Living at 71

older woman

Contemporary Microfiction

At seventy years old Sadie Ferguson was still a beautiful woman, both inside and out. She had only one problem, she was afraid to leave her house. There were so many reasons to stay indoors, the weather was too hot or too cold. Crime was everywhere, and she no longer drove, because it was just way too dangerous. Too many cars were on the road, and people drove too fast anyway. She had not left her house in twelve years.

It was a good house, and even though it needed repairs now and again, she felt safe. The fact was, she was too scared to go anywhere else. When she did need a repairman, she always made him take his shoes off at the front door, and she watched him like a hawk, to make sure he didn’t steal anything. The sooner the man left, the better. She didn’t feel safe until he was driving away in his work truck. delivery truck

Food was not a problem. She could have whatever she wanted delivered to her door, even groceries. She even opened the door occasionally when she had to pay the delivery person. She hated seeing the horrifying sky, and the menacing bright sun. It was too open out there too.

The neighborhood had been changing and this was very disturbing to her. Since she liked things to stay the same, different people living right next to her, made her feel like the world was much too close for comfort. There was the Mexican family across the street. They not only had children that were noisy, but they were always playing in the street!

Then one day a new family moved in next door, after Dan Carruthers died. The house was sold, and the Singh family moved in. They seemed so different, they frightened her. Would they try to harm her? She kept her distance, and when the woman, with two teenage daughters stopped by, to pay her a visit, she wouldn’t answer the door. She wasn’t trying to be rude, but she felt she like she couldn’t trust them.

It was the night of her seventy first birthday when everything changed. She was sound asleep when she was awakened by pounding on her front door, and there was a man yelling, “Get out of the house!” Suddenly the same man came banging on her bedroom window, and yelling, “Get out of the house!” “Mrs. Ferguson!”, “You must get out of the house!” It was her worst nightmare! Who was it? Were they going to kill her? She was so alone. The only thing she could do was reach for the phone. Before she could dial for help, she smelled the smoke.

fire at nightShe jumped out of bed, and ran to the living room, paralyzed with fear and asthma. She stared at her living room wall that was engulfed with fire. She couldn’t breathe! She ran for the front door and threw it open. It was Mr. Singh! She was terrified of him, and didn’t know which way to turn. He stood there yelling, for her to come out of the house! It was the bravest thing she had ever done. She took one step, and fainted in his arms.

The fire department did get there in a hurry but there was a lot of damage. Sadie was terrified but didn’t want to leave the Singh house. The Singh family were filled with compassion for Sadie, and they called her daughter in California for her. Her daughter would come, but the Singhs decided that Sadie could stay at their house as long as she wanted.

By the way, both Mr. and Mrs. Singh were medical doctors. Dr. Raj Singh, and Dr. Miriam Singh helped Sadie to gradually overcome her fear. Sadie and the Singh family became the best of friends. Sadie realized that it was after her husband had died, twelve years ago, that the fear began. She just did not feel safe in this world, without him. Just realizing this, brought healing to her. After all this time, she was just learning how to live again.

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The First Date

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Contemporary Microfiction

So why did he want to go out with her? He stood there in his dorm room, with the phone in his hand, breaking out in a cold sweat. She had asked him the question when he first called, and in a flash, his heart started pounding. “You’re the most unusual person I’ve ever met.” He was horrified he had said it, but there it was. His hand covered his mouth. He was stupid. On the other end, she paused, then said, “Ok, fair enough, see you on Saturday.” He was shocked! She said yes! He started doing the happy dance around the room.

On the other end she was shocked too. Guys rarely wanted to go out with her, unless they wanted to score. She was wild and she made no apologies for it. Was that it, with this one? He liked her because she was wild? She shook her head no. He seemed different somehow. He was strong and yet gentle at the same time. They had biology lab together every Tuesday. In their last class, she was dissecting a pig’s heart, when she noticed him staring at her hands. Her hands? Maybe he just liked Asians.

When Saturday came, he gassed up the car, and drove around to her dorm. He had the surprise ready too. When she came outside, he got out and opened the car door for her. Who did that anymore? He also surprised her with a single rose, from behind his back. “Surprise!”, he said. A flower? No one had ever given her a flower before. She said thanks and got in. She was hoping he didn’t see the tears in her eyes. Privately she was thinking, that he was giving to her, without trying to take from her. That was different for sure.

They had one thing in common for sure. They both wanted to see “Insurgent”, and it was early so it wasn’t crowded. They loved it! After the movie they sat in their seats for a while talking about it. They were both excited about how cool it was. He was thinking how he loved her smile! She was thinking how she really liked this guy. He was genuine.

He took her to the coffee shop next (after all he was a college student). After they sat down, he asked her about the environmental causes she was involved in. She opened up. If there was one thing she loved, it was fighting for the environment. He couldn’t help staring at her face. She loved the fact that he asked her about it.

Next it was her turn to ask about him. He hesitated, then quietly said, his family was real religious. Then he was quiet, staring at his coffee. She was surprised but went with it. “So how does that affect you?” she asked. He mentioned he did have faith in God, but he was just learning how to live now. He didn’t like how he was brought up. “Everyone was so harsh, and constantly judging people.”, he said.

He figured he had ruined the date now. It was over. “That’s one of the reasons I like you….you don’t judge people…” He couldn’t believe it came out of his mouth. She was stunned. She had tears in her eyes – for the second time today! But the truth was, they both relaxed after that.

They talked for hours. She never knew a guy could talk so much, and she loved that they were getting to know each other. When he drove them back to her dorm, they stood outside, talking again. When it was time to go, he gently took her hand, and kissed it, saying thank you for their time together. She smiled, and watched him as he walked away. He never asked, never made any move, to try and have sex. It was the third time today, that tears came to her eyes! One thing was certain, she was already looking forward to his next phone call.

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Journey to Broken Sky

highway green and blue

Contemporary Microfiction

Note: The Appaloosa is a breed of horse in the US, Canada, and in other parts of the world. The Nakota, and Inuit, are First Nations people groups.

The Appaloosa had changed his life, he was certain of that. He had been driving for four days, and the horse had come to him in a dream, as he was sleeping, by the side of the road. It was the same spotted horse he had as a teenager, and it spoke to him in the dream, in his tribal language. He loved his first language, but he had not heard it in years. One thing was for sure – after the dream he had stopped thinking about going back home after the trip. It was as if there was something…….something he was supposed to do out here, in the middle of nowhere. His heart was filled with his first language now, and as he drove he sometimes spoke it out loud.

AppaloosaHe had come to the Yukon to find the most remote place possible, and to hike. He was looking for something – but what? The Appaloosa, had told him he was on a journey, and that this journey was not over yet. He had “further to go”, in more ways than one. So he kept driving.

It was late afternoon when he pulled into Mapleton. It was a small town with one hotel. There was no one at the front desk, but there was a sign that said, “Check Yourself In.” Strange how small towns trusted people, he thought. Once he was in the room, he fell asleep quickly, on top of the bed. He had been driving for fourteen hours straight.

That night he dreamt of his parents, and growing up on the reservation. He was also riding his horse in the dream, galloping as fast as they could through miles of open fields. At one point he was riding with his arms out to the side, barely holding on with his legs, and in that moment of intense freedom, he heard the words, “Never forget who you are.” Whose voice was that? He could not tell. He also saw a school, he had never seen before. Children he did not know, were playing outside, and he began speaking to them in their language. Yet he had no idea what the language was! inuit

When he woke up, or at least he thought he was awake, he saw his mother’s face. She spoke very clearly in Nakota, “Never forget who you are.” Then she repeated the words, in the Inuit language. His mother had been half Nakota, and half Inuit, and she had always encouraged him with these words as he was growing up, making him feel proud of his heritage.

He spent the day in Mapleton, walking around, getting to know the people. He was amazed at how friendly they were. Many were Inuit, or had some Inuit connection. At the restaurant an older couple at the next table struck up a conversation, asking him where he was from. When they asked him why he was in town, he said, “I have no idea.” They smiled.

After his meal, he got up to leave, when the older man he had been talking to, asked him a strange question. He said, “Do you need a job?” The man explained he had a lumber yard, not far from here, and he was looking for help. He stumbled with his words, and was not sure what to say, but he did turn down the job.

The couple had told him about a historical site he should visit, on the edge of town. He decided to walk there, and he loved feeling of the northern sun on his face. As he got closer, chill bumps ran through his body. Could it be??? He started running towards the building. It was! It was older now, and crumbling, but it was the same school – exactly the same school – he had dreamt about last night. Was that the sound of children playing? No one was there, but he thought he could hear them.

The name of the school had been, “The Broken Sky School”, and it had been closed in 1970. When he saw the writing engraved, over the top of the front door, he sank to his knees and began weeping. The words over the door said, “Never Forget Who You Are”. All he could say through the tears was, “Thanks Mom……..I won’t forget……” He covered his face with his hands.

Later that day, he drove out to the lumber yard, and took the job.

 lumber yard


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Selling the Farm

tractor and wagon

Contemporary Microfiction

Note: There is a scene in this story which some would consider scary. Please do not read it if you think it might disturb you.

It was over now, tomorrow was the big day. All of the machinery, the land, the house, everything would be up for sale. He was crushed. Farming was all that he knew. Tom and Sara Jackson had spent what seemed like an eternity talking about it, praying about it, and crying, sometimes all in the same conversation. They were also one of the few African American families still farming in Iowa. There was no other choice, they simply could not compete with the huge corporations that owned most of the farmland now, especially the biggest, Conglomerate Industries. They hired people to farm their huge tracts of land (the smallest farm was 2,500 acres) and they drove down the price of the crops, due to the huge quantity they produced.

They used robotics mostly. Farming for them was almost entirely automated. The jobs they offered came at a terrible price. They used a lot of chemical fertilizers, and pesticides, and now everyone was concerned about their drinking water.

Tom lay awake, weeping silently, as he looked up at the ceiling. It was midnight now. His wife lay next to him, snoring softly. It was not easy on her either. Would their daughter, Melissa, be able to go to college? It depended on the prices they received tomorrow. He also wondered if he would have that strange dream again. He wasn’t surprised he had been having the dream, night after night. After all, he had been depressed for weeks. light and dark

As he drifted off, he came to that familiar place of shadows, and foreboding. In the dream, it was night and he was out by the barn. There was a single light coming from the barn, and the figure was just out of sight, in the dark waiting for him. The thing was a horrible creature, he could smell it before he saw it. It smelled of death and rotting flesh. It came partially out of the shadows, and pulled it’s sword from the sheath. He couldn’t see the sword at first, but he heard the sound of the blade scraping, as it was pulled.

He grabbed the first thing he could find, a club, a large piece of wood really, from off the ground. The creature said, “I’ll finish you tonight!” Tom responded with, “Never, you are a liar!” The sword flew at him with the speed of light, and Tom used his club to protect himself. Metal struck the hard wood. They fought back and forth, and sometimes Tom was able to take a swing at the creature. At other times it seemed hopeless, and the thing was so close, Tom could smell it’s stinking breath.

He did not give up, he swung his club time and again, even though the thing began laughing at him. Finally the creature knocked the club out of his hand, and Tom prepared to die. Do it and get it over with, he thought. It was always at this point that he woke up in a cold sweat. Sara would always stir, and he would tell her, “Shhh, go back to sleep.” Then he would hear the creature’s voice, even while he was sitting there awake. “I am despair”, it said.

swordOn this night, the night before the farm sale, he decided to get up and go downstairs. He looked at the clock, which said 4:00. He was hungry, and decided on some bacon and eggs. Besides he would need strength for this battle.

Somehow they would get through this. He would fight despair the only way he knew how. He was not a religious man, but he needed better weapons, to fight this thing. After eating, he sat right there at the table, and began to pray. He would fight this thing until the sun came up and beyond. Whatever it took, he would do it. Nothing was going to drag his family down. They would sell the place, move on to the next chapter of their life, and Melissa would go to college, to study engineering. Is that what they meant by having faith?

He prayed for what seemed like a long time. Just before the sun came up, he felt he was ready. He opened the back door, and slipped silently into the darkness. The light was on at the barn. He could sense the creature hiding in the shadows. Tom boldly declared, “I’m not afraid of you anymore!”, and he meant it.

From inside the house he heard Sara come down, into the kitchen, She stood in the doorway. She whispered, “Are you alright?” Tom hesitated, as he looked out at the night beginning to fade. Finally he said, “Yes…… just getting rid…… of a liar……”

 older couple

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The New Earth

close up planet

Futuristic Microfiction 

Xerxes 10 was a beautiful planet. The only question now was about the water. Would they able to drink it? That was the only test they could not do from 212.7 years away. The sleepers on board the Time Traveler II were now out of hibernation, and grateful to be alive. Don and Beverly had been awake for three days, and it had been a wonderful time of…..rejuvenation.

An unmanned exploration pod had been sent to the surface. The more than 200 people on board the Time Traveler II were anxiously waiting for it to return in order to find out the water testing results, as well as the other tests about their new home. Everyone was now calling the new planet the “New Earth”.

While they were waiting, the colonists held a number of joint meetings which included the formation of laws. They were quite simple really. War of any kind was illegal. All violence was illegal. Health care was available to everyone, it became the law. Not only was there no cost, there was not even a currency! Respecting other people was held as a very high value, but not made into law. The people would vote and have a say about issues that would come up in the future. And that was it, short and sweet.

When the exploration pod did return, the tests confirmed previous testing about the atmosphere. It was very pure, like living on a mountain on ancient earth. The soil was somewhat sandy due to the warmer temperatures, but was excellent for growing fruits, and nuts, and other plants. The water needed more testing though, it was similar to the water on earth, but no one knew what the effect would be until someone actually drank it. There was a bacteria in it that needed to be examined.

The Time Traveler II was an old ship now and they would soon have to leave the vessel. Electrical problems were a regular occurrence, and the colonists were getting anxious. They poured over test results constantly looking at everything they could find about the planet. There were a number of families on board and they were especially concerned about their children being safe.

Finally the marine biologist, and the bacteriologist, gave the go ahead to move. They would need to do more testing once they were on the planet, but for now they would need to boil the water, which was something no one had ever done before with fire. Beverly, Dr. Beverly Anderson, would show them how.

As Don and Beverly took their seats in the shuttle, there was anticipation in the air. This was a new beginning for all of them, and for all of humanity. There was a tangible excitement in the people. Don and Beverly sat next to each other and held hands (most people thought this was a strange custom). Xerxes 10 came into view through their window. They could see a lot of blues, and browns, which meant a lot of water, with a lot of desert and semi-arid land.

Don couldn’t help but say, as they made a banking turn, “I sure hope we get it right this time.” Beverly said, “Amen.”


Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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Leaving Planet Earth

new earth

Futuristic Microfiction

He only agreed to be part of the colony, because she was coming along. It was the year 2106, and humanity finally found a way to destroy themselves, and this time for good. Don and Beverly had to hustle to make it to the shuttle docking station in time. They were only given five hours to get there, and along the way strange things were happening in the atmosphere. It was part of the new warfare, done with ion weapons.

The ancient nuclear weapons had been dismantled, or left to leak and rot in their silos where they stood. The new weapons could literally ignite the sky, and set it on fire, destroying everything for hundreds of miles. As their vehicle flew above the ground at Mach one speed, they could see the explosions beginning from thousands of miles away. They made it to the shuttle station with just ten minutes to spare.

As the shuttle lifted off, they could see the destruction taking place below. Sections of the earth were lit up with the orange and pink glow of ionic fire. They tried holding hands and acting brave but they both began weeping. There were no more jobs, all of their friends and loved ones were gone. Part of them wanted to be there with them, but at least they had a chance now. The hour long flight to the sleeper ship, gave them time to think.

They had been selected by lottery, at least that was the propaganda presented. Don knew darn well he had been selected due to his expertise in spatial analysis. His wife Beverly, Dr. Beverly Anderson, had been selected because she was one of the foremost authorities on ancient horticulture. She could actually teach people how to grow their own food! This was unheard of on planet earth.

As they docked at their sleeper ship, they were herded like animals through a process of medical examinations, all done through robotics. They were also given injections, as part of the hibernation process. They held hands and wept some more. Then they were told they had fifteen minutes before the hibernation began.

They embraced. They gave each other the traditional Inuit greeting of putting their heads together, and touching face to face. It was from her culture. All he cared about was her. She longed for him. He wondered if they had time? She said no, but they said more to each other in those few minutes, than some people did in a life time. Much of it was with silence. “I’ll see you in 212.7 years sweetheart, God willing” “Yes”, she said. Neither one had ever met anyone else that expressed faith in a Creator.

Then it was time. As they climbed in to their individual chambers, he prayed like he never had before. He said, “Please….let me see her again…..”

 inside space ship

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Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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Dating with Allergies – Conclusion



The next morning he was surprised when his phone rang. It was Susan, and she started with, “I’m so sorry about last night!” He apologized too, and said it was his fault. “No, I forgot to tell you!”, she apologized again. She asked if she could come over. “I have a surprise for you!” She sounded excited about it, so he said to give him half an hour and he would be ready.

When she rang the bell thirty minutes later, she presented him with a beautiful coffee cake, and said “Ready for breakfast?!” The smell of the cake was intoxicating. He invited her into the kitchen, but started getting a strange itching feeling in his eyes. When he reached in the cupboard, for some plates, the idea came to him. “Can you tell me the ingredients of the cake?” She went down the list, and when she got to – peanuts he yelled, “I’m allergic!” In addition to the itching eyes, he started having a wheezing sound coming from his chest. Susan was horrified. “Should I call for help?!”

He told her no, but she needed to take the cake outside. Tears were streaming down her face, as she took the cake and ran out of the house. It was another disaster.

He had an idea later that day. It was risky, but he decided to go for it. When he called her up, he could tell she had been crying. He apologized for not telling her about his allergy. It had never crossed his mind. And he said, “I have an idea”, “Yes?” Her voice sounded hopeful. “Why don’t we go out for coffee?” When she said ok, he told her to bring a notebook, and a pen. She sounded surprised but said she would.

When they sat in the coffee shop together, they were smiling now. He said they should make a list of everything they were allergic to and then give their list to the other person. She looked at him with her eyes sparkling. A man could get lost in those eyes, and he began drifting off to another world. He could think of nothing else…. but her….


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Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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