The Poem is in the Healing


Some say the ripping open makes a writer

the raw tearing and scars, but I prefer the gentle

movement of the leaves, the touch of a soft rain

on my face, and a turtle breaking

the smooth surface

of a pond.

A place of silence,

and the hearing of

my own breathing.


The poem is in the healing.


  Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, Ancient Skies


37 thoughts on “The Poem is in the Healing

  1. umn i don’t know what your mind is like,your thinking pattern but i think i can relate with this. it is one great piece. just like – love is not in the pain and ache you relate it with- its in the calm that follows , unless you’ve not had an encounter with it. and i think that’s what the meaning was like. was it?

    1. Yes!! Something very close to what you have thought about it. We can look back at the scars and be inspired not by the pain, but the beauty of the healing. It is like the ocean after a storm. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! Peace to you.

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