The Dark Comfort


When I write of the dark now, the enfolding, the pouring in of midnight, I’m not referring to evil, the seeking to destroy, the choking of our humanity, with talons extended,

or even of the darkness of our anointed narcissist, screaming so sadly of his insanity, supported by the prayers of some of the faithful, often confused, and sometimes worse…

no, I write of that dark comfort, stillness enfolding into us, like twilight wrapping us, holding us,

a silence of the heart…where we sometimes go, where stars live….still clinging to the night, watching over us,

over the deepest parts of us….causing even our scars to bow down, hoping for release,

like when birds awaken, praying, fighting sleep, to greet the dawn. It’s OK to go quiet during the rebirth of wings,

instead of leaving our spirits shredded, left in ruins. We don’t have to accept ourselves wearing a reality of dark wings trembling.

We do know the way, don’t we?


Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 ancient skies

45 thoughts on “The Dark Comfort

  1. Whoa Nico! I never had the ability to ponder about darkness in such a bright way (I know ironical).
    There’s lines in here that I don’t know, strike chords and I’m seeing through the eyes of a wonderful soul I know after reading this.
    You have such a charm in making readers see the poem from a view and I’m stunned.
    ” It’s OK to go quiet during the rebirth of wings,”
    Wow! You’re certainly magnificent.
    Wow wow wowza wow!

    1. Shanyu your amazing comments are deeply encouraging! Now I am stunned. I am also very humbled. I don’t think I’ve received such incredibly kind words. Thank you so much! I can’t thank you enough. Peace to you my friend and great blessings.

      1. Dearest friend,
        I take immense pleasure in writing to you. Like I have said, I find your blog a perfect place to ease off and gather feel-good vibes. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my journey too. Please know that I’ll always be an admirer of your work. Thank you.
        Peace and love ❤️

  2. I like how you are writing about darkness. It is not necessarily something scary or dangerous. The darkness also is a shelter (like the shadow when the sun is burning down on us), it has this healing comfort that gives us a break and distance from all that happens in the light. As you said, it is healing the wings. There is so much solace in your words.

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