Images of Mongolia

This is a beautiful piece of film! There is plenty of traditional music and culture, and a lot of smiling faces. I love the clothing here, combined with the music and dance. There is wonderful scenic photography as well. To top it off they have horses! Mongolia is one of my favorite places to dream about, and I hope to see it one day, along with India, Ireland and a host of others. Maybe someday!

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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Dances with Wolves – The Raiding Party

This is a beautiful piece of film. I love the way the wolf and the horse let the main character know something is wrong. Then there is the photography of the charging horses! Tremendous. Notice the Native American clothing and the war paint, on both the men and horses. They do steal Lt. Dunbar’s horse but it gets away!

I love when a Lakota warrior charges at the main character, and yells at him! In this clip there are no subtitles, so the warrior is yelling some like this: “My name is Wind in His Hair, and I am not afraid of you! Do you hear me?” He then repeats the same phrase. At the end there is a messenger telling the warriors some bad news Enjoy!

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