Thoughts about Awards

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My first thought is thank you! To all those who have nominated me in the past and more recently, I am deeply honored, and blessed. I tell My Love all the time, how awesome you are.

When I first started blogging I did not accept awards. Then I thought I would try it, in order to enjoy the interaction, and to be mutually encouraging to one another. However, I have come full circle now, and have decided to have an award free blog once again. It wasn’t an easy decision.

To be honest, I have a limited time for blogging, and I want to concentrate on my work, in order to produce the highest quality possible. I have several projects that I am spending more time on, including the “Escape” series.

I have received so much encouragement, simply from you reading what I write, clicking the like button, and making occasional comments. I love that we can encourage each other in this way!

I write a lot of comments. I love commenting on your work. Not only do I love your work, I think it’s important to pay back some of the wonderful encouragement I have received.

Peace to everyone, and thank you again.


P.S. We had a great time at the beach today! The weather is excellent, and the waves are amazing. My Love and I went for a walk last night, as the sun was going down. What could be better?

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Blessings to everyone!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Real Neat Blog Award


I’m very grateful to Saadia at Reflection of a Rainbow for nominating me for this award. What a blessing! Please check out her wonderful blog of poetry and fiction at

 This post could easily be called “A Look Inside Part II”. I am very thankful to all of you for reading my work. This award has the recipient share about themselves through a set of questions from the one who nominates. In addition to answering questions, the one nominated simply cites the name and blog of the one nominating. Now I will answer the questions Saadia has given me:

1. What is your ambition in life?

 My ambition is to be the best husband and father I can possibly be. This takes work sometimes, and can simply be a matter of investing time in my relationships. Compared to this, the type of work I do, really isn’t important, as long as our needs are met. Writing is important to me, and I am working on being a writer (meaning more professionally).

 I also seek to love God, and love my neighbor as myself. These are the Two Greatest Commandments. Love and compassion can change the world.

2. Do you have some ‘me’ time every day?

 mountains and lakeYes, I wish there was more of this time, because it is so essential. We gain strength for the journey, when we have time to reflect, or pray, or meditate, or to spend time in nature. I like doing all of these, but prayer time is each day. Time in nature, and long periods of contemplation, are less frequent.

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

 That’s a tough question, because I think I’m both. It simply depends on the situation. I can be quiet, reflective, and contemplative, and yet I can be quite talkative with friends! What would you like to talk about?

 4. Do you concentrate on your own inner world or the outer world?

 That’s similar to question 3, so the answer is yes! I do both, depending on the circumstances.

 5. Do you have a pet?

from pinterest
from pinterest

 Yes we have a dog. When I was a kid we had dogs and cats, but dogs are my favorite.

They are much more intuitive than cats! I know how to ride horses but we do not have one, or the space. I wish we did!

 If we did have the space, I would have either an Appaloosa, or a crossbred Quarter Horse/Draft Horse. Draft Horses come in different breeds, and are the heavy horses that pull things such as plows. This type of crossbreed produces power and strength, along with the speed and agility of the Quarter Horse, and they make an excellent trail horse!

 6. What is your pet hate?

 By this I think you mean, what do you dislike the most? That’s an easy one! People who are harsh and judgmental of others. They think they are right and everyone else is wrong! Do it their way or you are wrong. This can include some religious people, but a judgmental attitude comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors!

couple 2 7. What is your hobby?

 Ah, that’s another easy one. First there is my family. I say they are my hobby, simply because of spending time with them, or wanting to spend time with them, is so very important. My Love, the one I write about, is worth the investment!

 Then of course there is writing. I love writing poetry, fiction, and sometimes nonfiction (like writing about nature). I also like visiting other blogs and investing time with them. I love your work!

 If there’s one thing I would like to do more of, it is reading.

 So the neat thing about this award is I get to pick questions I can ask other people. So here are the questions:

 1. What do you like to read?

 2. What is the most wonderful place you have traveled to?

 3. Do you take your own photographs? What do you take them with?

 4. What is your favorite ice cream?ice cream

 5. Have you ever ridden an animal, such as a horse or camel?

 6. Do you have a hobby?

 7. Which do you like better, mountains or beaches?

Now for the tough part, who to nominate? I never know who has time, or who is open to doing this type of post. And there are so many bloggers deserving of recognition. So I have decided that anyone that wants to participate can! You don’t have to see your name below. But there are a few people I would like to recognize and nominate in particular:

 MichelleMarie – tell me about it

 Melanie – myvirtualplayground

 Holly – heartafire

mare and foal

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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