green and blue water fall

When the earth was new,

there was plenty of food to eat,

clean food,

no money involved,

and there was no fighting,

no war,

no hate.

Now we have millions,citystreet

and billions to feed,

ideas leading hate,

to kill us.

We cannot always live,


but I look forward,

I long for,

the day,

when it is all put right,

where there is clean food,

for everyone,

where love and peace,

rule on the earth.

Heal us God,

and restore us,

so we can live,


once again.

Restoration. tropical saturn

 Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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Buffalo in the New Earth



Some say the buffalo will return,

when this world passes away,

and the new one is born.

I don’t know if electricity will ever die,

but if it does I will mourn,

the loss of art, music, chatting with friends,

and sharing poetry.

But you cannot mistreat this earth

the way we have,

you cannot have cruelty,

the way we have,

without repercussions.

Noah learned that,

and took some action.

If the buffalo do return,

I will be ready, with my recurve bow,

a stockpile of paper,

and some good writing pens.

Lara Croft Recurve Bow - Courtesy Etsy
Lara Croft Recurve Bow – Courtesy Etsy

Pottery Barn Saddle Leather Journal
Pottery Barn Saddle Leather Journal

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree