George Washington’s House

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Mount Vernon Estate, the home of our first president, is still standing. There are hundreds of acres, in what often feels like a park setting. The mansion and additional buildings have not only been restored, but tens of thousands of people tour the grounds, and buildings every year. It is a major tourist destination.

The ironic thing about the estate is that people of all nationalities, ethnic groups, and backgrounds can now sit on the same back porch that George sat on, overlooking the scenic Potomac River. In the picture above you can see chairs for visitors to just sit and relax. In the past the porch was reserved for only the white upper class landowners. Not only is this ironic, but I’m sure there’s a poem in that! The bottom photo shows a view from the same porch, overlooking the river.

Even if you’re not into history, Washington D.C. has many places to visit, including some of the finest museums in the world. The Smithsonian Museums are comprised of a number of large buildings, which would take you several days to go through if you went through all of them. My favorite museum contains the Impressionist paintings, of Monet, Manet, and Mary Cassatt. I love Impressionist paintings. By the way, all of the Smithsonian Museums and the National Zoo are free.

If you are ever in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. areas let us know! We can help you tour the sites.


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Blessings to everyone!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Old Church House

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They still use the old church house,

down at the harbor, but only,

for special occasions, weddings,

and funerals.

A young man from Portugal,

came looking for faith,

but he was guided to the museum,

where it was stored,

looking pretty for tourists,

and photography.

He wondered, if faith would ever,

come back again,

but everyone went to sleep,

no one cared.

He decided he would return,

if he ever needed,

a wedding,

or a funeral.



Poetry and Image © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

Blessings to everyone and peace!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

Caught Up in the Wheel

Caught Up in the Wheel.

It hurts to see the Amish

serving rude people at the market,

instead of farming,

instead of being free in their fields,

raising their own food,

or quilting on their back porch.

Windmills producing vegetables.

This woman at the bake shop-

is in pain – trying to cope,

head covering, long dress, and tears,

and her daughter is across the way

suffering abuse as a waitress.

Hurry up with that coffee!

And the father is at the deli,

born to be a farmer,

everyone knows he is a farmer,

yet here he is slicing lunchmeat,

because he cannot afford-

the land.

God, this is awful,

and worse,

I’m a part of it.

Let me walk out of here, now

instead of paying them

to say “Hello-may I help you?”


We all need to be set free,

from being caught up in the wheel.



© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree


Sometimes small towns can captivate us. They can have the right combination of history, art, shops, and people. This about a small town in Pennsylvania, that my wife and I enjoy.


I like Lititz.

Hand crafted chocolate,

red caboose museum,

no shops with pick pockets

reaching for you money.

A small, classy hotel,

a café.

Pizza and subs down the street,

a barber shop,

people without plastic,

they seem real instead.

Ducks in the fountain and crosswalks,

faithful bricks,

large church in the middle.

I can still hear the history,

of fireplaces crackling,

with sincerity and truth,

and community.

I pray the flame never goes out.

I like Lititz.


© Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree