Purple in the Quiet Night

Purple in the quiet night drawing me closer, in silence almost like a prayer

into a peaceflow of color, drawing me

with a calm assurance

of knowing,

knowing after all….

we are spirit created,

we exist,

walking through our space and time

more tangible,

we are….

brightness in that darkest night.

Poetry Copyright © 2020 rivers renewed, photo from Pixabay

The Colors of the Night Sky

from pixabay

Only her head bobbed above the water now, after swimming beyond the waves and into the open sea.

She refused to feel the coldness of the water as she searched the night sky, kicking her legs and moving her arms in front her to stay afloat,

waiting for the colors to begin. Then the yellow began streaking across the starry sky,

then orange appeared and a deep rich red…..it wouldn’t be much longer, she thought.

The colors so permeated the sky that they filled the air around her and the sea….It was not a reflection,

but an infusion dispelling the darkness. She would wait a few seconds more before dunking her head…..

and there it was! A strong streak of purple, symbolizing her future love…..filling the sky, the sea,

and all of her being……into her hair trailing behind her. Would she find him in time? 


Writing © Copyright 2020, ancient skies, image from pixabay

Note: This is a story I’m working on. If you like I can share a little more. Yes I do write fiction too!


The Unseen Between Us


In the middle of the night is when that unseen energy pulls us closer. I love when you reach out for me in your sleep My Love,

you not only declare your love for me, but you check on the universe, believing it will remain aligned, still on course.

In reaching I take your hand. I’m here, I will always be here, the night does not dim the unseen between us….

Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

Even the Sun Surrenders


Even the sun surrenders to the night,

as young lovers dream of colors streaming

through fountains,

and ducks nestle into their feathers,

while frogs take over the serenade.

A cloudless sky prepares

for the victory of fireflies

while the lake embraces

the reflection of stars

and the moon,

those softer lights. 


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

Walking at Night

Oceans 170

Quiet in the dark is protected by the night

even the birds don’t sing, muffled sounds of their wings,

hour glass slowly pouring, helps our feet to walk quickly

clear minds hearing ourselves think, an excellent time to pray

so the dark spirits don’t win, the cowards of destruction and despair

let them flee into a black hole, as heaven’s cell phone rings

once again, this time for Paris.

Are You listening?


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2015, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

At Night

Horse at Night

At night,

the wild horses shift quietly,

breathing in the moonlight,

an occasional snort, and head shake,

watching the lights of the ranch,

with a weary eye,

wondering if they will be next,

broken or worse.

The buffalo have a memory,

pondering their history at night,

asking where the people are,

that use to give them honor,

singing and dancing,

around the campfire.

A lonely First Nations wife,

cries at night, sick with fear,


her angry husband, leaving again,

she watches the door, wondering,

if he will be alive in the morning,

she prays he will return, to his people.

An executive watches his wife,

sleeping at night in their mansion,

worried, did he do the right thing?

gone for weeks at a time,

does she even know him?

does he even know her?

He wants to love her again,

will it work?

He is hopeful.

A lot can happen,

out on the Great Plains,

in the quiet,

at night.

 moon at night

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

top photo from pinterest, bottom photo from google