride, taken in the early 1900’s, from Pinterest

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Dreamwalker II

brown and blue rocks

When he saw the red rocks, he knew he had made the right choice. With Standing Bear’s advice, he had not officially quit his job in New York – not yet. Taking a leave of absence though, allowed him to enjoy nature again. He was regaining some sanity.

Seventy hour work weeks had taken a toll on him, in more ways than one. He was in Northern New Mexico now, near Taos. He was hiking, and camping with a tent, which he had not done in years. It took just one day for the healing and restoration to begin. The days were filled with intoxicating sunlight, and the nights were cold, which made for great sleeping, as he hunkered down in his sleeping bag.

As he was carving, and sanding down a walking stick one day, he started thinking about his job. How could he quit when so many of his people looked up to him? He was a huge success. Maybe that was the point, he didn’t need to be a millionaire, and it was time to get back to his people. It was time to give to his people. Pow WowWarm Springs ReservationOregonUSA

He could not live apart from them anymore. If he did keep his job, he would do so out here, close to nature, attending the Pow Wows, and yes even dancing, like in the visions he had. He needed to feel whole and complete, and that meant living out here.

That also meant he could seek out relationships. Was it wrong to seek a woman? Of course not. Even his mother and father (both gone now) would approve. Later, when he took a break from walking, he sat on some rocks and looked at the sky. The sun began hiding behind some clouds. He smiled to himself, realizing he needed the physical and the spiritual in his life. It felt good to be alive again.

After five days of being in the wilderness, he came to a trading post, in a little town called Big Stone Gap. They had supplies, a restaurant, and an inn. He thought it would be good idea to eat someone else’s cooking for a couple of days. While he was in the restaurant, he read some of the local newspapers. Under the help wanted ads he saw something that caught his eye. There was a teaching job open at the River Rocks Community College, in the Economics Department. The more he read about it, the more he wanted to work there.

He was about to reach for his phone and call Standing Bear, to tell him about it, when he noticed his waitress, for the first time. How did God make such beautiful women? They talked for a while, and later she took her break by sitting down with him. He found out her name was Linda, and noticed that she looked more Mexican, than First Nations – but so what! Yes it sure was good to be alive again…. mexican woman

Note: I have decided not to call this a “conclusion”, because I’m leaving it open for future possibilities. I would like to see more of James Dreamwalker (and his relationships) in the future!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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Rescued by the Eagle

from pinterest - Golden Eagle
from pinterest – Golden Eagle

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People

There was snow on the ridge that day. Shining Water did the best she could keeping the others warm. When she saw the eagle, she was hopeful that something good was about to happen. The eagle looked at her and came lower. She could see now what was in the huge bird’s talons. It was a feather! It was not just any feather – it was a feather that was decorated, a feather that someone would wear!

She boldly stood, and placed her hands in front of her. She understood the feather was a gift for her, and she placed her arms out to receive it. The eagle seemed to understand, because he swooped down and dropped the feather in front of her. One of his huge wings brushed her face, as she felt the air from his power.

woman in snowShe was elated, and as the immense bird took off to the south, she raised her hands to the heavens. She was filled with the power of encouragement. The Creator was in this place and working. She yelled to the eagle, “Go and tell them where we are!” The eagle responded with a beautiful yell, an eagle yell.

It took the search party more than a day to get there. They followed the eagle the best they could, and hoped for the best. When the eagle first returned to them they measured the time and how fast the eagle flew, giving them an estimate for the distance. They moved as fast as they could, even Bluebird did well with the travel.

Shining Water realized the search party may need more help in finding the four of them. Early the next morning she gave Coyote the last amount of herbal medicine she had. He was still burning up, and she was concerned about the cough. She explained to the twins on what to do while she was gone. She took Coyote’s bow and his arrows, and two knives, and headed down the valley to see if she could find the people looking for them.

By midday the eagle kept hovering over Shining Water as she walked alone, by the creek. The search party could see the eagle hovering, circling in one area, even though he was miles away. They took this as a sign, and two of the men, raced ahead of the others, as fast as their horses would carry them. It was Thunder Speaking and Wild Horse, that found her first. When she saw them coming, she sank to her knees and wept. She had never been so happy to see other people, in her whole life. When she heard Thunder Speaking – talking to her in the Ite language, she wept even more. tipi on mountain

When the search party made it to the ridge, where the other Ite people were struggling to keep warm, it was late in the day. They decided to make a camp for the night, complete with the small lodges they had brought. Sky, sprung into action, with medicines, and warm buffalo blankets for Coyote. They decided to stay there until the healing had taken place.

Just before the sun went down, they heard the yell of the eagle. They all went outside, except for Coyote. As they saw the eagle circling, they each raised a hand to him, and said, “Thank you!” As they watched him soar into the heavens, they all had tears in their eyes.


This is day 4 of the 5 day challenge of 5 photos – 5 stories. Thanks again to http://randombytesfromlife.wordpress.com and from Reflection of a Rainbow at http://saadiapeerzada.wordpress.com

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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The Healing of the People and the Earth

Woman in Blue

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People of the 1700’s

The snow was melting now and the people were beginning to heal. The long, difficult winter was fading as a memory. The first sprouting of flowers could be seen, peaking through the ground, sometimes coming up through the snow, determined to make an appearance. There was no holding back their life. It was time to live again.

The people felt the same way. They had experienced great sadness, but there had been joy too. There had also been tremendous victory over fear. Sky, was especially grateful for the freedom from fear that she had experienced, even though thinking about the victory, brought back memories of Cricket in the Meadow. The people had also won a victory over the spirit of war. Relying on the Creator, they had come together and been moved by the Great Spirit. The Ulani warrior (and the hunting party he was part of) had vanished. There was peace, and there would be peace, and everybody knew it.

mother and toddlerOn a very practical level the people were busy, and humming with new life. Young mothers, including Redwing, were busy with their children, and the men were hunting. The people were growing and needed to be fed! The pregnant women were busy also making plans, making clothing, and comparing notes with each other. There was more time spent outside, and even talking became an outdoor activity, as long as there was a fire close by.

There was a large fire built almost every evening, in the middle of the village so the people could be together more as a group. On one warm evening they were all singing, when they noticed two points of light in their midst getting larger and taking shape, turning into people – or rather the spirits of two people. It was very brief, but the people were surprised when they saw the spirits of Lone Horse, and Cricket in the Meadow, standing with them and singing too. At the end of the song, the spirit couple waved goodbye, joined hands as they turned, and then disappeared into the night. Sky mentioned, she thought the two of them wanted the people to know they were at peace. No one ever saw them again.

Thunder Speaking was actively seeking wisdom from the Creator on how to help the 4 remaining Ite people, find their way out of the Great Mountains. His people had been devastated by war and sickness, and the White Wolves said they were looking for him. He needed to help them but he did not know how. Should he follow the same path that he praying by the creekhad used, when he came to the Tsi village? How would he ever find that trail again? He decided to seek the advice of men he looked up to, like Standing on the Mountain, Bull Elk, and Seven Hawks. This was too big for him to handle alone. He would often go into the woods to pray.

A number of the women of the village decided to surprise the men one day. Since it was early spring they decided it was time for a Jingle Dress Dance, which was thought to bring healing and restoration. It was the right time. They decided to dance first thing in the morning, which had never been done before, but they wanted the village to wake up to the sound of their dancing. Each woman would dance around her own lodge, and then they would dance in the center as a group. They did need to tell a few men, so they could have the drums ready.

As the women began to dance that morning, there was a feeling of joy, of good things coming in the future, and that they were seeing another day, with the sun shining. There was hope. It was good, and right, and everybody knew it.

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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The White Wolves – Conclusion

white wolf looking right

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People in the 1700’s

As the young man Two Wolves, spoke with the wolf-spirits, he was amazed that they seemed to know everything about him, and that they genuinely cared about even the smallest details. The male wolf-spirit said, “It is good and right, for you to be in love with Songbird, never be ashamed of this”. The Creator cared about his love life? Tears came to the young man’s eyes, and they talked for some time.

It was dark by the time the wolf-spirits asked to talk to Standing on the Mountain. They spoke to him as the leader he was. Standing on the Mountain was not a proud, haughty leader. He was humble, and wise. The wolf-spirits complimented him and told him to continue to be the man the people needed as their spiritual leader. “Be the counselor, be the one the people turn to, for spiritual and relational matters.” “Many people will turn to you because of the wisdom you have been given”. They also mentioned that Cricket in the Meadow, would not be alive on the earth much longer. They asked Standing on the Mountain to please help Sky, and have the women of the village reach out to her, and accept her, as the new healer of the people, when the time

from pinterest
from pinterest

came. “The Creator flows through her, in a powerful way”, said the male wolf-spirit.

When it was Thunder Speaking’s turn, he was told, “There are four other Ite (pronounced Ee-teh) people still alive, and they are searching for you”. The female wolf-spirit seemed to have great compassion for the Ite. “They have just begun their journey through the Great Mountains, and will need help finding their way.” “You must help them”. She also said, “Thunder Speaking, you will be a leader of people, but not just of one group, or people of just one language.” “You are to lead people that are different from one another”. Thunder Speaking was humbled by this, but said nothing. His heart started burning for his people.

They spoke many other things to the three men together. These things included what the men did not understand, until much later, about other people groups they would see, and learn about. Some would be victims of war. They would come to seek refuge, much the way the Grie people did, and Thunder Speaking had done.

It was very dark now, but the men were not afraid. When the men heard a twig snap, they all turned to see what the noise was. They did not see anything. When the men turned back to the white wolves, they were gone! So the three of them began to walk back to the village, in the dark, guided by the light of the moon.

They were too stunned to talk about what had happened. No one knew what to say. They knew though, that the Creator knew everything, and He cared about them as well.

They each decided on their own, not to say anything about what the white wolves had said. When they arrived back at the village they were asked where the deer were that they had gone hunting for. They simply shrugged and smiled. All three of them were glad to be home.

The very next day, Redwing went into labor……

village life

Blessings to everyone, and PEACE!

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The White Wolves

from fineartamerica via google - two wolves

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People of the 1700’s

It was unusual to see a white wolf, yet alone to see two at the same time. The three men moved carefully now through the deep forest. Standing on the Mountain, Thunder Speaking, and Two Wolves, had gone out deer hunting. Now they felt hunted themselves.

In addition to be being white, the wolves were not hunting in a pack. The men could only see the two, and wolves did not hunt like that. And how did they move so quickly? Were they spirits? The men would be walking, careful to not make any noise, and see the two white images moving on their left. They would turn and speak softly to one another or make signals with their hands, and when they looked up the strange animals would be on their right. One thing was certain. They needed to turn around and turn back to the village.

The sun had not gone down yet, but the forest was getting dark. The three men got down low, and whispered to each other, conferring about what to do. They decided to go back the way they came, and quickly. They stood up to leave when the heard the first voice. “Please do not leave, we need to speak with you.” It was a woman’s voice. They looked around, saw no one, and then looked at each other. They walked briskly now, the way they came. Rounding a corner through thick trees, the three of them were shocked when they found their way blocked. The two white wolves were blocking the trail! They were also the largest wolves any of them had ever seen, at least 3 times the size of most wolves. bow and arrow

Instinctively the three men reached for their bows, but they did not draw them, or aim them. The woman’s voice spoke again, “Can we speak with you?” It came from the wolves! What choice did they have? They did not see their mouths move, but clearly the wolf on the left had spoken. The young man Two Wolves, knew something special was happening, and looked at the two men he was with. In his eyes he was pleading with them, to let him talk to the wolves. The two men nodded yes, and Two Wolves stepped forward. He was remembering another time he had experienced two wolves in the wilderness. Those wolves had not spoken to him, but he knew they had been sent to him that day. That was the day his name had changed, to what it was now.

“I am Two Wolves”, he boldly declared. The two wolves looked at each other, turned to the young man, and said at the same time, “Yes we know”. The white wolves spoke with the young man for a while, as the three men stood there. The wolves spoke, about the village, and that Redwing would have a child soon. She would be a beautiful child, that would make both of her parents very happy. They turned to the young man and said, “Two Wolves, you have an important job to do among the people”. “You are to be a peacemaker”. With that, the wolf with the woman’s voice asked the men, “May we talk to Two Wolves, alone?”

Standing on the Mountain, and Thunder Speaking were hesitant, and were considering the young man’s safety. Standing on the Mountain, asked the white wolves a question, “Are you spirits?” They did not expect the answer they received, but it did help them to relax. The female wolf said, “In a way yes.” “We have been sent from the Creator.” The male wolf also added, “It is much like when Thunder Speaking, received help from the black and white stallion”. With that the two older men backed up and felt that Two Wolves would be safe……

from Pinterest
from Pinterest

The Conclusion of The White Wolves very soon!

Blessings to you and Peace!

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Dreams of War

by indus

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People

He could not understand why he was dreaming about war. The Tsi and Grie peoples had had peace for many years, generations in fact. Thunder Speaking was at peace, with everyone, including himself. He was in love, newly married, and he and Bluebird were now expecting a child. His arm (injured from fighting wolves) was almost completely healed and he was starting to practice with the bow again.

Yet the dreams persisted. They were always the same, and started with a single warrior watching their village, and then there was an army of warriors behind him. The warrior was always the same. He wore three feathers in his hair, and one side of his head was shaved. Then, in the dream, the men and women of the village, his village now, fought for their lives. There was smoke and destruction, dead bodies were everywhere. And the dream always ended the same, his wife Bluebird, still carrying their child, lay outside their lodge, dead in the snow. He always woke up at this point, sometimes yelling, and always in a cold sweat.

Thunder Speaking prayed about these dreams constantly, even as he walked around the village. Sometimes he went walking and praying, so much so, that his wife grew concerned. She asked him, was there something wrong? All he would say was, “I’ve had bad dreams, and I need to pray”. war

For several days he thought maybe it was because he had experienced so much war himself, and that it was still bothering him. He was the only Ite (pronounced Ee-teh) person in the village. He had come to the Tsi village and had found refuge. After thinking about this for days, he decided his past was not the cause, and each night the war dreams continued.

He decided to go to Standing on the Mountain, their spiritual leader, and they spoke privately in order not to alarm the rest of the village. He was shocked to find out that Standing on the Mountain had a very similar dream. “The warrior is Ulani”, he explained. “It has been four generators since the last war, in fact, we have not even seen any Ulani for more than ten years.” Then Standing on the Mountain further explained that there had been other people in the village with the same, or similar dream, and he was about to call a council meeting to discuss the matter. It was not a good sign.

Dreamcatcher Hawk Feather by Cheryl Lewis via PinterestThunder Speaking later found out that some of the people having the dreams, were those that were spiritual people, like Cricket in the Meadow, and Sky. Many of the people having the dreams though, were not known for having dreams at all, at least not this kind. This included Seven Hawks, and his wife Prairie Flower. They were some of the Grie people. Two Wolves and Songbird, also had the war dreams.

It was the next day when the storms began. It was late winter, early spring, so having storms was not unusual. These storms were odd though, in that they had rain, snow, sleet, then it was warm, then it was cold, and always there was a lot of fog. There was often thunder and lightning, even in a snow storm. The people became uneasy. By this time the whole village had heard about the dreams, and everyone was praying. The men got their weapons ready.

It was during one of the foggy mornings, after a night of rain, that a single warrior used the cover of fog to get close to the village. He kept his horse quiet as he slowly crept forward. He had smelled the lodge fires, and could now see the outlines of the lodges in the fog. A dog barked on the other side of the village and he stopped. He could hear thunder rolling in from the west, and used the noise to get closer, undetected. The fog was thick. Once he was in between two lodges he stopped again to survey the little that he could see. He had three feathers planted in his hair, and one side of his head was shaved….. tipi in the fog

The conclusion of Dreams of War, later today! Thanks for reading! Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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Sky – The Fighter

by Ben Marra via newswatch.nationalgeographic
by Ben Marra via newswatch.nationalgeographic

Historical Fiction

What the people did not know was that Sky was a fighter. Every day she fought fear and hopelessness, and she was refusing to give up, which means in a sense, she was victorious. She was afraid people would not like her, or that they would perceive her intentions in some wrong way, even people she had known all her life. She was also afraid she would never be married, or have children. She was afraid of a lot of things, but she always fought a brave and courageous battle.

This time of year was especially difficult, because of being inside all the time. The people had blessed her with her own lodge, so she would not have to live with her younger brother Bear Dancer, and his wife. They were married not long ago, and she knew they needed the privacy. The loneliness was intense though, and she struggled with the idea that it would always be this way.

from fallout.wikia via google
from fallout.wikia via google

Every night she battled the horrible monster of fear in her dreams. Usually it looked something like a wolf, with huge fangs, but she knew it was fear attacking her. The good thing was, these battles at night always resulted in her winning. She would dream of killing the thing with either her knife, or a lance. In most of the dreams, she was outside and the thing would come running at her. Even when the thing bit her or wounded her, while they were fighting in the snow, she fought hard and won.

But the nightmares were less now, and she knew that. She knew at least some of it had to do with Wild Horse. He seemed to be giving her confidence, confidence in herself. How did that happen? The fear about marriage was changing into a sense of hopefulness, due to Wild Horse being in the village. She wasn’t giving her heart away though, at least not yet. He kept smiling at her and talking to her! This terrified her, and thrilled her at the same. Was it fair to say that this fear was losing its grip? Yes, it was! She smiled more often, instead of running from people.

from science.howstuffworks via google
from science.howstuffworks via google

She did want to get rid of the monster though, once and for all, but did not know how. One daywhile praying, she had the idea that she should talk to Cricket in the Meadow, in order to get the motherly advice she needed. Cricket in the Meadow, was more than happy to visit with her. They did not smoke the pipe, but they sang songs instead, and some that Sky did not know. They were ancient songs asking the Creator for help. Cricket in the Meadow said most of the songs came from her Grandmother’s Grandmother.

Over the next few days and weeks they spent a lot of time together. Cricket in the Meadow even privately contemplated asking Sky if she could live with her, but she waited to ask. Living with Spotted Bull and his family was a challenge at times. The couple were in the prime of their married life, and the children were so loud!

One sunny but cold afternoon, when they were together, Sky shared about her bad dreams, about always winning, and the fact that they were less now. “Do you think a person can help another person to have confidence and remove fear?” Cricket in the Meadow stirred the fire, and calmly said, “Sure, love can do that.” Sky was horrified, “But I don’t love him!”, she stammered, looking for more words. Cricket in the Meadow matter of factly responded with, “No, but I think he has given his heart away, and you have it now”. Sky was speechless.

from National Geographic
from National Geographic

Prairie Flower was not blind to her son’s attraction to Sky. Wild Horse was different now, ever since he had sought a vision. He had matured. She liked the idea of the two of them as a couple, it made a lot of sense, in a number of ways. And like any good mother, she would help them in any way she could! She decided to spend more time with the young lady.

On the other side of the village, Bluebird was having more dreams about babies. She was not sure if she was expecting yet, but there was one thing for sure, she and Thunder Speaking smiled a lot. Love was like that, and everybody knew it.

Grand Tetons Wyoming
Grand Tetons Wyoming

Sky is an amazing person! We will see more of her in the future. There will also be some contemporary microfiction coming up, and I have decided to add a weekly feature of music, probably each weekend. Thanks for reading!


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Wild Horse Seeks a Vision – Conclusion

Cherokee Dancer
Cherokee Dancer

Historical Microfiction

After three days of praying and fasting, he realized it was not working. Wild Horse had secluded himself in a small lodge, not far from the main village, and he tried everything he could, but there was nothing. Was the Creator listening?

In the middle of the day he went for a ride on his horse, which always calmed him down. As he was riding, he mentally went down a list of what he had done, including the lodge, and only drinking water from melted snow. The lodge could not be set up properly, because of the frozen ground, but he had secured it with rocks and piles of snow. It would do. After all of this, he was still uncertain about his future and what he should do. There was no vision.

His father, and Standing on the Mountain, had given him advice, on what to do and certain prayers to pray, but instead of receiving clear direction, he felt empty. What was wrong? In his makeshift lodge on the fourth day, he began to have a glimmer of hope, a small piece of light. Asking Great Spirit to HelpThe idea came to him that he was trying too hard. Was he trying to control the Creator? Impossible! No one could do that. Still, it seemed he wanted to know everything, and know it now. He was forcing it. After another ride on his horse, late that afternoon, his praying took on a new direction. He started to look at what might be blocking his connection to the Creator. He had a sense that he had feelings that were not good, and that was why he was empty and could not feel peace. He was not a very spiritual man, like some, but he knew peace when he felt it, and this was not it.

On the fifth day, the realization hit him squarely in the forehead. He resented his father. There it was, in all its ugliness. It came to him when he was thinking about the conversation he had with his father the night before he left. His father was a very special man, and he was not. Wild Horse knew he was just average. He was brave, a very good hunter, and a nice person, and that was all. He remembered his own words to his father, “It’s not easy being your son”. Yet he had no right to resent his father, and he decided to get rid of it. He prayed a lot that night, but not in a formal way. It came from deep inside.

The next day he felt like a new man! He was thankful, and felt relieved. Peace came over him and flowed through him like he had never felt before. To celebrate he went for a long, fast ride Buckskin in the Snowon his horse. He felt the freedom of the cold air, and the snow, and the trees all around him. After he slowed the horse down, he thought about the woman, Sky. What made her the way she was? He was sure that part of it had to do with her parents dying when she was very young. Was it true, what his father said, that there was something very special beneath the surface? He wondered. He did not love her but he thought about her.

He returned to the village the next day, happier than ever. No one pressured him or probed for information. No one asked did he have a vision?! If they had, he would have said, there was no lightning or thunder, there was nothing supernatural. One thing for sure that did happen, was that the Creator had given him…some plain, good sense!

Over the next few days, he noticed Sky. He was observing her really, the way she walked, and the way she spoke to people.  She did have a very quiet spirit, and he liked that alot. He did not love her…..but he thought……maybe…..just maybe……he could.

Sky noticed Wild Horse looking at her from time to time. Normally she was terrified, but not with Wild Horse. He was different, and there was no bad intent inside of him. To be honest she liked him, including the way he looked. Once, when she was on the way to get wood, they walked by each other, and he said “Hello!” It took courage for her, but for the first time in her life, she smiled at a man (at least in that way).

She did not love him….but she thought…..maybe……just maybe……she could one day.

Snow Moon Tipi
Snow Moon Tipi

  In the future we will see more of Sky and the other people of the village. Recently I’ve been hearing drums calling, and not just First Nations drums, but drums from other countries! Thanks for reading!


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A Family Restored

Aspen Flower - Art by Alfredo Rodriguez
Aspen Flower – Art by Alfredo Rodriguez

Historical Microfiction

Bull Elk would not let go of carrying his son, even though he was exhausted. The men traveled all day through the forest and into the night. There were several times he stumbled but he insisted on carrying the foot of the sling, while Seven Hawks carried the head. Bull Elk was carrying more than the physical weight of his son though, he carried the weight of his son possibly dying, if they did not get back to the village soon, and it was his fault.  Two Wolves proved to be an excellent guide and led them through one trail and then other. The men were impressed with Two Wolves, and Standing on the Mountain was especially impressed. As he looked at the sky, through the trees, Standing on the Mountain saw clouds moving in. He was praying that the storm would hold off until they got back home.

Once night came, Holds the Fire began to unravel. She sent for Cricket in the Meadow, not because she needed a vision, or an herbal drink, or even words of wisdom. She needed a friend. She needed someone like her mother, and Cricket in the Meadow was the closest thing she had to a mother. When Cricket in the Meadow came in, she immediately embraced Holds the Fire, and let her cry on her shoulder. Holds the Fire was crying, because she thought she might never see her husband, or son again. If they did find Talking Eagle – would he be alive?

When they began to see the fires of the lodges, the men all breathed a sigh of relief. Standing on the Snow and RiverMountain led them in a song of thanks, to the Creator. They also wanted the village to hear them coming in. Wild Horse ran ahead of them and went straight for the lodge of Holds the Fire. As he was running, it began to snow – heavily. Standing on the Mountain looked up at the sky, and knew it would be a big one. He thanked the Creator that they were home.

Once they were in the village there was no time for celebrating. It was time for action. Talking Eagle was carried straight to his lodge where his mother, Holds the Fire, his sister Bluebird, and Cricket in the Meadow, were waiting. The young man was pale and his lips were blue. The men had done well taking care of him on the journey back, but there was no way for him to begin to heal, until he was next to a fire in a warm lodge. Within seconds of them bringing in Talking Eagle, there were at least 10 people tending to him or helping. Wild Horse went to get more wood for the fire. Women were heating up rocks, wrapping them, and then placing them next to the young man.

Bull Elk intentionally maneuvered around the people so he could be next to his wife. He knelt down next to her, where she was seated next to the fire, and holding their son. He placed a hand on her shoulder. It was a silent gesture, and one that brought with it hope. He was hoping that she would respond in a positive way. She did smile, and looked at him with relief on her face.

It took a while for the young man to return from the brink of disaster, but his color returned and lips became a normal color. Unfortunately he lost several toes, and the small finger on his left hand to frostbite. They just could not restore them. There was some frostbite on his face as well, but Cricket in the Meadow thought it would heal with time.

The crowd began to thin as dawn approached. Talking Eagle did wake up long enough to drink several warm herbal drinks. Bull Elk did ask his wife if he should sleep in another lodge. He was concerned that she was hurting still. She said, “It will take time… but please stay here with us.” “Talking Eagle and I both need you here now”. It was an act of faith really. She was still hurting from all of his anger, but she detected a change in him. There was a deep sadness now.

So they went to sleep as the sun was coming up, together in the same lodge. In that sense they were a family again. Holds the Fire had good dreams, and dreamed that she was dancing the jingle dress dance around their lodge. She also dreamt of Bull Elk having humility, asking his son’s forgiveness, and once again being a strong man, without the anger and meanness.

The next night Holds the Fire took another step of faith by moving her bedding next to her husband again. It brought forgiveness, and started the healing process. It took time, but healing came, and love was restored.

by sheltieboy via flickr
by sheltieboy via flickr

Note: The jingle dress dance is done by women, and thought to bring healing and restoration. There are small bells on the dress, such as in the picture above. As the women dance the bells (jingles) make a beautiful sound. If I find a good one I think I will post a video on the dance. Thanks for reading! Peace!

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