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It’s Monday already??! It was just Thursday the other day! I’m not ready for this. Ugh!! I need coffee!!!

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Peace and blessings to everyone.

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

The Grizzly Bear

grizzly bear 1

The words Grizzly Bear can cause fear in most people. Grizzly Bears are dangerous, and seem more dangerous than even their cousins the Black Bear. If you search on line for them, most of the videos are about these bears hunting, or fighting with other animals such as wolves, and attacking humans.

The Grizzly Bear is in the family of North American brown bears. Their range today is western Canada and Alaska, down into Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. At one time they roamed the Great Plains, the Southwest U.S. and into northern Mexico. The Californian bear mother and cubGrizzly is unfortunately now extinct.

The term grizzly should not be confused with “grisly” which means horrible, grotesque, gruesome. The word grizzly actually comes from the word “grizzled”, which means the tips of their hair are golden or grey. This gives them a very distinctive look.

These animals are very large, with females over 400 lbs., and males can be almost 800 lbs. I was surprised to find, that even though they eat meat, they are in practice omnivores, which means they eat plants and animals. They hunt big game, such as deer, elk, and moose, but they also eat a lot of fish if they are available. Believe it or not they actually eat Black Bears, which are smaller than Grizzlies. In some regions they go high into the mountains in the summer, to eat a certain type of moth. How can such a large animal survive by eating moths? By eating 40,000 of them a day! They hibernate in colder climates for 5-7 months out of the year. In warmer climates, or in areas where there is lots of food, they do not hibernate. grizzly bear 3

I have chosen a short video that has no hunting or attacking, there is only a mother and her cubs, walking in snow, and coming down the mountain. It is beautiful.

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Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

“If you love nature, you will love people.”

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The Truth About Wolves

white wolf

Wolves are not the vicious monsters, we sometimes think they are. They are wild animals, and they are carnivores, but very few wolves have attacked humans. Documented cases have shown that most wolf attacks come from sick wolves, especially when they are sick with rabies. Most of the bad press they receive, comes from wolves attacking livestock. Ranchers and farmers, understandably consider them a menace, cutting into their business.

from wyomingpublicmedia.orgThe Gray Wolf is the most numerous wolf in North America. It is also called the Timber Wolf, and Western Wolf, and is closely related to the Eurasian Wolf, which can be found in places like Iran. There are more than 37 sub-species of the Gray Wolf. This includes Black Wolves, and quite possibly the White Wolves, known as Artic Wolves.

Wolves are closely related to dogs, and are in the Canis family of animals. Wolves can successfully breed with dogs, coyotes, and even jackals. They produce fertile offspring in all of these cases. By the way, it is believed that Black Wolves receive their color from breeding through dog bloodlines. Half of the wolves in Yellowstone National Park are reported to be black. black wolf in snow

I have included a wonderful video of wolves singing, and talking to each other. We call it howling. Doesn’t the word “howling” sound scary? I wish these wolves were in the wild, and you will see a person in the film, but I have chosen it because of how beautiful the animals are, and the quality of the sound.

Wolves are also one of the most studied animals on the planet. Please listen to them sing!


Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

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Blue with Purple

The great expanse of the blue oversees everything,

even the highest mountains are subject to the blue,

as they stretch upward, in the morning haze.

The smallest ant forages,

hoarding for bad times, under the watchful eye,

of the blue.

The eagle soars, feeling the blue everywhere,

enjoying it,

lifted up, strengthened and encouraged,

only coming back down for food and rest.

And humans?

Mostly we ignore the blue,

unless we can capture it for ourselves.

I’d rather be an eagle,

but never the ant,

help me to live in the pastel.

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from UltraLinx


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The Eagle

Bald Eagle Soaring

This beautiful creature does not make war,

a symbol? I love my country

but there is not one war like bone in his body.

He simply hunts for food to eat,

and to provide for his family.

H’mm, maybe we should adopt his view of life,

or find a different mascot.

Ever heard of an eagle killing a human?


no war, just hunting.

A beautiful creation.

Black Eagle

Poetry © Copyright 2014, nicodemasplusthree

Two Wolves – Part I



He wanted to make his father and mother proud. He left the village long before sunrise, with his favorite pony, the brown, with the white blanket on her back. The weather was strange, and she was skittish, so he walked with her, and led her with a rope. It was not only dark, but there was a thick fog. It was warm and cold, at the same time, and the air was wet. Both of them could hardly see. He knew the deer paths well though, so in a short time they were far from the village. He expected to get in trouble later for going hunting by himself, but after all, he was 14 years old now.

He heard a wolf howling in the distance, but thought nothing of it, he was probably calling to his mate. They walked further, into a valley he did not know. He took his bow off his back and decided to get ready in case he saw something. He was hoping for a large deer, or maybe even a woodlands buffalo. These buffalo traveled in much smaller herds than the ones on the plains.

There was that wolf howling again, off to his right, and closer now. Another howl came from his left, as if to answer. He could not see, but daylight was beginning, and he would feel much better, as soon as the sun was up. His pony stomped, and snorted. She was becoming more nervous by the moment. He stood there listening, as two more howls came, one from the left and one from the right. They were both closer. He crouched, trying not to show his pony that he too was nervous. He waited, crouching, and listening. An arrow slid into his bow.

The sun made its presence known, but now all they could see were shadows, in the thick fog. A twig snapped close to him, on the right. His pony panicked, pulled the rope out of his hand, and ran away in the direction they had come. Two more howls came from each side of him, and they were very close. He heard rustling in the bushes, and then on the right he heard the animal so close that he could hear it panting. Was that a shadow? He did not move but his bow was ready. He slowly, instinctively reached for his large hunting knife, to make sure it was still there.

He began to panic, and remembered something his Grandfather, Lone Horse had taught him. He sensed the earth. It was calm, and he became more relaxed.

To be continued in Part II

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The Bear

Bear in the Woods

Note: This story contains a scene of an animal attacking a human and being killed in the process. It is fiction, but please do not read it if you love animals.

In the morning, Hawk in the Sky and Red Wing worked around the village. Outside of their lodge he worked on repairing his weapons and began making a new shield. The hardest part of shield making was getting it tight enough. He made several new arrows, and replaced the badly worn string on his bow. He used a piece of sinew and worked it until the tension was just right.

Red Wing worked with some other women stripping deer hides, in order to make clothing. They had to be scraped, dried, and softened in order to make the comfortable and durable clothing the people were used to.

In the late afternoon the peace of the village was by destroyed by screams coming from the river. Everyone jumped and moved in that direction at the same time. Hawk in the Sky’s lodge was one of the closest to the river, and he found himself grabbing his bow and quiver full of arrows, as he took off in the direction of the horrible sounds. There was roaring, along with the screams, and he did not like the sound of either.

As he ran, his quiver found its way to his back, and the first arrow (a brand new one) made its way to his bow, within seconds he was there. There was no time for thinking. A grizzly bear was chasing a group of young people on the other side of the river, and then knocked down the closest one with his huge claw. Just as the menacing animal was about to bite the young girl, the arrow from Hawk in the Sky found its place, squarely in the middle of the right side of the huge bear’s neck.

A roar of pain shot through the sky, which could be heard for miles. Two more arrows found their place in the animal’s neck, including one at the base of the skull. Roaring and screaming, the great animal stood on two legs in defiance, and immediately two more arrows from the bow of Hawk in Sky found their place, this time in the center of the great animal’s chest.

The huge bear fell backward, and lost his battle. The girl that was injured now had the courage to run across the river to the waiting arms of the people. He now saw that it was twelve year old Song Bird. There was blood coming from her upper back. Hawk in the Sky made his way across the river to make sure the animal was dead. Usually he had peace when he killed an animal, this time he was just angry.

He knew there would be no counsel meeting tonight. He had wanted to talk to the elders, but Standing on the Mountain would be helping the family of Song Bird, providing medicines and prayer.

 Omate Hawk Eagle

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