The Last People on Earth XIII – 10?

Oceans 1207

Looking around the truck, the trailers were still attached, but the trailer hitch for the lab was slightly bent. He thought he could maybe bend it back into shape, with a hammer. It was the truck that was the worst. All the damage was on the front, driver’s side. The tire was flat and the rim was bent. The fender was like crumpled paper. He placed his foot on the front bumper, which was hanging, pushed on it, and it fell with a crash.

He felt awful, because he had been reckless, trying to avoid a drone that did nothing. He looked at Miriam, straight in the eyes, and said, “I’m sorry Miriam……you were right, maybe they were just gathering data”. She looked down, said nothing, but shook her head, saying ok.

More than two hours later, they were ready to travel again. They had unhitched the trailers, unloaded all of the contents from the back of the truck, and changed the tire, with a spare already mounted on a rim. Then they loaded everything back into the truck, and hitched up the trailers again. It was a painful lesson, he thought, about when to listen to the one you love.

He had wanted to make her a nice salad when they got to their new home. Now it would be dark when they arrived, so that was out. Before they drove off he got one of the coolers, and placed it in the front seat. It had fresh fruit, and in another bag they had granola. With a forced smile he offered her some fruit. She said, “Let’s just drive Jeremiah…” His spirits dropped. It was not like her to turn down fresh fruit. Her look said, “I’m not happy right now”.

So the tired couple drove quietly, in their mangled truck, and the transmission was worse now, lurching them forward once in a while. They hoped they would make it there in one piece. Thirty minutes later Miriam reached for some granola and started crunching. “There’re some blueberries in the cooler”, he said quietly. She went for some of those too. She looked at him, knew he was hurting and she said, “Jeremiah, I’m ok, and we are ok…….” “Don’t worry….” Thank God she was talking now, he thought. He smiled at her.

Twenty minutes later Miriam was beginning to perk up, and asked Jeremiah an unusual question. She said in her wonderful French African accent, “Have you ever thought of how many children we should have?”. She had a serious look on her face, so he said, “Well….yes but I don’t think we’ve ever talked about it.” He continued with, “I was thinking 4….. maybe 5.” “What about you?” he asked, as he took a drink of water. “Well I was thinking…….I think…….well…….10!

He choked, coughed, sprayed and spurted water all over the steering wheel! He coughed some more, and she reached over to rub his back. She was giggling now, having great fun with this. He pulled over, and put the truck in park. He looked at her disbelieving. “You want 10 children???!” He couldn’t believe it. She was laughing out loud now, at his reaction. She was trying not to be too loud, so she began stomping her foot, and holding a hand to her mouth. He decided to play this out some more, and go along with it. He said, “What do I look like a machine??” She howled with laughter, and her foot stomped even more.

After he wiped down the steering wheel, he kept mumbling “10 children!!”, he was really enjoying her laughter, and hysterics. In between her howls of laughter, she said, “But Jeremiah…….we need to…….we need to…….. repopulate!!!” She howled once again, and he laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes. They could not stop laughing. “Very funny!” he said. But he loved every minute of it…….he had never laughed so hard in his life……..

To be continued.


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“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Dreamwalker VI – Meeting Linda’s Family

family eating

Contemporary Microfiction

It had been a mistake to come here, to meet Linda’s parents. He knew it would be, and he had told Linda a number of times that he wasn’t religious. Now Gloria Sanchez, Linda’s Mom, was asking how often he went to church. He stumbled over his words, while Linda looked horrified at her mother’s question. He was honest though and said, “I don’t really go to church” “I prefer being in nature”.

To say he felt awkward was an understatement. He felt awful. It was all over now, he was sure of it, especially when he saw the reaction on the face of Mrs. Sanchez. Her eyes got wide, and she gasped. She said nothing though, but her face was red with anger. She continued eating, looking down at her plate, and stabbing her food with the fork, forcibly. Linda said, “Mama, please!”. Mrs. Sanchez turned to her daughter and asked, “Well what do you expect?” “You are about to marry a man that doesn’t go to church?” “You want me to be happy about that?” Linda was shocked and could only say, “Mama…” Her nieces and nephews at the table just stared.

Mrs. Sanchez turned to James again, and asked, “Well will you at least raise your children in the Church?” There was tension in the air now, so thick that everyone could sense it, it was tangible. “I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it”. It was an honest answer. “You haven’t thought about it???” Linda’s Mom had raised her voice at this point, and her husband, Juan asked her to calm down. Instead of saying anything, she excused herself and went into the kitchen.

No one said anything. James didn’t know what to do. There was no way this marriage was going to work. As far as he was concerned, their plans to get married in a couple of months had come to a screeching halt. He was angry, and more than that he was embarrassed. His face was flush with at least three shades of red.

He didn’t know what to do. So he did what anyone would do, he got up from the table, said, “I’m sorry I ruined your evening, my apologies…”, and he headed for the door. His anger was burning now, and he knew for sure that love was garbage. Linda and her father, both said, “Please, please don’t go!” “No please, don’t leave this way”. Linda moved quickly and reached for his arm, but he pulled away, and was out the door in a flash.

By the time he started the Mustang, everyone was outside, including Linda’s Mom. She had her hand over her mouth. Linda was yelling, “James!” “James!”. He put the car in first gear, hit the gas and let out the clutch, which left some rubber behind him. He went barreling down the road.

The only place he wanted to be was in the desert. Maybe he could find a cave, where there was no pain, and he would not have to be good enough. He reached for his cell phone and turned it off. He was done.

desert with cactus

To be continued!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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Asian Strings

These guys really know how to play the stringed instrument, called the shamisen. It reminds me somewhat of the banjo in the US, but it is smaller. It appears to have only two strings, so the sounds it makes are amazing. This is also an ancient instrument but the style they  play here seems to be a blend of traditional and modern. They play better than many rock stars I have seen! Go Yoshida Brothers!

Have a great weekend!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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video from youtube

Images of Africa

I love this video for a number of reasons. First there are the images of the people, that are happy and smiling. Joy and smiling in any culture are wonderful! They seemed to be filled with such a love of life. There is also beautiful nature photography. I also love the music of Samite, a musician from Uganda. I am mainly familiar with his flute playing, but there is a wonderful blend of instruments, and vocals here. All of this and the cultural element of the video, truly make it wonderful. I hope you enjoy it! Maybe I should have been an anthropologist.

I also want to share a quote with you: “I write to discover what I know.” Flannery O’Connor

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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White and Brown

Two Hands

There is no such thing as a white person,

if I hold a white piece of paper in the mirror,

I am not white, I’m a lighter shade of brown,

with a few drops of pink mixed in.

some are beige or tan,

some are a medium brown,

and some are dark, but all are beautiful,

and white is only beautiful, if next to other colors,

like snowflakes against a night sky.

Adam and Eve never had any prejudice,

help us God, to feel connected to one another,

from the same source,


human beings,

infused with color.

A beautiful rainbow family with twin girls.
A beautiful rainbow family with twin girls.


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The Art of Traditional Clothing – India

Harijan Woman
Harijan Woman
Beautiful Colors -Unknown People Group
Beautiful Colors -Unknown People Group


As you know I love colors! India has some of the most colorful and beautiful traditional clothing in the world. India is more than one culture, in fact there are many cultures within in India. There are more than 300 languages in India, and someone told me the number is actually closer to 1,000. The country has almost 1,000,000,000 people now, which means that 1 out of every 5 people in the world is Indian. Here are just a few examples of the beautiful clothing.

Kutch - Gujarat
Kutch – Gujarat
Mir Woman - Gujarat
Mir Woman – Gujarat
Marwada Meghwal Harijan
Marwada Meghwal Harijan







Pink Wedding Dress
Pink Wedding Dress
Fakirani Jat
Fakirani Jat
Sikh Man in Blue
Sikh Man in Blue
Rajastani Shoes
Rajastani Shoes

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Dances with Wolves – Why I Do Like the Movie


Dances with Wolves, 1990 – A Mini-Review Part II.

This film is a visual masterpiece. The cinematography is outstanding, to the point of the film being a work of art. Especially beautiful are outdoor scenes of sunsets, buffalo hunting, and of everyday village life. I love the way the village life is portrayed!

This brings me to the second aspect I really like about the film, which is the way the people become real to us. We do not only get to see how the people lived, (a long time ago), we get to know them. I love the Native American characters in this film. Chief Ten Bears is wonderful. Watch especially the interaction with him and his wife! They fuss at each other just like an older couple would. Priceless.

Even though there is too much of Lt. John Dunbar in the film, there are scenes that are very special. I love when his horse gets stolen (several times), and then returns back to him! I will always remember the scenes of his interaction with the wolf. They are just beautiful. Wind in His Hair charging up to him, and challenging him, yelling at him in Lakota is especially memorable.

I’m glad there is some romance in this film. I don’t agree that the character of Kevin Costner has to have a white wife, but I think I understand why it was done that way. If his wife had been Lakota, it probably would have been considered exploitation.

Native Americans using the Lakota language gives this film a big boost. Great effort was made to be as realistic as possible. I understand most of the actors had to actually learn the language, then they could speak it on film.

The musical score is magnificent. It goes perfectly, and adds to the film’s beautiful filming. It is inspiring.

There a lot of good things about this film and they do outweigh the negatives.

I have included a trailer, with a lot of the Lakota language. Stands with a Fist is white, but has lived with the Lakota a long time, and they want her to speak the white’s language to Lt. Dunbar (Kevin Costner).

By the way when you see the word Sioux in the subtitles it is incorrect. That is an English word from the French, and the Lakota in this movie and in other places use the word Lakota. They do not say Sioux. You can even hear the word “Lakota” if you listen closely.






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The Beauty of Brown


I love your beautiful brown skin,

so rich, so soft,

next to mine,

next to my paleness.

I love it when you wear,

brown clothing, mixed with tan,

with a little bit of red, or green,

deep earth colors, blended,

sometimes surrounded by gold.

That hat reminds me of coffee,

next to your skin,

dark roasted, aroma.

I love the smell of coffee….

(ok, time to close the curtains now…).


Cup of Coffee

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