Blogging and Comments

Well I leave comments sometimes because your posts are so beautiful! I hope you enjoy posting as much as I do reading them.

Each day or each post, you encourage and uplift, or provoke us to think about topics in an amazing way! Your writing, your photography, your artwork are incredible.

Hey Nico, what about travel posts on Portugal? Absolutely! It’s my favorite place I’ve never been to. Not yet anyway. Book reviews? Yes!! Send them my way.

And I try to be positive because we all need more positivity and good thoughts in our lives. Have you ever read some encouraging comments and they made your day? I try to do that.

I have been encouraged many times over the years, and I seek to pay it forward. Giving what I have received.

Ain’t that so cool?

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Autumn!

Writing and Image Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed


46 thoughts on “Blogging and Comments

  1. Your posts never miss to encourage and inspire, Nico. And today’s post is such a ray of sun on this dark fall evening. So glad you are here on WordPress and that we are connected!

  2. Lovely photos. I do enjoy your posts. When you mention Book Reviews to come your way, do you mean that you would review a book of similar meditations to yours? Or do you mean you have written books that you will put in the reviews? I have written a book of meditation on the landscapes of Africa that I would love a review on.

    1. Thank you Deryn! I was thinking here of reading the book reviews of other author’s books. I’ve never written a review for someone else. It would be a great honor. I am going out of town soon and on a short blogging break. If you are able to wait a couple of weeks I would love to. Let me know. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

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