The Last People on Earth XI – Journey to Healing

Oceans 2020

In the morning there was no sign of the drone. Miriam convinced Jeremiah to not get a gun, but he was not happy about it. Privately he thought her reasoning was sound though. She told him that if the drone had meant to destroy them, it would have. A rocket being launched into the house would have put an end to everything. Could it be they (whoever they were) were just watching them?

He made them some eggs and turkey bacon, with toast, in the morning. Miriam was not a big meat eater, so she had just the eggs and toast. She admired his wanting to take care of her, and it showed at every mealtime. He didn’t say much as they ate, because he kept thinking, that he was supposed to take care of the family – wasn’t he? Was it just his male instinct causing him to want a gun to protect them? He wasn’t sure but it felt right. It wasn’t until later that Jeremiah better understood, her fear of guns.

They spent half the day packing up the lab. As they worked packing up boxes, Miriam explained about East Africa, and the conflict in Somalia often spilling over into other countries. The kidnappings, and killings were horrible. It was always with guns. However it wasn’t until they emigrated to Europe that she experienced the hatred of white people. The white racists hated them, and wanted nothing to do with Muslims, Jews, or anyone else different than they were.

Miriam, broke down in tears, as she retold the story of how she and her father, were kidnapped, raped, and severely beaten. They were left for dead, in the middle of the night, while a black car went speeding off into the darkness. Jeremiah held her, wanting to erase every hurt of her traumatized emotions. It took a while for Miriam’s grief to subside, and she finished with, “It wasn’t until we made our way to France, that we were safe.” She wouldn’t tell him though what country they were in, when the kidnapping took place in, “In case we meet survivors from there…” she said. She did not want Jeremiah to hate.

Six months after the kidnapping, Miriam’s father became very sick, and eventually died. Miriam was convinced it was from the beatings, maybe brain damage. “I have a lot of forgiving to do still”, she said, in her heavy French African accent. They both wept.

When they did work on the packing some more, Miriam realized it was Jeremiah’s love that was bringing so much healing. He never judged, never criticized, but he did give of himself so completely. At the end of the day, Jeremiah could see that she was tired, and said she should go in to rest. She did go in, and fell asleep almost immediately, on the couch. She dreamt of holding a beautiful baby girl, and her name was Sofia.

The next morning they left early. They had a large pickup now, a Ford F-250. He hated leaving the Mercedes, but they had to. The back of the truck was loaded with food, canned goods, and cold food, packed in coolers, with ice. Next there was the large trailer with the laboratory inside. And finally there was a small trailer, with their suitcases filled with clothing, and some kitchen items. Jeremiah was concerned about the weight they were hauling, and thought for sure the transmission would give out, but they only needed to drive 6 hours.

As they drove away from their first home, they knew they would miss it, but they both knew they were on the greatest journey of their lives, drones, or no drones. She smiled at her strength, this man of love, and took his hand.

He looked down at their bracelets, and said in perfect Amharic, “My Queen……I love you…….I will always love you…….(he had been practicing)…….. It was one of the greatest moments of her life……….she closed her eyes to take it all in.

To be continued.

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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Last People on Earth X – A New Home


They were in the garage, about a hundred yards from the house, with the door open, pouring over the latest data they had discovered. Farmland in Central Pennsylvania, looked very good.  They had searched far and wide for their next place. It needed to be good, rich farmland, with the right PH balance in the soil. Neither one of them wanted to be near a city, so they had been searching for weeks, taking samples, of air, soil, and water. They were tired of driving.

Lancaster County in Pennsylvania was attractive at first, but they had found the soils had been worn out by over farming, and besides, it was too close to a number of cities. That’s when they went looking, into the central part of the state. It had excellent sources of water, which most other locations did not have.

Miriam had part of her lab set up, in the garage so they could both run tests. Jeremiah looked in the microscope again, and said, “You’re right Miriam, this soil does look the best”. “Is there any chance the biological weapons damaged the environment, without us knowing it?” Miriam paused, then said, “It’s not likely, but we will just have to trust that it will all work out.” “We have run every test possible.”

“Ok, so do you still like that farm I picked out, that had been for sale for two years – the organic one?” Miriam nodded, and said, “I love the inside of the house.” “It’s gorgeous Jeremiah!” They were excited now, and Jeremiah said they should start packing as soon as possible.

As they both stood up to go to the house, Jeremiah noticed again the little bump (it was hardly noticeable) coming from Miriam’s stomach. It had been more than two months since their marriage ceremony, and Miriam was convinced she was pregnant. Was it just wishful thinking? They hoped not. He walked over to her and gently touched her stomach, and said “Can I?” She knew what he meant, and nodded yes. He raised her t-shirt, got in close, rubbing her stomach, he said, “Hello in there! Baby you are very much loved!” They both chuckled. Miriam bent down and gave Jeremiah a passionate kiss, just for being so wonderful.

Then Jeremiah stopped, and said he heard that sound again, like a humming noise. “Do you hear it?” Miriam said she did, and that it was coming from outside. “Shh.” he said, as he crept towards the door. “I don’t see anything”, he said cautiously. It sounded like a small motor, like maybe a moped, but far away. Both of them felt creepy because they had been hearing it for the last three days, off and on. Jeremiah took Miriam’s hand and they walked towards the house.

Miriam stopped dead in her tracks. Her long right arm, pointed at the sky and she yelled “Look!” They stared at the thing, then Jeremiah yelled, “Run!” “Run Miriam!” He still had hold of her hand, when she asked what it was. “Is it people?” He didn’t answer, but he practically pulled her into the house. In spite of being very tall, Miriam was not a good runner.

They got into the house, completely out of breath, and Jeremiah slammed the door. Miriam was practically hysterical and yelled, “What is it Jeremiah?!!” After he caught his breath, he managed to say, “It’s a drone!”

Her eyes widened in horror. He continued, “Miriam we need a gun!” This shocked her even more. “Jeremiah……please no guns……please… guns……”

To be continued.

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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Her Wedding Day

Bride - Early 1900's

A Prose Poem

It was her wedding day, so yes, she could smile again. It was true that she was young and her husband was a little older, but he loved her deeply. He was kind and gentle, like the others of her tribe. Somehow, because of the terrible times of the past, they were all aware now of how important it was, to be loving. They longed for there to be peace, and love always.

It was a new day, the salmon were running again, and her husband was not only a good hunter, he had started working at the lumberyard. All the men said it had to do with the Great Chief in Washington, showing the first people respect. He loved the wilderness, and hunting so much, he placed great pieces of land aside, to protect it, and to keep it sacred. It was a good sign.

And here it was now, her time to be married. She looked forward to the future, and all that the Great Spirit had in mind. This picture was taken just after she had prayed for many strong children, and that she and her husband would love each other – always. She knew that it was good. It was very, very good.



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Image of a First Nations bride, taken in the early 1900’s, from Pinterest

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

On This River

By the River

A Prose Poem

It was on this river that once flowed, her parent’s blood. She would never forget the image in her mind, of them running towards the river, screaming and praying, when the rifles rang out. Her parents went face down in the water, while she hid in the bushes. The white’s idea of war, included women and children. The did not fight like men. Even Grandfather died when his heart gave out.

The question was, now what, after 20 years? She didn’t like the white minister, he was always saying things that made people feel bad, but he did say one thing she liked. It was about forgiveness. As she watched the river flowing over the rocks, she was asking herself, could she? Could she no longer be angry and forgive?

She did learn that not all whites were evil, only some. Some were also for peace. She liked the people of the Quaker Tribe, they had love in their hearts. Some of the women even reminded her of her mother. She looked intently at the water. There was something here, something calling her, perhaps the Creator. But she could not, she just could not forgive. She prayed for strength, and decided she would try again tomorrow.




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“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Escape XIII – JLo and JJ

Oceans 817


They were both surprised by a surface to air rocket, that went after the back of JJ’s F-18. “Lookout!!” JJ took evasive action, turning his plane upside down, to the left, down and then up again. The rocket barely missed him.

JLo swung around, to the right and away, banking sharply. She came down low in a turn, until the pirate vessel was in her sights. She was barely 50 ft. above the water, with the engines screaming. She yelled, “Locked and loaded, you sons of devils!!” She flipped up the plastic cover over the trigger button. The M2 Browning, from the pirates, started blasting. JLo yelled, “Go back to hell…… now!!!” She pushed the red button, and two rockets launched simultaneously. She pulled up, and banked to the right. Both rockets met their target, resulting in a ball of fire on the ocean. JLo continued with, “…..where you belong….”

The four people on the Escape saw the ball of fire, but it was very brief. After a minute even the smoke and steam were gone. The two F-18’s swung around, and then together came down low, to make sure it wasn’t there. As they flew over, there was nothing left, except a few boards, floating on the water. “And the ancient evil was destroyed”, JJ said in a low tone. “Is that from a poem?”, JLo asked. He responded with, “Yeah, but I can’t remember who said it.” “Was it Tennyson?”

Jonathan asked Belinda to head for the Dominican Republic, and Costa del Sol. “We’re flying back to New Jersey as soon as possible”, he said. They all understood. Elaine wasn’t looking well. In fact, she looked terrified, and said, “I can’t wait to get off this boat”. And she meant it.

A few minutes later the two F-18’s flew over the Escape, waving their wings in victory, and saying goodbye. They pulled up sharply, and very quickly they were in the clouds. They leveled off, and headed home. The sun was fully up now and filled the sky with beautiful colors.

At 5,000 ft, JLo said, “So, you owe me a dinner at La Plata Grande…….”. “Yeah I know….but you’re worth it!” he said. Privately he wished he’d never said anything about a bet.

JJ turned to his partner, and asked, “So are we ever going to get married – or what?” He had asked her before, in a more formal way. She turned to him, looking through their cockpit windows, and said, “JJ, my Mama didn’t raise no fool!” She broke off to the right, laughing to herself.

“Hey wait a minute!” JJ yelled at her, “What the heck does that mean??” He broke off to the right too, and followed her. Privately she was having great fun, but knew she should say something else. “It means JJ, that sooner or later we should get married!” “I would be a fool not to.”

Now that was something, he thought. “Sooner or later” she said. So there was hope after all. JLo slowed her F-18 down, and the two best friends were once again flying…….wing tip….to wing tip.


To be continued.

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Blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Escape IX – Danger

Ships 152

Contemporary Microfiction

His wife Rachel, never liked the water, in fact she was scared of it. Robert was thinking about his wife Rachel, as he and Belinda prepared the Escape for sailing. Just before daylight the harbor was mostly quiet, with only a few people stirring in their boats.  The two crew members barely spoke, too tired to say much. They each forced a smile, and a quiet, “Good Morning”. As Belinda lifted the anchor, Robert started the diesel, and guided the yacht peacefully past the Tall Ships.

Robert was mostly reflecting on his life since his wife’s death, and how guilty he felt. He was lost in his thoughts, no wonder he couldn’t sleep last night. The truth was, he had given up his career in the Navy, for Rachel, and lived six years in the corporate world. Now though, he was living a dream, and was having the time of his life. Rachel was gone, and yet he was thrilled about living on the open sea. He felt awful about it. Yesterday with Belinda, was the icing on the cake. They had shared so much together looking at the ships.

They were just good friends (in his mind), but he wondered how long it would stay that way, or could stay that way. Belinda started untying the sails, and he offered to switch. He knew as soon as he said it, that it was a male instinct response, trying to protect her, and help her, but she was grateful, and said yes.

Once they were at full sail, they took turns at the helm, while the other slept under the canopy, in the stern of the yacht. After Jonathan and Elaine were up, they both took turns at the helm, seeing their crew exhausted. Jonathan wondered about the two, Robert and Belinda, and if they were a couple. Elaine just smiled, thinking they were cute. She did think it was too soon for Robert though.

Five days out from Nassau, Robert was amazed at how much he knew about Belinda now, including the heartbreak with her boyfriend. Not only did the boyfriend secretly have other women, but he slowly stole more than $10,000 from her. She was devastated and took off, eventually landing on the Escape, after a stint on a cruise ship.

Belinda, on the other hand, not only knew more about Robert, she was fascinated by him, and his entire life. She commended him time and again, for hanging in there and being faithful to his wife, in spite of the alcoholism. She had an admiration for him that she did not have before, and she loved his quiet strength.

They talked about everything during their times together on the deck, including rock music, food, family, and of course the ocean. Dolphins were regular visitors, and they took them as a good sign, most sailors did. Robert felt scared though, of how he was beginning to feel, about this beautiful sailing companion. Was she more than a friend now?

It was Jonathan that first saw the smoke. The black smoke on the horizon, had a menacing look. At about the same time they heard a mayday, scratchy and filled with static, on the marine radio, but the call for help was unmistakable. “Mayday! Mayday!”

Robert was at the helm, and headed the Escape towards the fire, still miles away. It wasn’t until they were closer that he became suspicious. At about ¾ mile away, he knew, and took the Escape hard to the starboard side. Jonathan yelled, “What are you doing??”

Robert yelled, “The only thing that will save us is speed!” “I think we’re faster, and we might make it to the northern coast of Haiti!” Belinda instantly knew what he meant, and went below to find some weapons.


To be continued.

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Blessings and peace to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Cellist – The Conclusion

flying with a cello

Contemporary Fiction

As the musicians filed into the empty concert hall, very few said anything. Most could not believe they were here doing this, and they wondered where they would get the strength from. It was their first rehearsal since the explosion, and they were all still grieving.

The first hour did not go well. Some were weeping as they played and they all had difficulty concentrating. More than one person excused themselves for a few minutes, to gather themselves, and then they came back, in the middle of the piece. Violinist Harriet Clarke walked off, in the middle of the 9th Symphony. Everyone heard her, off stage, sobbing huge sobs. The conductor stopped the orchestra and waited. When Harriet returned, they began again, from the beginning.

Something unusual took place though, after that first hour. It was not simply the music soothing their souls (although that was happening), the orchestra became…..well…..determined. A sense of resolve began to develop. Each person started believing that they could do this. And more – each person began believing they needed to do this. The music began to flow, a bit choppy at times, but it flowed. After several days of rehearsals, including on the afternoon of the concert, they all knew they were ready.

The orchestra would start with a modern piece, entitled, “Healing”, chosen specifically for this concert. Debbie would have a brief solo in this, and then they would launch into Vivaldi’s “Spring”, and then “Summer”, and most of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. The pieces were chosen specifically for this concert. orchestra

That night the concert hall began to fill quickly. There was a tension in the air, and excitement too. There was tension from being only one block from where the explosion occurred, and an excitement because they all knew this concert would be special. It was the beginning of a process, for healing.

Then it was time for the musicians to take the stage. They began warming up, and making final adjustments. The conductor walked out, to the podium where he had his back to the audience. He made sure he had what he needed, including several batons. As he looked over the orchestra, he had a tremendous sense of pride in each one of them. As far as he was concerned, they were all courageous warriors, fighting despair and fear, refusing to give up. Several of them had been injured in the explosion, including Debbie. He saw her watching, and they both smiled at each other, confident they would win this battle.

A reverent hush fell over the audience as the lights went down. Each musician poised themselves in the ready position. Energy, and that newly found determination, filled each one of them. And then – they were launched by the conductor. The nervousness of the orchestra vanished as soon as they began playing. The first piece, “Healing”, had a burst in the beginning, and loud percussions. Then the strings slowed the piece down, with sorrowful, weeping type of notes, and a slow tempo. At was at this point that Debbie’s solo came in, and she was ready for it.

First there was the slow, weeping sound that only a cello could make. Everyone was feeling the emotion, of the music and the playing of it. Debbie was lost in it and began weeping, but she played it flawlessly. Then the pace began to quicken and there short bursts from her instrument, symbolizing anger. All of the anguish she had been feeling came through her playing. It was tangible. The orchestra felt it, and the audience felt it. The audience experienced the emotion through Debbie’s cello. Tears began to flow.

hand and celloGradually the pace slowed again, and the rest of the orchestra joined in for the transition of life returning. The orchestra was energized as a result of this piece. They seemed to be on fire the rest of the night. It was without question their greatest performance. They were doing battle, and victory was theirs! The audience experienced victory as well, as they lived the music, and let it heal them.

After the performance, the audience erupted. They cheered, and yelled, and clapped, all at the same time. Yes, they would survive! They would all keep fighting, and never give up. Never! Many came onto the stage and gave hugs to the orchestra. There was back slapping and hand shaking. It was indeed a celebration of life.

Two weeks after the concert, a memorial service was held for the victims, and their families, in the city’s largest cathedral. There were a lot of good things said. Candles were lit, prayers were said, and it was good because the people received comfort. There was a sense of community, and togetherness.

The most memorable part came at the end, when a one armed woman by the name of Katherine Harrison came to the podium. She mentioned she not only lost her arm, but her seven year old son, in the explosion. She spoke briefly about the incredible anguish, and her grief. There was not a dry eye in the place. But then strangely she switched her speech to the topic of……forgiveness. She spoke about what forgiveness was and what it was not. “I’m not there yet…” “…but I’m working on it”. She thought forgiveness was refusing to hate, and continuing to love no matter what. She then read a quote from Mahatma Gandhi which said, “An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind”. It was true and everybody knew it.

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