Layer upon layer, each layer

of my unending horizons

washes over me

teaching me that I am more,

so much more

than my struggles

clarity, corrected vision

encouragement even

that yes

I can embrace a sense of hope,

and I have

a future.

By God I do.

Poetry and Image © Copyright, 2022 rivers renewed


May Light Shape Our Words

A poem will often carry my spirit into the mountains

where I hover

and pray over the land.

I did get glimpse once

of the healing so elusive

in our world today.

May rays of light continue

to shape our words

into prayers,

into poems

until the scars

vanish away.

Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, 2022 rivers renewed

Deer in the Forest

As I lift my camera in the forest, a quiet within me begins to surface

and a deer unthreatened looks my way chewing leaves,

I smile as the deer moves closer, I bow my head to her

in a greeting, do deer smile? our time is short lived…

for when I closed my eyes to lift a prayer,

within a second, she was gone.

Poetry and Image Copyright © 2022 rivers renewed