My Love

fire in love

This is a Love in Ten Sentences challenge given to me by Erika Kind. I had done one, a couple of months ago, and had a different focus. The word love has to be in each sentence, and there needs to be four words, in each of the ten lines. Some say you should write what you know – so due to the most beautiful woman on the planet (my wife) – here it goes!

Love is a relationship,

our relationship is love,

what an awesome love!

Her love is faithful,

my love is faithful.

Love strengthens us,

love removes our fears,

love increases our faith,

love never grows old.

She love’s my gray!

Since I nominated people last time, I only have two this time to nominate:

Dom at Black and Write

Esther at Hortus Closus

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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beach with sun

When I was seventeen,

I never would have dreamed,

that I’d be here with you,

feet in the sand,

looking at the waves,

drifting in my mind,

towards you.

At seventeen I was the lone wolf,

the Eagle’s Spirit, looking

railing against the peace,

in the anger of fast cars,

burning, spinning wheels,

going nowhere, searching

in the loud noises,

bright lights.

Now here I am in the quiet,

with you, rooted in the earth,

in your love, growing,


at peace, with the sand,

and the waves,

and almost,

grown up.

 waves and rocks

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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The Silence of Your Heart

loving embrace

You don’t have to say a word,

and I know that you love me,

in that quiet assurance,

the knowing – of your smile,

the silence of your love,

that we walk together. Holding,

embracing the union, the natural,

more than just seeking the clouds though,

it is in the giving of our hearts,

of ourselves, that silence of trusting,


that makes us truly one.

You don’t have to say a word,

and I know that you love me.

 Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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That Face


It was that face,

that got me into trouble,

shook me,

to the core,

brought healing,

to a soul,

washed up on the shore,

you were the sun.

It was that face,

that carried your smile,

melted butter,

and honey glistening,

encased in white.

It was that face,

those eyes,

your eyes,

pulling me in,

caught me,

in a fishing net.

You got me good,

with that face,

your face,

got me on the first date.

Kiss me again.


Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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Our hands touch, inside the bowl,

covered with butter and salt,

is that the last piece?

Our eyes meet,


our hands frantically search,

you grab the last kernel.

“I let you have it”, I say smiling,

 popping some more,

“What’s this movie?”,

you mention Jimmy Stewart,

back with a fresh bowl,

I lean over,

for my reward,

you whisper,

“this is a good movie…!”

Who cares about the movie,

all I can see is your face,

covered with butter and salt.


 Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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house under construction

Do you realize?

you took this empty shell,

this demolished house,

this pile of rubble,

what was left,

of my soul,

and rebuilt it.

Do you remember our first date?

going to the movies,

a single rose,

talking in the car for hours,bricks

brick by brick,


each conversation,

pieces of my heart,

put back together,

bringing me back,

 to life,

in a moment,

in a smile,

everything was new,

my appliances,

my mind,


working again,

walls decorated,

with beauty.

Giving me new life,

and then,

the electricity came on,

and there was fire.

I’m glad we were married,

a guarantee,

for eternity.

My Love.


Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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The Stars of Mongolia

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from flickr

If I ever travel to Mongolia,

and look at the stars,

I want you next to me, exploring deep space,

holding hands, traveling through time,

far off galaxies. Pondering.

Our love goes deeper than space,

farther than time, beyond

all limits.

But traveling back to earth

is what we need,

touching, reality,

living in the physical,


Let’s go back inside now,

I really could live in a yurt,

as long as I’m next to you,

snuggling, under warm blankets,

in the here and now.


Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree


Lavander Farm Provence France

Do you have lavender in your hair again?

pressing my nose against your cheek,

reminds me of the lavender farm,

we went to last summer.

You were from the Victorian age that day,

walking, enveloped by the aroma,

playing the queen in my play,

our hands telling the story,

you broke character by tickling my nose

with a sprig, then running!

Chasing you through the bouquet,

getting yelled at by the owner, laughing

like a couple of teenagers, it was worth it,

fragrance of the flowers released,

and I caught you! Yes I did.

My nose moving to your ear,

reminds me of our bedroom window open,

letting the warm breeze move the curtains,

a spray of lavender on your pillow,

inviting me,

sending me,,

white linen draped over your shoulder,

later the scent of potpourri

coming from your pajama drawer.

Yes you do have lavender in your hair,

that smile tells me the whole story now,

and no tickling my nose again!



Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree


Clipper Ship

Remember that time we went sailing in Canada?

sails filled with promise,

winds of freedom and adventure,

waves tossing us and we loved it!

on the deck, holding on.

You told me you loved the way I looked,

was I beaming?

I was star gazing when I looked into your eyes,

sometimes though the winds are not always kind,

the waters can be rough


let’s make sure we never lose

our sense of wonder,

our sense of adventure,

even when sailing unchartered seas.

Hope shining like the sun.

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

The Embers

Two Chairs

When we are very old, let’s go out on the front porch,

and sit in our matching rockers, enjoying each other,

wrapped in layers of quilts if it’s nippy,

soft love,

talking, reading a book, or reading a play together

outloud, laughing, disturbing the neighbors,

drunk on ice tea, with lemon.

Rocking back and forth, slow and steady,

wrinkled smiles,

desire never dying, softer now,

embers glowing, love.

Can I have your hand again?

Kiss me.


Two Kiss

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree