Dreamwalker X – The Fishing Trip

fishing gear

Contemporary Microfiction

Diego pulled into the driveway of the Sanchez house, promptly at 3:20 am. They had a little more than an hour of a drive to get there, and they both wanted to be standing in the river, as the sun was coming up. Juan Sanchez, Linda’s Dad, was standing in the doorway, waiting with his gear. After saying good morning, they loaded the car, while Gloria Sanchez watched in her bath robe, and mumbled about “Men are so out of their minds….” “All this just to catch some fish?” After Juan kissed his wife goodbye, he and Diego jumped into the Mustang and headed down the road.

There were a lot of horses under the hood, and Diego tried to keep the car from roaring too much through the neighborhood. Once they got onto the main road though, he put the windows down, and hit the petal. “Mustangs were not made to go slow!”, he said. “And this is a GT!” He had to talk loud to be heard over the wind. They both reached for their coffees smiling, loving the speed and power of the car. When Juan said he really liked the Mustang, Diego pulled over and asked him if he wanted to drive. “Sure!”, came the response. Juan had always wanted to try one out.

mustang 2They didn’t talk too much going down the road, but when they did, they talked about Linda. How could they not talk about her? Juan mentioned she was still working on her college classes to become a nurse. She wanted to be like her Mom. Diego mentioned he knew, and was encouraging her to quit her waitressing job so she could do more studying. Juan knew he liked this guy but wondered about him not working.

Once they were at the state park, they unloaded and walked about a mile to the river. Juan asked him where they were going to live after they were married. It was a typical Dad question, and Juan felt somewhat embarrassed after letting it fly. They kept walking, and Diego mentioned, “We are looking at houses to buy, in our area.” “We wouldn’t move in though until after the wedding”. Juan smiled at the “after the wedding” part. He knew his wife would be happy to hear it!

But Juan did stop in his tracks. “How will you pay for a mortgage while teaching at the community college?” It was a valid concern, but Diego did not know how to say in a humble way, that he had money. “Juan we are paying cash”. “I made a lot of money in the corporate world, and to be honest that was the only good thing.” So much for that concern.

They spent hours and hours in the river fishing that day. There was enough fish to cook right there on the banks of the river, and extra that they put on ice to take home. The more Juan got to know this young man from the Red Rocks country, the more he liked him. Diego shared a lot about his people, and that he needed to get more connected with them. Teaching at the college would help.

Juan was most impressed with him when they talked about religion. He really had his head on straight. Diego said he had been baptized as a baby but he could not get married in the same church the Sanchez family was a part of. “I would be lying if I said I believed all that”. So there it was, he was an honest man too. Yep, Juan knew for sure his daughter was going to be very happy with Mr. Diego Dreamwalker. He did hope they would get married in some type of a church though……..

river desert

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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Dreamwalker VII – The Antler Inn

log cabin 2

Contemporary Microfiction

About 45 minutes after leaving the Sanchez house, he was pulling onto the highway, when he got a nagging feeling that he had overreacted. None of it was Linda’s fault, and he shouldn’t have left her there, at her parent’s house. They had driven the four hours together, to visit her parents, and they should have left together. He pulled over. Why was he so stupid? Then the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. He had never been in love before. He had known women, and dated women, but this was the first time he had allowed himself the freedom to love. Now he couldn’t think right half the time. It was all new territory.

He picked up his cell phone, should he call? No, she would hate him for sure now. He dialed her cell number anyway, and got the recording. He didn’t have the courage to leave a message. But listening to her voice did two things to him. First it made him realize how much he loved her, that he needed her, and that led to the second reaction. He was horrified that he might lose her, or that he already did lose her! He felt like cussing because he was so scared, but he prayed instead. He yelled out, “God help!”, and that was it. He dialed her number again, and again it went to voice mail.

He found himself driving again, and for some reason he headed towards the Antler Inn, instead of his own apartment, even though it was an hour further away. Amy had a room when he called, but it would have to be the same room he and Linda had shared. He hesitated but said yes.driving

When he got there, Amy took one look at him, and said, “God, what a mess you look!” He mumbled some unintelligible words, and headed for the room. The room was the clincher. Memories of their time there flooded his mind and heart. He thought of the love making, the pillow talk, the sharing of their dreams together, and of course the many times they read to each other, from Rumi and Gibran. He fell apart with his face in his hands, and wept.

The next morning he made it to breakfast even though he had been up most of the night. Amy served them up some wonderful western style omelets, and sat down across from him. For eighty three years old she had more strength than most women much younger. “So did you have a have a fight with Miss Linda?” She didn’t mince any words. His eyes narrowed, saying he wasn’t in the mood for questions. “I didn’t come here for this!”, he blurted. “Well what the “H” did you come here for?” “To enjoy the fauna?” She had him for sure, and he knew it. He spilled out everything at that point, he just could not help it. He told her everything.

“Well, just call her for Pete’s sake.” “Don’t just talk about it – do it!”, she said. He explained he had called her – three times. “Three times???!!!” “She’s probably called you a hundred and three times.” She continued with “You can’t mess around like this when it comes to love!” “You need to get serious!” She was right of course, and he reached for his phone. The battery was dead! No wonder he had not received anything from her.

He found his charger, and called her from the living room. She answered right away, before she could say anything, he talked like a flood – “Linda my battery went dead, I’m sorry for overreacting, I want to get married, can we buy a house together? Did your father take you home?” He was out of breath when he finished. There was a pause on the other end. “James!” was all she could say, and then he heard her weeping. “I’m sorry, really sorry Linda”. “James I stayed overnight here, but I haven’t slept.” He told her he hadn’t slept either, then he jumped to telling her he was on the way to pick her up. “It’ll only take five hours!” “I’ll be right there!”

Amy heard the whole thing, from the dining room, and just shook her head. “This man is a mess!” “What is wrong with men these days?” “They ain’t got noooo sense…..”

  desert flowers

To be continued!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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Dreamwalker VI – Meeting Linda’s Family

family eating

Contemporary Microfiction

It had been a mistake to come here, to meet Linda’s parents. He knew it would be, and he had told Linda a number of times that he wasn’t religious. Now Gloria Sanchez, Linda’s Mom, was asking how often he went to church. He stumbled over his words, while Linda looked horrified at her mother’s question. He was honest though and said, “I don’t really go to church” “I prefer being in nature”.

To say he felt awkward was an understatement. He felt awful. It was all over now, he was sure of it, especially when he saw the reaction on the face of Mrs. Sanchez. Her eyes got wide, and she gasped. She said nothing though, but her face was red with anger. She continued eating, looking down at her plate, and stabbing her food with the fork, forcibly. Linda said, “Mama, please!”. Mrs. Sanchez turned to her daughter and asked, “Well what do you expect?” “You are about to marry a man that doesn’t go to church?” “You want me to be happy about that?” Linda was shocked and could only say, “Mama…” Her nieces and nephews at the table just stared.

Mrs. Sanchez turned to James again, and asked, “Well will you at least raise your children in the Church?” There was tension in the air now, so thick that everyone could sense it, it was tangible. “I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it”. It was an honest answer. “You haven’t thought about it???” Linda’s Mom had raised her voice at this point, and her husband, Juan asked her to calm down. Instead of saying anything, she excused herself and went into the kitchen.

No one said anything. James didn’t know what to do. There was no way this marriage was going to work. As far as he was concerned, their plans to get married in a couple of months had come to a screeching halt. He was angry, and more than that he was embarrassed. His face was flush with at least three shades of red.

He didn’t know what to do. So he did what anyone would do, he got up from the table, said, “I’m sorry I ruined your evening, my apologies…”, and he headed for the door. His anger was burning now, and he knew for sure that love was garbage. Linda and her father, both said, “Please, please don’t go!” “No please, don’t leave this way”. Linda moved quickly and reached for his arm, but he pulled away, and was out the door in a flash.

By the time he started the Mustang, everyone was outside, including Linda’s Mom. She had her hand over her mouth. Linda was yelling, “James!” “James!”. He put the car in first gear, hit the gas and let out the clutch, which left some rubber behind him. He went barreling down the road.

The only place he wanted to be was in the desert. Maybe he could find a cave, where there was no pain, and he would not have to be good enough. He reached for his cell phone and turned it off. He was done.

desert with cactus

To be continued!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Writing © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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Dreamwalker II

brown and blue rocks

When he saw the red rocks, he knew he had made the right choice. With Standing Bear’s advice, he had not officially quit his job in New York – not yet. Taking a leave of absence though, allowed him to enjoy nature again. He was regaining some sanity.

Seventy hour work weeks had taken a toll on him, in more ways than one. He was in Northern New Mexico now, near Taos. He was hiking, and camping with a tent, which he had not done in years. It took just one day for the healing and restoration to begin. The days were filled with intoxicating sunlight, and the nights were cold, which made for great sleeping, as he hunkered down in his sleeping bag.

As he was carving, and sanding down a walking stick one day, he started thinking about his job. How could he quit when so many of his people looked up to him? He was a huge success. Maybe that was the point, he didn’t need to be a millionaire, and it was time to get back to his people. It was time to give to his people. Pow WowWarm Springs ReservationOregonUSA

He could not live apart from them anymore. If he did keep his job, he would do so out here, close to nature, attending the Pow Wows, and yes even dancing, like in the visions he had. He needed to feel whole and complete, and that meant living out here.

That also meant he could seek out relationships. Was it wrong to seek a woman? Of course not. Even his mother and father (both gone now) would approve. Later, when he took a break from walking, he sat on some rocks and looked at the sky. The sun began hiding behind some clouds. He smiled to himself, realizing he needed the physical and the spiritual in his life. It felt good to be alive again.

After five days of being in the wilderness, he came to a trading post, in a little town called Big Stone Gap. They had supplies, a restaurant, and an inn. He thought it would be good idea to eat someone else’s cooking for a couple of days. While he was in the restaurant, he read some of the local newspapers. Under the help wanted ads he saw something that caught his eye. There was a teaching job open at the River Rocks Community College, in the Economics Department. The more he read about it, the more he wanted to work there.

He was about to reach for his phone and call Standing Bear, to tell him about it, when he noticed his waitress, for the first time. How did God make such beautiful women? They talked for a while, and later she took her break by sitting down with him. He found out her name was Linda, and noticed that she looked more Mexican, than First Nations – but so what! Yes it sure was good to be alive again…. mexican woman

Note: I have decided not to call this a “conclusion”, because I’m leaving it open for future possibilities. I would like to see more of James Dreamwalker (and his relationships) in the future!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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Dreams of War – The Conclusion

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Historical Microfiction

The war was already over. The people had won and everybody knew it. Regardless of what happened externally, they had won the internal war over fear, and discouragement. They would not be defeated by their circumstances. Most of the people had been up all that night, praying and encouraging one another, visiting each other, and even singing. They were all ready for the Ulani warrior.

In particular Cricket in the Meadow, and Sky were ready. Cricket in the Meadow had been praying so much, she had a tangible glow, on and around her face. Sky, had gone out in the middle of the night, to where the horses were kept (her favorite place for seeking the Creator). She had a vision of speaking in the Ulani language and saying particular words to the warrior. She ran back to the lodge, and told her mother, Cricket in the Meadow.horses at night

Cricket in the Meadow was one of the few people left in the village that could speak Ulani. “Mother, how do you say, ‘We know you are Ulani’…” Then Cricket in the Meadow, would give her the words, and they would practice their pronunciation. There were other words too, and after Sky had learned all the words she was supposed to say, Cricket in the Meadow taught her how to get rid of her Tsi accent, so she would sound more Ulani. Both of them felt these words would be important during the battle.

No one was sure who first saw the Ulani warrior, that foggy morning. It wasn’t important. No one screamed, and no one yelled, or panicked. Small verbal signals were given, like when the men went hunting. One by one, each family came out of their lodge, and stood silently in the shadows, looking at the warrior. Several of the men did have weapons in their hands, but they were not pointed at the stranger.

people in a fogAll of this surprised the Ulani warrior. He was shocked, because his being there, was supposed to cause the exact opposite reaction. He knew he could be killed in an instant, but he just sat there silently on his horse, observing their strange behavior. No one said anything.

And then, in front of him there was a strange glow that began. As it grew and got brighter, it took the shape of a man. His clothing was a pale white, but in the style of the Tsi people. It was an image for sure, of someone that had been alive. The spirit-man then moved closer without walking, but the Ulani’s horse was not frightened. The spirit-man said nothing, but had a very stern look on his face, and then he pointed, back the way the Ulani man had come. He was pointing outside of the village while looking at the Ulani warrior! The Tsi and Grie people recognized the spirit-man as Cricket in the Meadow’s husband, Lone Horse, who had died months ago. They were not afraid, in fact, they felt encouraged that he was there, fighting the battle with them.

The Ulani warrior wanted to leave, he tried to, but he could not move. This place was too strange! Then suddenly he heard a woman’s voice off to the right, coming from the fog. She spoke in perfect Ulani, “We know you are Ulani…..” “We forgive you and your people, for what took place in the past…….there is no war here.” “Now go!” The spirit-man was still looking at him sternly and pointing outside the village. The Ulani warrior nodded his head yes, and started to turn his horse, when a burst of flame came from the middle of the village. A fire had started on its own, without anyone touching it! A strong wind came from the east, strengthened the fire, and lifting the fog within seconds. The Ulani’s horse was frightened now, and danced around, trying to run away.

Before he left, the Ulani warrior could plainly see the face of each one there, as they stared at him, men, women, and children. Their quiet strength and determination, was something he had never seen before. He turned his frightened horse, and galloped off. They never saw the Ulani man again.

tipi and sky

Note: Dreams do not always foretell the future, but they can warn us of a conflict to come. Sometimes how we respond to the dream, and to the conflict, is more important.

Blessings to everyone, and PEACE!

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Dreams of War

by indus

Historical Microfiction About First Nations People

He could not understand why he was dreaming about war. The Tsi and Grie peoples had had peace for many years, generations in fact. Thunder Speaking was at peace, with everyone, including himself. He was in love, newly married, and he and Bluebird were now expecting a child. His arm (injured from fighting wolves) was almost completely healed and he was starting to practice with the bow again.

Yet the dreams persisted. They were always the same, and started with a single warrior watching their village, and then there was an army of warriors behind him. The warrior was always the same. He wore three feathers in his hair, and one side of his head was shaved. Then, in the dream, the men and women of the village, his village now, fought for their lives. There was smoke and destruction, dead bodies were everywhere. And the dream always ended the same, his wife Bluebird, still carrying their child, lay outside their lodge, dead in the snow. He always woke up at this point, sometimes yelling, and always in a cold sweat.

Thunder Speaking prayed about these dreams constantly, even as he walked around the village. Sometimes he went walking and praying, so much so, that his wife grew concerned. She asked him, was there something wrong? All he would say was, “I’ve had bad dreams, and I need to pray”. war

For several days he thought maybe it was because he had experienced so much war himself, and that it was still bothering him. He was the only Ite (pronounced Ee-teh) person in the village. He had come to the Tsi village and had found refuge. After thinking about this for days, he decided his past was not the cause, and each night the war dreams continued.

He decided to go to Standing on the Mountain, their spiritual leader, and they spoke privately in order not to alarm the rest of the village. He was shocked to find out that Standing on the Mountain had a very similar dream. “The warrior is Ulani”, he explained. “It has been four generators since the last war, in fact, we have not even seen any Ulani for more than ten years.” Then Standing on the Mountain further explained that there had been other people in the village with the same, or similar dream, and he was about to call a council meeting to discuss the matter. It was not a good sign.

Dreamcatcher Hawk Feather by Cheryl Lewis via PinterestThunder Speaking later found out that some of the people having the dreams, were those that were spiritual people, like Cricket in the Meadow, and Sky. Many of the people having the dreams though, were not known for having dreams at all, at least not this kind. This included Seven Hawks, and his wife Prairie Flower. They were some of the Grie people. Two Wolves and Songbird, also had the war dreams.

It was the next day when the storms began. It was late winter, early spring, so having storms was not unusual. These storms were odd though, in that they had rain, snow, sleet, then it was warm, then it was cold, and always there was a lot of fog. There was often thunder and lightning, even in a snow storm. The people became uneasy. By this time the whole village had heard about the dreams, and everyone was praying. The men got their weapons ready.

It was during one of the foggy mornings, after a night of rain, that a single warrior used the cover of fog to get close to the village. He kept his horse quiet as he slowly crept forward. He had smelled the lodge fires, and could now see the outlines of the lodges in the fog. A dog barked on the other side of the village and he stopped. He could hear thunder rolling in from the west, and used the noise to get closer, undetected. The fog was thick. Once he was in between two lodges he stopped again to survey the little that he could see. He had three feathers planted in his hair, and one side of his head was shaved….. tipi in the fog

The conclusion of Dreams of War, later today! Thanks for reading! Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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