Sacred Ground

desert and palm

What makes a place, a holy place?

sometimes soft with peace,

sometimes with thunder?

He always seems to meet with prophets,

in a remote place, a desert,

on the mountain, a rock,

special people?

no like us, just people,

I can understand God living,

in the Rocky Mountains,

but in New York City?

He is everywhere,

but perhaps, He meets with us,

in the remoteness of the earth,

in those special places,

because, it is there that we listen,

we can hear better,

the Lakota knew that,

the prophets heard that,

they heard God,


in the calmness,

without distractions,

in the rocks, and in the sand.

desert and rocks

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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On the Mountain Top

from fineartamerica print by Raven Regan
from fineartamerica print by Raven Regan

There is gold and silver on top of the mountain,

not metal, but spiritual,

up in the clouds,

high in the rocks,

close to the Creator,

infused with His presence.

from wallpaperweb
from wallpaperweb

Native Americans were born there,

Tibetan Monks want to live there,

Moses was there for 40 days,

his face was glowing when he came down,

I want to be there!

But He said, “You were made”,

“to live in the valley”.

from fanpop
from fanpop

So I live here, with people,

through the pain, the tears, the hurt,

and the hate.

So we are here together,

to encourage each other,

to help each other,

and to love,


in spite of the pain.

Can I ask one thing God?

Can I have some of the mountain,

living in me?

Please flow, and live,

in me,

bring healing to us,

Please God.

from imgarcade
from imgarcade

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree