Thunder Speaking

by bern.harrison
by bern.harrison


Two weeks after Thunder Speaking came to their village, Standing on the Mountain had a dream he would never forget. At first he saw a picture of Thunder Speaking’s horse, the black and white stallion. The horse was running, and was as wild as ever, but then he heard the horse’s voice. He did not know how the horse was talking but he was for sure.

The horse began telling him about Thunder Speaking, and why he left his home. He also saw pictures of the man. He could see him leaving his village, where almost no one lived anymore. The people of the village had been killed by a series of wars, and by poison water, given to the people by traders from the coast. He saw people sick, and dying, and others walking into the woods never to return. Thunder Speaking had left the ghost village with a sick heart and in despair. The horse explained all this to Standing on the Mountain, as he watched the pictures in the dream.

Thunder Speaking walked about three weeks until reaching the great mountains. The man decided to go into them, even though he realized he may not be able to find his way, and that he may never come out again. After wandering in the mountains for a week, and getting more lost each day, the horse was sent to Thunder Speaking, in order to help him. Standing on the Mountain could see the man lost in the great mountains vividly. He did not ask who had sent the horse to Thunder Speaking, he just watched the vision and listened.

The dream continued, and Thunder Speaking called to the horse and they spoke to one another. Thunder Speaking was very gentle, and he got on the horse as if they had been friends a long time. The horse easily led them out of the great mountains, in just a few days, and they traveled another month. They hunted together and Thunder Speaking began to heal inside. He was an excellent hunter. Everything went well until the wolves attacked, early one morning after their fire went out, and the sun was beginning to rise.

They fought hard, they both did. The horse knew that there was something wrong with these wolves. They were sick in their bodies, and in the minds. There was nothing they could do but fight to survive. Many of the attackers were killed, but then Thunder Speaking fell down a ravine and broke his arm. The few remaining attackers fled, and then the horse went down into the ravine, and helped the man to wake up. The horse got on the ground to help him get on, and they traveled two more days to this village.

In the dream the horse turned to Standing on the Mountain, and said, “I will be leaving soon”. The dream ended and Standing on the Mountain bolted straight up, in a cold sweat.

Note: Part Two of Thunder Speaking will be posted tomorrow.

Gypsy Vanner

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Two Wolves – Part II



His heart was pounding. He was afraid the wolves would hear it beating through his chest. He estimated they were no more than six feet away. Something told him the male was on his right, and a female was on his left, both were panting. The fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Slowly they began moving in front of him, then away from him, he could make out their shapes. He began to breathe again. A breeze came in from the west, and started to move the fog slightly, just in time for him to see the backs of the wolves, heading down a trail. He went from crouching to kneeling on one knee, grateful. Then it hit him – something his Grandfather Lone Horse had said about wolves. They don’t make noise until the last part of the hunt, running after the prey.

But he had heard them! First there was the howling, then rustling through the bushes, then breathing so close he could hear that too. That was not supposed to happen. Then he also realized they could have attacked him and didn’t!

The wind picked up from the west, and he began to see better. A howl came from about 50 feet in front of him. Gradually he could see the two of them on the next ridge. He stood up to get a better look. They were staring at him. He knew they would not harm him. He did not know how he knew, but he knew.

Then he realized he was not out here to only have his father and mother proud of him, he was also out here to impress Song Bird. He had almost died of heart break when she was attacked by the bear. Hawk in the Sky was the hero that day, and everyone looked up to him now. He was trying to be a hero too. He knew that now, and hung his head in sorrow.

His mind was with flooded with thoughts. Was the Creator speaking to him?, he did not know. He and Song Bird were very good friends. No matter where they were in the village they seem to find each other, and they would talk, talk about almost everything. He wanted to show her he would be a good provider, that’s why he was here. His eyes were closed now. The people knew about their friendship, yet they said nothing. Their smiles said they approved.

She had told him once that she cried at night, from being afraid, and that she had bad dreams. He wanted to be the one that would hold her, and tell her that everything was alright. He wanted to gently touch her scars, and speak softly to her. He knew they were too young, but he would wait for her. He would wait for them both to grow up, but knew that he knew, they would be married when the time was right.

When he opened his eyes and looked up, the wolves were gone.


Cheyenne Woman

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The Bear

Bear in the Woods

Note: This story contains a scene of an animal attacking a human and being killed in the process. It is fiction, but please do not read it if you love animals.

In the morning, Hawk in the Sky and Red Wing worked around the village. Outside of their lodge he worked on repairing his weapons and began making a new shield. The hardest part of shield making was getting it tight enough. He made several new arrows, and replaced the badly worn string on his bow. He used a piece of sinew and worked it until the tension was just right.

Red Wing worked with some other women stripping deer hides, in order to make clothing. They had to be scraped, dried, and softened in order to make the comfortable and durable clothing the people were used to.

In the late afternoon the peace of the village was by destroyed by screams coming from the river. Everyone jumped and moved in that direction at the same time. Hawk in the Sky’s lodge was one of the closest to the river, and he found himself grabbing his bow and quiver full of arrows, as he took off in the direction of the horrible sounds. There was roaring, along with the screams, and he did not like the sound of either.

As he ran, his quiver found its way to his back, and the first arrow (a brand new one) made its way to his bow, within seconds he was there. There was no time for thinking. A grizzly bear was chasing a group of young people on the other side of the river, and then knocked down the closest one with his huge claw. Just as the menacing animal was about to bite the young girl, the arrow from Hawk in the Sky found its place, squarely in the middle of the right side of the huge bear’s neck.

A roar of pain shot through the sky, which could be heard for miles. Two more arrows found their place in the animal’s neck, including one at the base of the skull. Roaring and screaming, the great animal stood on two legs in defiance, and immediately two more arrows from the bow of Hawk in Sky found their place, this time in the center of the great animal’s chest.

The huge bear fell backward, and lost his battle. The girl that was injured now had the courage to run across the river to the waiting arms of the people. He now saw that it was twelve year old Song Bird. There was blood coming from her upper back. Hawk in the Sky made his way across the river to make sure the animal was dead. Usually he had peace when he killed an animal, this time he was just angry.

He knew there would be no counsel meeting tonight. He had wanted to talk to the elders, but Standing on the Mountain would be helping the family of Song Bird, providing medicines and prayer.

 Omate Hawk Eagle

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