Great Leadership Defined


A great leader is courageous yet filled with compassion, strong yet willing to yield, driven by wisdom and committed to the greater good. A person of the people, willing to sacrifice for others.

Thank you God, for the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Each year I post as a way of remembering Dr. King. Now more than ever, may we seek leaders with values like his. May we remember, and continue the work.


Writing © Copyright 2019, ancient skies, image from a Cleveland news source


21 thoughts on “Great Leadership Defined

    1. Yes, for sure! May it be so! And some of the possibilities are women, but either way, hopefully soon. Thank you Sylvia! Peace and wonderful blessings to you and your family.

  1. Our short month has ended in observation of black history, but the days ahead we can still call to remembrance when and if we recall our rich heritage. #alwaysrememberancestors #dcjames247

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